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Some information about ASCII-art has been gathered here. ASCII art is one or more images consisting of the characters and symbols on your keyboard/computer.

Not only is Joan Stark so well-known for her ASCII stuff, she's also now in the wikipedia ;) I couldn't get to her homepage because it has exceeded its bandwidth, but here's her Wikipedia entry that also includes a ton of links for her:

And while there, I also found this page that has a ton of links to some ASCII galleries at the bottom:


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2005-07-15 [dark loneliness]: What the heck, I don't have an ASCII in my house.. I have a picture of myself and an artistic picture done.. What's wrong with that?

2005-07-15 [killer x]: hey

2005-07-15 [Tengel av Isfolket]: Hey why do you send me a warning i does not have any ASCII art in my house!!! so stop send me an warning plc mvh Tengel

2005-07-15 [Chrono X]: heh this is funny lol

2005-07-15 [GODofMUSIC04]: this is f***ed up man.. i dont have any of that crap there

2005-07-15 [xSalomex]: i only have pictures of myself on my page whats the problem?

2005-07-15 [Mental Terrorist]: i dont think i do either

2005-07-15 [Slade]: the warning at the top is for everyone, just hide it if you dont have ASCII

2005-07-15 [High Princess of the Seraphim]: What the hell is going on I don't even have that kind of shit in my house

2005-07-15 [*MyEverything*]: whitch one of you says my photo was copied

2005-07-15 [irishcupido]: yeah, is this wanring blink for everyone, i removed all the art from my house and its still telling me to remove it

2005-07-15 [wu di doo]: soo in my case the bunny s i lerned how to make from other people are aginst the rules or i\s it the gint stewys and kiss things that are baned

2005-07-15 [lastartian]: uh, i have many things in my house i don't know where to start looking

2005-07-15 [The all powerful Midori]: it says to collect art from my wiki... WHAT THE HELL?? DOES THAT MEAN I CANT SIGN MY PICS??? wtf.....

2005-07-15 [Drakesbane]: i dont have anything but the 2 pictures i have drawn....

2005-07-15 [ac_cheerleader1]: i don't know what this stuff in my house is so plzzz tell me and i will change it

2005-07-15 [milf16]: I don't like the new thingy i don't have anything stolen on my profile!!! a=or any wiki banners all i have is pitcures of my self and maybe of friends.

2005-07-15 [Lothuriel]: The Alarm Note showed up for everyone in Elftown, not individuals so don't freak out over it.

2005-07-15 [Crystained]: Damn, this is freaking stupid. I'll just take down everything. How's that? Happy?

2005-07-15 [Lothuriel]: If that is what you want to do. Why do you think it is so stupid? Would you want someone to steal your art? Besides, you don't have any of these in your house so why are you gettng so worked up? This is not my wiki, I was merely responding to others.

2005-07-15 [TheEvilHat]: attention whore...

2005-07-15 [Mier]: No kidding, I don't have any of that stuff either. Dude, wtf?

2005-07-16 [Caritas]: I still don't know what it is

2005-07-16 [Aradon Templar]: o.O The alarm appears for everyone. Everyone sees what you do. Because there are lots of instances where people do have the aforementioned art in their houses and should. You all know what ASCII art is, and if you don't have it, great. The alarm was merely the easiest way to notify those who do have it in their house that something is wrong. It doesn't apply to everyone. So... no need to get upset over it. Just ignore it, or hide it, or do whatever. It's not up there for you to see.

2005-07-16 [Caritas]: I don't know ASCII art is

2005-07-16 [Aradon Templar]: :/ Up at the top of the page, it says "ASCII art is images consisting of the characters and symbols on your keyboard/computer." Basically, it's art formed by typing stuff. You've actually got two such art thingies in your house- the rose, and the monkey at the bottom. Those are what ET wants everyone to stick onto a wiki or something similar.

2005-07-16 [Caritas]: Ohh how do I do that?

2005-07-16 [SiC_BoY]: The hell do I have on my page?

