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Welcome to the adoption agency! This is the place to be for all the elftown pets seeking shelter for a while where after they can be taken home by a wonderful new owner. Owners can go through the galleries and pick out any pet they like to keep them company. We already have loads of active pets to offer and many pets have been adopted so far. The variety in pets is remarkable, please do not hesitate to ruffle through them and find your match! The galleries also show what pets have already been adopted, though every pet can have several, unlimited owners



There are a few rules for pets and owners needing to be followed to become a part of this agency. You can read the rules here: <img: stuff/star1.jpg> AA Rules.



Available pets are placed in the following galleries in alphabetical order by the user names.

<img: stuff/star1.jpg> A to I Pets can be found here
<img: stuff/star1.jpg> J to R Pets can be found here
<img: stuff/star1.jpg> S to Z Pets and names starting with other types of characters can be found here



The adoption agency was founded by [L. M. Kitty] in January of 2004. The first match ever made were [L. M. Kitty] and [Ryuk Kannagi]! After [L. M. Kitty] the agency was taken over by [Lunnie], where after [Lycaon pictus] and partially [Gwendylyyn] ran the agency. Very soon after that [Sunrose] started to volunteer and adopted the agency from [Lycaon pictus].
She has now retired, leaving the agency open to anyone.
For a long time [Chi] has been noted as the most adopted pet of the agency (10 times!).
[Fashionably Restrained] is the one who adopted the most pets, she has taken 17 pets under her wings! [Raventhorn] is second with 15 pets.


Related pages

<img:stuff/star1.jpg> Adoption Agency Roleplay <img:stuff/arrow1.jpg> Here you can play your character as a pet and owner. If you haven’t got any idea by whom you would like to be adopted, this is a nice place to meet new owners and other pets



I have retired and am leaving this wiki open to everyone.

- [Sunrose]


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