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Adam And Evil review

Adam and Evil

This is no Garden

Cast: Sean Arnfinson (Adam), Barbara Kottmeier (some girl), Brody Harms (a different person), Lynsey Brothers (obviously, a female character), Erica Cerra (somebody else), Terran Prletsky (not the same character that any of the previous actors), Tiffany Paterson (who cares?), Jodie Graham (person with no personality, that's sure), Allison Warnyca (more or less the same than the others), Clayton Champagne (don't ask me, how should I know?), Vanessa Van Slee (the little burning girl that only is credited because she has some relation with the director).

Directed By
Andrew Van Slee (he's also the writer! Yay for him)

The story: Do you really want to know? It's exactly the one you think it is. Well, ok, you want to make me work... Let's see what the DVD says. "School's out, and a group of attractive graduating seniors is heading deep into the woods to a secluded campground where they can get drunk and have sex in relative peace. Some of them have forgotten that four years ago, they were involved in a deadly fire that killed an entire family. Unfortunately for them, there is someone who hasn't forgotten about it--and they have an axe!" Yay, that saved me some typing. Anyway, that's pretty much the story. You can add that there's a sheriff that gets involved, a caretaker that doesn't seem to take his job too seriously (the encampment phone doesn't work, there's no electricity and everything seems to be falling apart. I just hope they aren't paying him a lot for his "work") and an ex-boyfriend of one of the girls (the only brunette! Now that's a way to differentiate her) who is totally insane. We know that because every time one of the characters name him, they add the word psycho or lunatic or insane or something in those lines. Every time. I guess they wanted to make it totally clear.
By the way, they go to a campground with a lake. And they don't bump into Jason. Weird, isn't it? And why there isn't any person in the place? Every time I go camping there's a million tents with annoying I-play-my-music-really-loud-cause-I-want kids around me!

The Good Points: There's actually enough money put behind this movie to make it look ok... sadly, nobody told the director or the camera crew that too much blue filter can get a little annoying after a while.
The girls looks good... although there's no way to tell them apart. Same with the guys. The only one who looks a little different and that has some (little, very little) personality dies pretty fast. You may be wondering what's the good point of this. I don't need to learn their names! Why should I bother? Less thinking for me!
Well, a good point is that the guys use sunscreen, which is a good piece of advice when being on a beach.

The Bad Points: Besides those already pointed out (and the fact that the movie exists) there aren't many more that really need to be remarked. The characters are stereotypes and the movie is full of cliches (both in the story and in the dialogues). Every actress and actor is really hot. Which means that they get killed. Which means we, normal and ugly people, can rest better, because we won't get murdered violently. Jason doesn't appear in the movie. Wow, look at that, there were more bad points to remark.
But there's one point that needs to be explained with delicacy. You can figure out who the killer is (who has one of the most forced stories ever) from minute 7 more or less. That is, when she appears for the first time (I think. It's not like I can tell the girls apart). Why? Well, the main character of this movie's name is Adam. The name of the movie is "Adam and Evil". You know, like "Adam and Eve". One of the girl's name is Evelyn. You see the pattern? Evelyn. Evelyn. Evelyn. Eve, evil. Get it? Well, wasn't that smart? Now, take a wild guess and tell me who is the killer? Sorry for the spoiler, but that needed to be done.

Greatest Moment: Particularly, I liked the scene where the kids unpack all the stuff they brought for the trip. Why? Because it was on fast forward! Yeah, like those old Benny Hill shows! It's great, incredibly funny. There's nothing more stupid to do than that. You play some music and pass some scenes with cuts of the kids unloading, that's ok. Now, imagine a one minute scene of people unloading stuff from a minivan, on fast forward, with music, and with them walking towards the screen and taking pictures and such. Now try not to laugh.

Stupidest Moment: One really good piece of advice when in danger is sticking together. Power in numbers and all that. Guess what these guys do when they are unsure of what steps to take? Yeah, they split up! A group of two go to a diner, to see if the phone works. Two more try to find the police. And two stay on the campment! Yeah, alone. Power in numbers doesn't mean two persons. It usually means at least five, idiots! And after, that, they keep splitting up all the time. Of course, that may be because the not so skillful writer needed to kill them one by one or the movie may have ended too soon.

All in All: They actually made me miss Jason. And I have to say it once again: Adam and Evelyn. My God, what were they thinking?!
/ [All_Most PUNK]

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