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Name: Aedin
Age: 16
Gender: male
Race:genetically altered human
Sexual Preference: don't you think he's a bit young?....*laughs* gay.
Being's birth place: created in a medical facility through gene splicing
Appearance: Choppy violet hair, the bangs fall past his shoulders while the rest of it comes just to his ears. His eyes have a crimson color to the iris, just as unique as his hair color. He has a feminine build, soft features, ivory skin, and is on the shorter side being only about 5'6".

Personality: Very withdrawn, he never opened up to anyone, even before he was taken to the facility. The only person he let's close to him,
physically and emotionally is Tassos.

Weapon: An extendable cane he uses daily so you know...he doesn't bust his ass over everything in his way. 'Cept its a bit different...a round, razor sharp tip makes it a flawless piercing weapon.

History: Never really one to accept help, he never took his handicap as a burden to himself, only finding ways to adjust own his own. Ever since he was a child, he never let anyone close to him, he never had any friends, his family knew nothing about him, he had distanced himself so much from the people that cared about him, they simply rejected him after a while.Ever since, his withdrawn nature has done nothing but pull away from society more, making him more of a modern day hermit than anything else.

Abilities: foresight, and time manipulation.

Strengths: Heightened dexterity, speed, agility ect.

Weakness: his abilities take such a strain on his body, they caused him to be born blind.

Other: Originally from a genetics lab in the Antarctic, through a series of events, he was somehow flung to an alternate dimension via his abilities "short circuiting" so to speak.

*side note* he can pretty much fluctuate into anything, he's a very flexible character.

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