2005-07-16 [Caritas]: /

2005-07-16 [diabloschild18]: aww fuck it its no big fuckin deal shit

2005-07-16 [shawnm]: this is stupid if thay dont like what i got in my house then thay can just take it down there own damn selves

2005-07-16 [Elfmoon]: if you recall, one of the two rules at Elftown is "don't be an A**hole." And they will take it down themselves, if you do not.

2005-07-16 [Elfmoon]: But you don't have any ASCII art anyway, so it doesnt matter.

2005-07-16 [SiC_BoY]: I'm so confused....I only have a pic of my friend Rob, a few Wiki Banners, and writing...

2005-07-16 [Tyrana]: Is it wrong to be amused by people who insert swear words into their speech in random places? I'm a personal fan of the stuff I've seen most recently.

2005-07-16 [Tyrana]: ...And you happy shiny people should just take a bit of a step back, look at the big picture, and just move the art. No biggy. ^_^

2005-07-16 [black lilly]: whats the fucking difference if its on a wiki than on your house? this is pissing me off

2005-07-16 [earthrave54]: i havent stole SHIT!!

2005-07-16 [~Arus~]: I think it's pretty annoying too, but...what does the average elftownie do about it? (no...really, I wanna know)

2005-07-16 [Femme Noire]: what if you only have banners? this 'alarm' should be more personalized for less confusion!

2005-07-16 [Drowning In A Daydream]: what is it talking about i don't know what's on my page that's bad?

2005-07-16 [pred982]: i have graffiti art but i made it my self & they say its copied

2005-07-16 [Savien]:

2005-07-16 [Savien]: That's the stuff that's being talked about, and the guards are removing it from those who have it. 

2005-07-16 [Peace_Turtles]: I don't have it on my page why the hell do I still get the alarm?

2005-07-16 [Elfmoon]: *ahem*

The Alarms, if you have not noticed from just being on Elftown, are just a part of the page.

2005-07-16 [Elfmoon]: they are not personalized, they are just there. And as for the difference between in your house and elsewhere, the difference is that the gaurds said so. The end...

2005-07-16 [Perfect in pink]: I dont get all of this!!!!

2005-07-16 [alu]: omg..

2005-07-16 [Elfmoon]: what dont you get? messgae me, it's easier

2005-07-16 [Fallen Angel22]: i actually have a photo of my brand new car on my page and it is actually literally the one i drive. i say they should ask before they delete shit. gets irritating!!

2005-07-16 [Savien]: Everyone on Elftown sees the Alarm message. They only apply to the ones with the stuff on their pages. If you don't have it, ignore the alarm message.

2005-07-16 [Fallen Angel22]: i have the alarm message.

2005-07-16 [Savien]: Everyone on Elftown sees the Alarm message.

2005-07-16 [Fallen Angel22]: ok ok, just trying to understand how this thing guys aren't going to delete my photo are you??

2005-07-16 [Savien]: Not if it's your car.

2005-07-16 [Fallen Angel22]: thank you very much for you help. i can even put up a photo of me with it if you would like.

2005-07-16 [Savien]: Totally up to you. It looks like a photo you took. We just don't want to see random web images of cars all over. If it's your photo it;s fine.

2005-07-16 [Elfmoon]: its not likely that that photo would be deleted, it doesnt look like a pro stock photo.

2005-07-16 [Balroggie]: Umm, but if I don't have ANY ASCII art on my page at all, and the guards tell me to remove it, what should I remove then?

2005-07-16 [All The Colours Of The Rainbow]: same as i i coppied sum stuff of me m8 but i deleted it

2005-07-16 [Aradon Templar]: Quothe like fifty billion people above: "Everyone on Elftown sees the Alarm message." If you don't have ASCII art, don't worry about it. A suggestion to someone who has the privelege of editting the page: Perhaps you may want to include something big at the top that says, "The alarm message appears to everyone, and may not specifically mean you."

2005-07-16 [Avatar15]: why does it come up whenever i join a wiki? help?

