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2008-09-05 17:32:34
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Please, please, please fill in this little form. It would be really interesting to know what your favourite of my recordings are and why. The wiki is freely editable to make it easier for you. :P So, pleaaaase, take a little time to fill it in. Thank you!



Username: [Araglas]
Favourite: All of them
Reason: All of your songs are amazing, they reach out and pull me in, kinda like a dream, they send me to that one place inside myself that I know I can do anything and be anything I want. I love all of your work.
Username: [Duke Devlin]
Favourite: ATOL: Covers; Once Upon a December - Deana Carter
Reason: Because I feel it has a certain quality about it that seems to cause an uplifting mood. :)


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[Company Awesome]: Wait what? Favourites of what?

[Chimes]: My recordings :P

[Chimes]: Yes, for I would like to know ^^

[Araglas]: Lol hehehe sorry!@ I guess I kinda messed up lol

[Chimes]: No, you didn't. I decided I wanted to change the page layout.

[Araglas]: oh ok! lol Im waiting for a friend to message me then I have to get this storm is freaking me out....

[Araglas]: its only 2:49 in the afternoon but it looks like its 8 at night

[Chimes]: Wow. It was stormy here a few nights ago.

[Araglas]: Well chenged my mind lol, Ill stay on as long as I can hehehehe Ill risk being struck by lightning from the comp

[Chimes]: Lmao.

[Araglas]: Yup! hehehe

[Chimes]: Each to their own.

[Araglas]: lol yup

[Company Awesome]: *cough* My each and own are divorced.

[Chimes]: Why is that?

[Company Awesome]: My own kept feeling like she was only a possession of my each. Terrible situation, really.

[Chimes]: Ah. It must be very painful for you to think about. :P

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