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2007-11-03 19:00:34
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         What is love?
         Answer me.
         A couple of sighs in the night.
         A rhythmic expiration.
         Silently voiced.
         As in
         Ah ah.
         Mmm mm mm.
         A quick thrust of time 
         And it's over.
             Love is not carried on an evening’s zephyr breeze.
         Love is not in the pulsed scent of a woman’s cologne.
         Love is not in the turn of a man's head;
         In his shadowed profile
             Love is only a rut
         A quick pant and it's gone.
             If love maintains
         That's the desire 
         To rut again.
Excerpt from After Juliet by Sharman McDonald

>>The True Meaning Of Life

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