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Aelroth Maydann

For the Celestial World Roleplay

User: [MysteriousAges]
Race: Kindred
Gender: Male
Age: 157

Height: 6' 2", medium length black hair, yellow-brown eyes. Tall, and lanky. He tends to wear yellow, green or moss-coloured clothing that is easy to move in. Thick leather boots for travelling all terrain.

A small wooden pole he keeps in case he gets caught in close combat. He's not very skilled, but is usually able to defend himself in a pinch.

Calm and composed, he is a pensive sort of person. He usually prefers to avoid confrontation when possible. The Artifacts scattered across Arcanlos have provided him with many hours of quiet study, and thought. He seeks to learn more of these artifacts, and to discover more secrets of Arcanlos.

Aelroth is most skilled with Water and Wind elements, and can manipulate them fairly easily. He also has the ability to mimic other spells, should he devote enough time and effort to learning it.

Aelroth was raised in a village on Lake Mingathe in the south of the Mendythe Wood amid the fall of the Kindred Empire. Soon after he was born, his mother perished, and having never known his father, he was raised by his aunt, who loathed the First Born for their shattering of the Empire. Dispite this, he has grown into a rather open-minded person, even for a Kindred.

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