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2009-06-24 17:34:28
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All these photos where taken when I hit port-call in St. Martin in 2006. I was a part of the USN and we were on deployment to South America.

Staring over the side of the ferry straight down.

Staring over the side of the ferry closer to the docks.

The law on the high seas.

Heading into St. Martin a wide shot of the Island.

A shot towards the opposite end, a sort of into the distance what might be hidden there.

The Ferry that took us into the Island of St. Martin

Coming back in after a long day exploring.

A shot back at the carrier I was stationed on, departing for liberty.

Sailboat that was sitting closer to the docks.


Off the back of a small boat that was touring the Island

Second shot off the back of the boat

After hiking to the top of the island I see a clearing.





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2009-06-24 [Xuan.]: Gorgeous

2009-06-24 [Project Elysium]: I wish I could find the rest of the shots I took, but I seem to have misplaced them -_-

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