2005-07-16 [Aradon Templar]: It doesn't come up whenever you join a wiki, it's always there. You might've just not noticed it. It appears all the time, for everyone. Just to make sure everyone knows. Doesn't apply to you, since you don't ahve ASCII art on your house.

2005-07-16 [WHISTLE CREW!]: How gay

2005-07-16 [Lothuriel]: Look people, you can name call, harass, play ignorant whatever you wish. The fact of the matter is that the owner of this website says you can't have them in your description! If you have them, remove them or put them in a wiki. End of story. 

2005-07-16 [Caritas]: How do you put them in a wiki?

2005-07-16 [Balroggie]: I think I got it now. Thankyou! ^^

2005-07-16 [Aradon Templar]: Easy. Just pick a name of a wiki you want to put them in (like, Templar's ASCII Art), copy your ASCII images, and paste them into that wiki. Then you can link to the page you made from your house. If you need help making wikis and such, I believe Wiki FAQ has some stuff. Not sure if that's the right link, though.

2005-07-16 [Lothuriel]: copy and paste them into a wiki I would imagine.

2005-07-16 [Aradon Templar]: Ah. Wiki_intro must be the page I was thinking of.

2005-07-16 [Dwolf]: Oh!! So then i deleted a bunch of drawings how i just havent needed too, a question about Charsets: if a pic is done and a text is writen in a free char set, is it iligal here for now on too?

2005-07-16 [Aradon Templar]: I believe the rules only prohibit it if the text is a picture in and of itself.

2005-07-16 [*porcelain heart*]: hold on, im confused. im being winged at to remove some art or something, but i dont think ive copied anything. i dont get this...

2005-07-16 [Aradon Templar]: It's not you in particular. The alarm shows up on everyone's page. Its the easiest way to alert everyone to the new rules. You aren't being specifically targeted for anything :D And yeah, your house is fine. Don't worry about the alarm.

2005-07-16 [black lilly]: i want an answer to this, no one gave me one before. what's the difference between having the ASCII art on a wiki instead of my hosue?

2005-07-17 [TheRogue]: The difference, simply put, is that the Mayor (owner, head muckamuck, top cheese, top dog, holy super mega thunder leader) SAYS they are no longer allowed in your houses. They are useless, unsightly and relate absolutely NOTHING to you in the slightest other than your ability to cut and paste someone elses long hours of staring at letters and making an image with them. Since the mayor of Elftown decrees that they are not allowed, you are only to follow the rule, or be ejected from Elftown. It is THAT simple people. You can argue, spit, holler and complain all you want, but that is the rule. Follow it or find somewhere else to be.

2005-07-17 [TheRogue]: the answer to your question, LIlly, is that there is no difference other than the fact that the mayor does not want them cluttering up houses anymore and that he doesn't care if they clutter up wikis.

2005-07-17 [sexy_chick14]: i dont get this i dont have n e thin bad on here all i have is my pic. so i dont no y there tellin me n e thing.

2005-07-17 [Tyrana]: Okay, LISTEN:... perhaps people could read the announcement made in giant, right pink letters, or perhaps they can read the above bazillion comments that all ask and answer the same freaking questions. The alarm note shows up at the top of everyone's screen, regardless of whether or not they have ASCII art in their house. ALSO!! If you do have ASCII art in your Elftown house, remove it, and put it in a wiki or something. If you don't, then dont worry about it!...

2005-07-17 [Savien]: It's funny how many people can type, and yet can't read....

2005-07-17 [Tyrana]: It is fascinating, isn't it? It's almost... impressive, in some cases.

2005-07-17 [Savien]: On a page like this it teeters between hilaroius, and maddening. 

