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Lyrics by [Linderel]

A:  Dancing on the street

   in the middle of the staring crowd

   I look stupid, I know

   but it makes me feel so proud

   this feeling of absolute freedom

A1:  I'm hoping against all odds

   that you would finally see me

   so, yeah, I'm losing my touch

   and my frail grip on reality


   In my life there's one thing sure

   I'm just your ordinary girl

   completely plain and dull

   But this music makes me beautiful

   yeah, it makes me feel alive

A2:  Most of the time

   I really don't feel like smiling

   but when I'm with you and hear these songs

   I'm sure I could rise high, flying


C:  I have a rhythm in my blood

   this voice was made to sing

   For a moment, forget everything

   and let me take you with me

   to a world somewhere far above

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