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...and the best pet store on Elftown!



ALL ART is done by me, [Aeolynn], so please respect that.

You may take whatever pet you want.
The code will be next to it for you to copy into your house.
As time goes on I will offer different poses for certain pets.
You can name the pet whatever you wish, but the model of
the pet will have it's own name for record purposes.
Please display a link back to this wiki under your choice of adoptable.

Make sure to sign our Adoption Guest List with
your name so that I may keep track of those who use the adoptables.

If you would like to make a suggestion for a new adoptable or
you would like a specific color for your pet please visit Adoption Inquiries.

Enjoy :)




*Adopt Batbies*

~There are currently eight coloration's to choose from.~
Is it a cat? Is it a bat? Is it...
what its called- a Batbie? How does that work?
It just does. Don't question it.



*Adopt Cure*

~There are currently nine coloration's to choose from.~

Cure is a pygmy mouse dragon. She may be
cute but has a nasty habit of chewing
things! Keep all pictures, banners,
and bullets away from her for the
safety of your graphics. She is currently
the mascot of C.U.R.E. and her
original color is limited edition.


*Adopt Flutter*

~There are currently twelve coloration's to choose from.~

Flutter is a whimsical fellow with a big,
fluffy, innocent heart. Take good care
of this little guy! Owlix's shriek when
startled and flap their petite wings up
and down so fast that they become
a blur of color.


*Adopt Mitzie*

~There are currently three coloration's to choose from.~

A lovable and loyal pup, Mitzie is a
faithful and constant companion. With
soft fur, bright eyes, a wagging tail
and a playful smile on her face,
Mitzie is guaranteed to bring a smile
to any owner's face.

Limited Edition.



*Adopt Licks*

~There are currently four coloration's to choose from.~

Licks is a little fire sprite, bound for
trouble and needing a nice, comfortable
and fire proof home.

*part of the elemental pets collection*


*Adopt Pox*

~There are currently two coloration's to choose from.~

Poor Pox the fox, always in trouble. :)


*Adopt a Rock*

~There are currently seven coloration's to choose from.~

These little guys need homes too! They aren't demanding,
just a little... unnerving- those cute eyes always staring.

*part of the elemental pets collection*.



*Adopt Lugia*

~There are currently four to choose from.~


*Adopt Cashmere*

~There are currently two to choose from.~

Cashmere is a pretty angel kitty, ready
to bring you happiness and joy.


*Adopt Spirit*

~There are currently eight to choose from.~

Spirit is in fact... a nature spirit. I have
coaxed him out from the woods with pieces of
dried pineapple (his favorite) and have gained
his trust. His bright plumage changes colors
per his emotions and he is known to make
soft ploop! sounds when he is happy.


*Adopt a Dragonslugger*

~There are currently four to choose from.~

Dragonsluggers are cousins to Dragonslugs and Dragonsluggies, being
primarily ground dwellers that eat rotting leaves and insects.
Occasionally they can be found in the bodies of animals that died, surprising any one investigating the smell. Dragonsluggers have
been successfully domesticated however, and if bathed once a day
their smell won't bother you... much.

*Adopt a Faerequine*

~There are currently four to choose from.~
These guys are about the size of a crow and eat the leaves that grow
on the top of trees. They enjoy cuddling and family grooming sessions.
A lot of Faerequine's spend most of their lives in the air. Nicknamed


*Adoption Guest List**Adoption Inquiries**Adoption List*


If you like this wiki, fan it!!!

You can purchase your adoptable in real life here!

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2011-07-28 [Alexi Ice]: ! Oh, love !

2011-07-28 [Nioniel]: :)

2011-07-28 [Eyonic]: oh this looks so nice!

2011-07-28 [Aeolynn]: :D thanks! All without my tablet! XD

2011-07-28 [Kuramasgirl]: Lovely wiki! :3 You've set it up nicely. I'll be sure to keep an eye on it!

2011-07-28 [Aeolynn]: ^^ thanks

2011-07-28 [Aeolynn]: UPDATE: Two new Cure colors :)

2011-07-28 [Aeolynn]: New adoptable! Adopt Flutter!

2011-07-28 [Akayume]: Cute. (:

2011-07-28 [Nioniel]: Aw, it's cute! :)

2011-07-28 [Ravendust]: Cute :3

2011-07-28 [Aeolynn]: New! Adopt Mitzie!

2011-07-28 [Chimes]: FLUTTER! Eeeeeeee! <3<3<3<3<3<3

2011-07-28 [Chimes]: I will be coming back for one of him when I work out where to put him in my house <3

2011-07-28 [Dark Side of the Moon]: awww! *cuddles* Now which one do I want?

