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Abstract Photography

Welcome to Abstract Photography!

This class will teach you about how interpreting photos with no specific meaning can have so many values to people. Once I get my photos set up, I'll be asking people to tell me what a photo means to them.

Teacher: ???





Brief Outline:

1. What is abstract photography?
2. So I could take pictures of anything and it's abstract?
3. The Photograph
4. Abstract Photograph Archive


What is Abstract Photography?

Abstract Photography is a form of photography that has no specific purpose. It can be used to interpret people's mindsets, show what the photographer is trying to "say" with that specific photo, or it could just be there for the sake of being there.


So I could take pictures of anything and it's abstract?

Not really, no. When something is abstract, even in photography, what you try to do is find a hidden meaning in the picture. Example, a picture of a single tree in an open field may be an example of seclusion, isolation, etc. The photographer may be saying "This is my life," "This is minority," or many other things. Please don't think random pictures are considered abstract. Abstract photography, in my experience, is a little bit more dismal than others. There are happy thoughts, too!


The Photograph

For each photo I place here, I want you to scrutinize (study in detail) the possible meanings of the scenario I have placed before you. There is always more than one. Send me your analyses in a Private Message.



Abstract Photograph Archive

If you want to see or analyze the older pictures, please feel free takea gander at these.

<img50*50:>                <img50*50:stuff/ConcreteButterfly.jpg>

1. 'Unreachable'   2. Concrete Butterfly

Also, anyone who "Donates" an abstract photo for me to use here would be greatly appreciated!


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2004-09-10 [Threnody]: Great job so far! I'm very curious to see what people might think of the light

2004-09-11 [Poindextra]: Thank you. I'm glad I stole this course before someone else did!

2004-10-20 [Woah!-man]: Well, because im extremely retarted i wanted to share my feelings of what the light stands ... for me anyways, definately does not have a comment on the creator of the picture, but shows how i feel about it.... The light to me seems like, a soul (*natrually*) being held in the hands of its owner. Now the soul is not apart of the body, and you can see the owner in the reflection of the mirror, making me feel as if .. ... its seperated from one another *blinks* wow, im an idiot

2004-10-20 [Poindextra]: That's actually quite deep.

2004-11-15 [Kisama]: I agree, The light, to me, represents a traped soul, in a body it doesnt belong in, trying to escape, but the girl is trying to hold in her very identity instead of letting it fly free.....that is just my interpretation, very well done

2004-12-12 [Poindextra]: Thanks to both of you for the interpretations! I hope to see more.

2005-01-10 [Miss Pinkki Doodles]: Oh. Sorry to bud in^^ I see it as something beyond her grasp, beyond her. Impalpable. She can touch, but never have, she can look at it, even smell it. But she still doesn't understand it, can't explain it. Just admire and stand in awe.

2006-11-12 [The abandoned cottage of a post-elf]: i more see it as she gives up her soul or something
she don't want to life anymore or there is something worth dieing
so she gives it away
that why her face is a bit sad(or maybe that's my inmagination)

2006-12-10 [Chrysilla]: Hmmm I don`t wanna sound stupid but what picture are you talking about? I only see one with a butterfly... or should i read the wiki 3 more times? o.O Ok nvm i just looked at the archive *blushes*

2009-10-25 [drakkar]: *lurks moar*

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