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2007-09-25 04:18:14
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2007-09-25 [Calico Tiger]: Nice! I think your drawings have improved tremendously. When you're going down the list, year by year, it's hard to see the difference. You really need to look at your most recent and your oldest. And then you can see the differences. I'm still stuck in the rut of everything / everyone looking the same way >_> I try to switch out off and on, but then it's only three different angles I stick them in x) Btw, love the originality of the creatures!

2007-09-25 [Jitter]: oh that's a very nice progress to watch :D I'm very fond of your ninja beaver! :D x)

2007-09-27 [Aeolynn]: Thanks both of you! ^^

2009-02-01 [LadyWillow]: My favorite piece is Koi. Elegent, very pretty.

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