2011-07-28 [shadow of darkness]: so cute

2011-07-29 [Eyonic]: love them aeo!

2011-07-29 [Cillamoon]: OMG, Mitzie is amazing! Looks just like her!

2011-07-29 [Nioniel]: ^^

2011-07-29 [Sideways]: Omg! Can I has black chibi dragon?

2011-07-29 [Aeolynn]: added it to the adoption inquiries :)

2011-07-30 [Aeolynn]: Hey guys! Yes you 15 watchers! The slots for inquiries are not just limited to the numbers already listed, feel free to add as more!

2011-07-30 [Avalyn Bastian]: Awwww this is cute :3

2011-07-30 [9jlriexqk,ktpk]: Can I adopt cure?

2011-07-30 [Aeolynn]: You do not need to ask :) simply add your name to the guest list and take the one you want.

2011-07-31 [Avalyn Bastian]: How do you make your outlining and detail lines so well? I have a hard enough time on gimp as it is >.< lol

2011-07-31 [Aeolynn]: I work huge then downscale, and I have a certain set of brushes that my bf gave me that I use

2011-07-31 [Avalyn Bastian]: That's cool :) I'm still trying to find brush downloads for gimp. :/

2011-08-02 [Aeolynn]: two new Flutter colors!!!

2011-08-02 [Skydancer]: Clamps a watch on the place.

2011-08-11 [Aeolynn]: added two new Mitzie colors. Also, selling buttons of adoptables here: :)

2011-12-17 [Aeolynn]: Alright guys, after a long needed absence I have returned! New gray with green eyes Flutter and getting the inquiry list worked on.

2011-12-17 [Flisky]: ^_^ We're glad you're back.

2011-12-17 [Aeolynn]: New adoptable! Adopt Licks!!!

2011-12-17 [Aeolynn]: New adoptable! Adopt Pox!!!

2011-12-17 [Aeolynn]: New adoptable! Adopt a Rock!!!

2011-12-17 [Eyonic]: so cute! love them all aeo!

2012-01-16 [Sideways]: So cute! Love licks! But still need baby black dragon :O

2012-02-01 [Aeolynn]: New adoptable! Adopt Lugia!!!

2012-02-01 [Aeolynn]: New adoptable! Adopt Cashmere!!!

2012-02-01 [Avalyn Bastian]: They're adorable! :D haha just got a kick out of the rock XD

And thanks, Skydancer! :)

2012-02-01 [Ravendust]: :3 I drew a kitty angel once

2012-02-01 [9jlriexqk,ktpk]: I would like to adopt a rock, but I can't really ad it because I use a phone now because my computer broke and it doesn't do well with pasting addibg stuff.

2012-02-01 [Avalyn Bastian]: Raven, I love kitty angels <3

Butterfly, aww :O that stinks :( Hopefully you can get your computer fixed.

2012-02-01 [Aeolynn]: I plan on doing more colors of Cashmere later this week :) Lugia is actually an old drawing I shrunk and revamped a little for an adoptable, thought he'd be cool!

2012-02-01 [Avalyn Bastian]: I remember seeing him. :) Yeah, he is pretty cool! :D

2012-02-03 [Alexi Ice]: I still want a bat! A bat I say!! Lol. <3

2012-02-03 [Avalyn Bastian]: XD

2012-02-13 [Aeolynn]: New adoptable! Adopt Spirit!!!

2012-02-13 [Aeolynn]: and revamped the page :)

2012-04-10 [Aeolynn]: New adoptable!!! Adopt a Dragonslugger!!!

2012-11-10 [Kbird]: You should make a sugarglider!!!

2012-12-02 [Aeolynn]: New adoptable!!! Adopt a Faerequine!

2012-12-02 [Sideways]: Yay!

2012-12-02 [Kbird]: coolness!

2013-07-08 [Demonicor]: Hah, the pox, I don't know what to think of that thing xD

2013-08-10 [Lord Josmar]: Congratulations on becoming the Featured Wiki! :)

2013-08-13 [Kbird]: Yes congrats! you've earned it Aeolynn]!! XD

2013-10-23 [Aeolynn]: New adoptable! Adopt Batbies!!!

2013-10-23 [Kbird]: THANK YOU!! XD

2013-11-26 [Alexi Ice]: I need this bat 0.o

2013-12-01 [DarkJenni]: how does one adopt one?

2013-12-01 [DarkJenni]: ha I got it figured out lol

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