2005-07-17 [Silent Procession]: how come you dont want ASCII art on anyones page anymore

2005-07-17 [Tyrana]: It does. I also enjoy when they insert profanity, often in completely random places in the sentance, to somehow emphasize the fact that they are upset. I can't help but think that it shouldn't make me laugh. But it does. ^_^

2005-07-17 [Tyrana]: [Silent Procession]: There were a buncha things mentioned. Some mention how the images are usually made by someone other than the person who is displaying them, which can be seen as stealing. Another reason is that they have very little, if anything, to do with the whole theme/description/personal... thing. They're just there to look pretty. Also: [Hedda] says so. Also also, you don't have any, my dear, so you have nothing to worry about. ^_^

2005-07-17 [Saviours of jazzballet]: i haven't got copied art in my house?:/

2005-07-17 [Nymphette]: *groans* for FUCKS sake! read the fucking notice at the top.

2005-07-17 [Lover man]: wat the hell is ASCII art????? nd wat is on ma page dat is dat art???

2005-07-17 [Nymphette]: and i repeat. read the fucking wiki.

2005-07-17 [Nymphette]: and i quote from above

["ASCII art is images consisting of the characters and symbols on your keyboard/computer."]

2005-07-17 [Tyrana]: Is the message up top extremely confusing somehow, or are people just not bothering to read it?

2005-07-17 [suss]: Maybe you should add, if you have any . . . cause also I at first thought it applied to me. or maybe state that its a general alarm... something to make it less aimed to the person at the puter and more aimed to the public

2005-07-17 [Nymphette]: maybe an alarming amount of people on elftown are delinquents.

2005-07-17 [fuckinhateshim]: what copied art?

2005-07-17 [Nymphette]:

["ASCII art is images consisting of the characters and symbols on your keyboard/computer."]

["ASCII art is images consisting of the characters and symbols on your keyboard/computer."]

["ASCII art is images consisting of the characters and symbols on your keyboard/computer."]

["ASCII art is images consisting of the characters and symbols on your keyboard/computer."]

2005-07-17 [Nymphette]: how many times does it have to be said

2005-07-17 [SkyLynn07]: Probably some more before these idiots get it. But I do have a question... the wiki banners that people make. Do they count?

2005-07-17 [Nymphette]: what do you mean by that? normal wiki banners, or wiki banners with the ascii art in?

2005-07-17 [Tyrana]: I think I know what you mean... some people made graphics for Elftown Graphics that are... artistic renderings of the ascii pictures. I'm curious to know if they count...

2005-07-17 [Tyrana]: And let's not get over-frustrated, here. ^_^... some people... they just can't help it.

2005-07-17 [Nymphette]: true true, but, it is rather frustrating.

2005-07-17 [Calico Tiger]: That's an excellent question, [Tyrana]. I'll ask the other guards about it and see what the consensus is :)

2005-07-17 [CoVerEdCuTs]: I really don't understand what is wrong. So if someone could nicley message me or tell me whats going on that would be a big help

2005-07-17 [infection]: delete

2005-07-29 [BlackDragon]: Well.. I must that that I didn't know at first too what this was all about, I checked one of the links about ASCII Art, and I guess that they are those images some people have in their houses. It could be a dragon, cat, rose or something else that is entirely made of the symbols on your keyboard. Must say that its quite annoying when you come across a house which has its description full of these.. I mean, they are even not real art.. =/

2005-07-29 [Nymphette]: it technically is art, but only if you made it.

2005-07-29 [BlackDragon]: Yes.. and most of those I've seen here I've seen 100 times, which means that they've just copied them and put them in their house. I think its right to not allow such, unless you've made it. Elftown should be more about art and fantasy.. not a dating community and a place for art thieves.

2005-07-29 [Nymphette]: i know. its just become an online community, no longer based on art. :(

2005-07-29 [BlackDragon]: Quite sad actually.. I only joined this place a year ago, but it has changed so much. Its starting to remind me of a swedish site called Lunarstorm where you only get 'hi wanna cyber' messages ><

2005-07-29 [Nymphette]: how joyful. ah, it sucks. i wish you could 'delete' member,s cus they jsut get bored and fuck off, but it isnt possible

2005-07-29 [BlackDragon]: Yeah, I agree with you. Hehe, I guess that you're a meber of Take Elftown Back then. I'm not a meber of that yet, thinking about it =)

2005-07-29 [Nymphette]: you should be. ah, it sucks, how its turning our right now. the whole situation is getting better. i just dont see why some members enrole

2005-07-29 [BlackDragon]: I joined now! And could you please tell me what you mean by enrole?

