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(run by [Kim_Lundin])

As you enter the two-floor building through a plain door made of oak you arrive to a large hall, almost five metres to the roof. Wooden pillars are placed by the walls, more for decoration than functionality, and centered on the wall to the left is a fairly large fireplace. By the fireplace is a small, wine red couch and two small armchairs in the same color as the couch. On the opposite wall is a small door, a sign above the door reads "Portal, ask Kim for tuning".
At the far end of the room you can see a bar made of dark wood and with panels of black ebony. Before the bar are eleven tall chairs, made of the same dark wood as the bar, with dark red padding to make them comfortable and with low backs of wood to stop you from falling backwards if you happen to drink one too many.
Behind the bar is a door leading to the kitchen, the smell of roasting meat and chicken comes from it when it opens. To the left of the bar are wooden stairs leading to the second floor, where the rooms for rent are.
Scattered here ant there in the hall are tables of varying sizes and shapes, once they were standing in order but after countless accidents and small fights the owner has grown tired of rearranging them all the time, so now he just puts them back up where they fall. Around the tables, chairs are placed to offer sitting space, most of them are made of dark oak, but some of them, probably replacements for broken ones, are made of a lighter kind of wood.


Characters currently in the tavern

Kim CHAR - The owner of Adventurer's Tavern
Red Imp (Smutgy) and Blue Imp (Turgen) - [xido]


For past events, read these pasts:
REEEALLY old stuff



-Up the stairs to the Second Floor of the Adventurer's

-Through the door to the Portal of the Adventurer's Tavern (Ask [Kim_Lundin] for rates and use of the Gateway)

-Back to the streets of Irrundanil, outside

-Back to Wiki Fantasy Roleplay


As the place begins to calm down a bit, Kim walks back to his place behind the bar.

Some random passerby opens the door to the tavern only long enough to remember a prior engagement, and swearing to return, releases the door and walks back out.

Kim lifts his head, trying to catch a glance of the person, but the door is shut before he can see anything besides a part of the clothes. "Hmm? Odd..." he mumbles before turning his attention to some of the bottles standing behind the bar 'Lets see, I thought I had more bottles of the Laughing Gnoll... better order some of those.' he thinks.

Turgen hiccups as he slides an empty bottle of Laughing Gnoll behind a nearby window shutter, smiling crudely.
Smutgy laughs hysterically as he does it, which Turgen regards with a vehement shooshing with his finger over his mouth at the other imp.

"Hmm?" Kim looks over his shoulder when he hears the laughter "Now what the..." he notices the two miscievous imps "You two? What're you doing now?".

Smutgy hiccups and looks at Kim with an intent stare.
"We're drinking ale. What the hell else do you do in a tavern?" he replies with both snapping words and a big grin.
He and Turgen break out into laughter at the apparently amusing joke.

"Hah, and I guess you're going to pay for it, you know - like what you usually do when you drink ale in a tavern." Kim sais to the red imp.

"No way, you crazy," Turgen speaks up, slurring his words.

"And stinky," Smutgy says, laughing.

"We broke," Turgen speaks, flailing a wild arm in Kim's directin.

"It's on the house!" Smutgy cries out.

"No, it's on THAT GUY!" Turgen cries out, pointing at Al, the local homeless guy who rarely finds his way out of Adventurer's and who is currently drunk and passed out on the table where he sits every afternoon and night.

"Yeah, that guy!" Smutgy replies, and the both of them fall into a fit of drunken laughter.

"Sometimes I wonder why I haven't let a cleric banish you guys yet." Kim sais with a tired voice "You're not really working hard to avoid that, you know.".

"We's no get banished by clerics," Smutgy sais with a grin and a wave of his arm.

"Yeah, we free entertainment," Turgen, adds, flicking a deck of cards between his fingers in his two hands.

Taking Turgen's lead, Smutgy flicks his fingers to animate a small wooden puppet, which dances around, and with another flick, sets it on fire again. Tootling out some crazy circus music, he bobs back and forth as the small puppet dances, on fire.
Turgen laughs at him for it, then bobs back and forth as well.

