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Aeolynn + Water = Stock

Out in New York you see some interesting weather...
Lake Powell Storm

Kinda hard to see the rain, but if you look closely, it's there!
From whale watching in Monterey
Humpback whales

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2009-02-23 [Hedda]: Lots of seals! <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

But how on Earth did he get here:

2009-02-23 [Aeolynn]: I haven't a clue! lol Saw him and had to get a shot :3

2009-02-25 [SilverFire]: Presumably at a higher tide? :P

2009-03-02 [Aeolynn]: Hey hedda, just curious, but what did you change?

2009-03-02 [SilverFire]: Use the 'view diff' button. :3

2009-03-02 [Aeolynn]: I did... I don't see any differences :X

2009-03-03 [SilverFire]: He changed the box tag to include the text underneath the first photo.

2009-03-05 [Hedda]: MSIE 6.0 probably bugged as usual so that there was no difference in the appearance. Using IE6 is asking for trouble, don't do it!

[Aeolynn]: Two texts were placed wrong, one outside of the box and one without a newline between it and the image before.

2009-03-05 [Aeolynn]: Ah, I see, that has resulted from taking out a bunch of cloud pictures :[ sowie.

2009-03-07 [organicparadox]: great series of shots. love the high rez, cause for some people, that is the closest that they will ever get to the subject matter you took pictures of:)

thank you

2009-03-08 [Aeolynn]: awww wow thanks :]

2009-04-15 [jaraden]: sweet refferences here.. not to mention the brilliant eye you have fer photography!! congrates!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-04-15 [organicparadox]: indeed. i'll co-sign with my main man jaraden:0

2009-04-16 [Aeolynn]: :D

2009-04-17 [jaraden]: represent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-04-17 [Aeolynn]: I actually have more to add to this package... but my mom's laptop hates me, and my laptop crashed on me a few weeks ago ;_;

2009-04-18 [jaraden]: ain't taht always the way, you can never count on tech theess days!!!!!!!!

2011-09-10 [Rondel]: Loving the whale foam, the river gorge, and the water drop! :D

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