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Adopt Mitzie!


A lovable and loyal pup, Mitzie is a faithful and constant
companion. With soft fur, bright eyes, a wagging tail and a
playful smile on her face, Mitzie is guaranteed to bring a
smile to any owner's face.

Limited Edition.

ALL ART is done by me, [Aeolynn], so please respect that.

Please read the rules before adopting at Aeo's ET Adoptables

To purchase Mitzie as a button:


GIF: Lower quality, faster loading speed. PNG: Higher quality, slower loading speed.

<img:stuff/aj/1675/Mitzie1.gif> <img:stuff/aj/1675/Mitzie1.png>

<img:stuff/aj/1675/Mitzietan1.gif> <img:stuff/aj/1675/Mitzietan1.png>

<img:stuff/aj/1675/Mitzieash1.gif> <img:stuff/aj/1675/Mitzieash1.png>


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2011-07-28 [Nioniel]: These are really cute! :) Thank you so much!

2011-07-28 [Aeolynn]: I know i got some of her coloring wrong... but i think it looks okay :)

2011-07-28 [Nioniel]: She was a bit lighter, but still a beautiful portrayal of her. ^^

2011-07-28 [Aeolynn]: Glad you like it!

2011-07-28 [Nioniel]: I do! <3

2011-08-11 [XxTsomexX]: Awww the black one looks like my gemstone <3

2011-08-11 [Nioniel]: Thanks for making the new colours! The lightest version really looks a lot more like her! :)

2011-08-11 [Aeolynn]: messed up the codes. XD

2011-08-11 [Nioniel]: Your links to copy into houses aren't correct, though. :P
The ones for the brown and tan versions are mixed up.

2011-08-11 [Nioniel]: lawl, didn't see you posted.

2011-08-11 [Aeolynn]: Is it alright if I use Mitzie's image for ?

2011-08-11 [Nioniel]: Yes ma'am. :)

2011-08-11 [Nioniel]: The buttons are very cute. ^^

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