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Afflictions of the Heart

Thou hast not heed,
For thine own well being,
Thy foolery of heart,
Hath paid thou not,
Thine sword is blunted,
By the niceties performed,
So many nigh’s,
Spent howling in anguish,
Poor fellow that thou art,
I care not for thy loss of heart,
Seasons change,
As dost my heart,
Long ago my lesson was learnt,
When it was broken by thine own hand,
Now things have changed,
And thou art on the other end of my blade,
Forgiveness is not in mine nature,
I care not,
How many tears pour forth,
From thine eyes,
Phased not am I,
And so I bidst thou adieu,
Adieu my sweet love,
Sleep forever more.

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