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Aboard The Argo

A sci-fi RP


RP Creator & Admin: [CuteCommander]

The year is 2629. Seven years ago, The Argo left from it's orbit around Mars, bound for the distant planet Tau Ceti F in search of possible alien life. But what had once been thought a simple and quiet journey, has now revealed itself to be much much more...

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2013-05-21 [CuteCommander]: BTW, anybody who wants to add another character into the mix, or would like me to control an NPC for them, do please let me know. Also, you're free to use the banner to help bring in other players, and do feel welcome to invite others to join :)

2013-05-21 [ancienteye]: Well...When I made the Dee cousins, one of the names I considered was Finch Symmes. *just throwing out a name*

2013-05-21 [Veltzeh]: Hmm, I would like to control just one character for now, but perhaps eventually make a second character. Would it be okay to bring that character into the game at a later point or would it be better to make it now?

2013-05-21 [Lirerial]: I'd like to get a guy near Nytera's age to annoy her and keep her company so she has a like an ally on the ship lol

2013-05-22 [Lord Josmar]: I'm wanting to make a character, but I am getting ready to relocate and then a month or so later would be relocating again to a place with no Internet for awhile. Might make one anyways and then wait to jump in.

2013-05-22 [CuteCommander]: Veltz, that's fine to make one later :) Lire, you're welcome to make one any time :D And my lordship, it might be easier for you to make one after your move, but if you have any questions in the meantime I'm happy to answer them :)

2013-06-12 [CuteCommander]: Hey everyone, if anyone is waiting on me I won't be posting much at the moment as we've just had the birth of our little baby girl :) Give us a few days to get settled, then I promise to be back on at least once a day

2013-06-12 [ancienteye]: Congratulations!

2013-06-12 [Lirerial]: Congratulations!!! :D

2013-06-14 [Lord Josmar]: Yay new baby!

2013-06-27 [CuteCommander]: Are people still interested in playing? I've noticed quite a drop-off in levels of posting

2013-06-27 [Veltzeh]: Maybe they're waiting for the plot to move forward since the routine of the jobs of people isn't all that interesting. At least that's the case for me. X)

2013-06-27 [CuteCommander]: Cool, no worries, I'll wait to see how everyone else feels - I only wanted to move it along if people were wanting to continue

2013-06-27 [Veltzeh]: By the way, do we have a special plotting page for people to suggest plots and other things?

2013-06-27 [CuteCommander]: I shall make one now :D

2013-07-01 [CuteCommander]: Point 1) I will be moving the plot ahead in a day or two.

Point 2) If you've not seen the almighty [Duredhel]'s most recent RP Winter of Wolves, take a look - the guy is a legendary RP builder, and his new one is fantastic. If you haven't already applied for it, do it!!

2014-07-17 [Nioniel]: Is this RP still active? If so, would you care to have it listed at Text Adventures?

2014-07-17 [Veltzeh]: It hasn't been for a year now, but [CuteCommander] should be the final judge of that. :)

2014-07-17 [Nioniel]: Thanks. :) I know that sometimes the RPing takes place on subwikis or in PMs, so I figured it was worth asking despite the last comment on this page being so long ago. Let us know, [CuteCommander]! :3

2014-07-17 [CuteCommander]: Myyeeeaaah no :P It kinda ground to a halt

2014-07-17 [Nioniel]: Okay. Thanks for letting us know!

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