"Well, that would be the good part..." Kim sais "... Don't put the tables on fire, I'm the one who has to buy new ones.".

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2006-03-02 [xido]: What it means is that the page can be viewed (but not edited) outside of Elftown on the web, plus the normal version inside ET works the same. It just makes it so that if you wanted someone to come see what your tavern is all about (and they don't have an ET account), you can export it and view the exported version of the page, copy its url and link them there instead, and they can read it without making a username. I am finding this valuable when trying to convince people outside of Elftown to join, and for consideration for more options with the Guild. I am hoping to make us an official guild of roleplayers somehow. But, press the button 'Export this Page' it becomes five buttons..

2006-03-02 [xido]: 'View the exported version of this page' the second one down, will show you how the page will look and can be seen from the web. Not sure quite yet about the other buttons, but they're something to do with having an ET wiki that uses real html in it... not sure yet... one day. It is good for you to export pages, I swear... at least pages you are proud of, and want people everywhere to see.... I am rather proud of any page that is in the Guild, so I am on an exporting spree.... super fun. ;)

2006-03-02 [Kim_Lundin]: Sounds good, maybe I'll get some more visitors then... it's been soo quiet and empty here :(

2006-03-02 [moonscale]: Do you have to be part of WFR to come in or are you just looking for clients?

2006-03-02 [Kim_Lundin]: Well, the page is done for the WFR, so it would be good if you were a member. I'll better ask [xido] just to be sure though.

2006-03-02 [xido]: whichever.... but maybe some dividers would spruce it up a little too... I've added a ton, get rid of or change anything you don't like.... Thanks for exporting. Trust me, it's linked to a lot of exported pages, including the WFR Games, My Roleplays, etc.... ;)  -Elftown Graphics  <img:> That's where I got these ones. WFR Art coming later.

2006-03-02 [moonscale]: I want to join WFR, I'll come back later if I get in. :)

2006-03-03 [Kim_Lundin]: Sounds great, [moonscale] ^_^

2006-03-03 [Kim_Lundin]: And xido, I really like that tanto/wakizashi/small katana and the black... lump of... wood? ^_^ Thank you for finding them.

2006-03-03 [Kim_Lundin]: I put the dragon/adventurer's tavern\dragon one in Second Floor of the Adventurer's and Portal of the Adventurer's Tavern.

2006-03-06 [xido]: Yeah, I really like that one... but it really looks like more of a gryphon than a dragon... but that's how they labeled it... who knows? Good, I like it...

2006-03-06 [Kim_Lundin]: Nice, hopefully that means that other roleplayers like it too.

2006-04-09 [xido]: would you prefer that this tavern be a n00b-friendly WFR-only wiki, or an Open RP (no Guild membership required) and be located in the Elftown Open Marketplace...? ;) Whichever you choose. If you choose to be an Open RP, your tavern will get a News Item posting.... o.O

2006-04-09 [Kim_Lundin]: Hmm... difficult, I think I want to keep it a WFR-only for now, even though some advertisement would be good to have... I'll have to think more about it.

2006-04-10 [xido]: Okay, well, New Moon Inn as agreed to be an Open RP area with Guild support... You could always just post that the tavern is situated in the Open Marketplace, but as a Guild-only inn.  o.O

2006-04-11 [Kim_Lundin]: What with the o.O's? ^_^ I guess I could do that, it might work.

2006-04-21 [xido]: Just giving quirky eyes, in case these sound like good offers... ;P

2006-04-21 [Kim_Lundin]: o.O should I just post a link there with a short description?

2006-04-26 [xido]: Yeah, if you're up for it. Could be cool.... Maybe even go spamming a wiki or two about it if you want... :P

2006-04-26 [Kim_Lundin]: I hate to spam, have had a lot of bad experiences with spamming people in the past >_< But Ill post on the page, and blame... *cough* give credit to you if they ask.

2006-06-15 [xido]: lol, alright, I am cool with that.  ;P

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