2005-07-29 [Nymphette]: join up

2005-07-29 [BlackDragon]: Oh, okay.. =P

2005-07-29 [Nymphette]: :)

2005-08-12 [Mariposa Blanca]: ok, i made my ascii and they still took it... um... in the rules they said if u made it urself its ok. it took me 3 weeks to get it right!!! And i have had it on there since i started Elftown and they never did n e thing about it! w/e

2005-08-12 [Leara]: What you had were quite common ASCII art. The rule has only been in place about a month or a little more, so before that time, they were allowed.

2005-08-22 [Bloodly angel 96]: what i do

2005-09-08 [the second saga]: the elftown gaurds suck and there power hungry so if your smart youll jion elfpack

2005-09-09 [Aradon Templar]: Because you'll be banned from Elftown ;)

2005-09-09 [Aradon Templar]: Teh guards roxxors, ET just isn't the place for people who disagree with the guards ^^'

2005-09-29 [Snap Dragon]: whats with some guardsbeing assy to me mainly just one i ask 1 question and they blow up.

2005-10-04 [Kaimee]: Hmm? Whats the question? :)

2005-10-04 [Sunrose]: Your question was answered before you asked it [Snap Dragon]. And you would've known the answer if you had looked at ASCII art; sometimes you have to put in some effort to find out the answer by yourself :)

2005-10-18 [Perya]: why is this like against the rules now if you have it later in your descritption?

2005-10-28 [Angels Of San-Angelus]: okay...i'm confused...i got online and was told in a message that i'd had some art deleted....but, i can't even remember having any art! The last art i had was of two dragons...admittedly they were deleted but i'm nearly POSITIVE i didn't have any art there...unless i'm going crazy!

2005-10-28 [Sunrose]: Did you investigate what ASCII-art is? :)

2005-10-29 [Angels Of San-Angelus]:

2005-10-29 [Sunrose]: Perhaps if you know what it is, you'll remember what was deleted.

2005-10-29 [Angels Of San-Angelus]: oh...good thinkin' batman...i'll go check...where can i find out lol

2005-10-29 [Sunrose]: Click the many links on this page..

2005-10-29 [Angels Of San-Angelus]: oh....right...i knew that....i was just testing you!

2005-10-29 [Angels Of San-Angelus]: oh i see...there's tons of houses with that though...i mean tons??

2005-10-29 [Sunrose]: Aaand..??

2005-10-29 [Angels Of San-Angelus]: come there's doesn't get deleted but mine does?? When mine was pretty harmless!

2005-10-29 [Sunrose]: Because you didn't report it to us..

2005-10-29 [Angels Of San-Angelus]: oh...right...well...if i tell the guards i'm gonna put it up and they aokay it is it okay then?

2005-10-29 [Sunrose]: They won't okay it as it is against our rules.

2005-10-29 [Angels Of San-Angelus]: now i am gets deleted either way but not for some people!?!?!? and yes...i am incredibly stupid!

2005-10-29 [Calico Tiger]: No, if they stole ascii art as well, they can't do it either. It's very simple :) If someone else has stolen ascii up, send a report go the guards in their house. The button to do so is by their guestbook and diary buttons.

2005-10-29 [Angels Of San-Angelus]: oh it's not allowed full stop...i see...right....okay...i get it now...

2005-10-29 [Sunrose]: It's not allowed at all (unless they created it), those people are breaking the UAR. That's why you should report them :)

2005-10-29 [Angels Of San-Angelus]: i get it....i broke the rules then...sorry about that.

2005-12-08 [sealaryn]: I didnt know either a friend sent me that picture of stewey and im sorry i didnt know it was against the rules i shall not do it again

2005-12-18 [♥~*Dead-end* !Kid~♥]: Oh it was the bunny. are bunnies againts the rules?

2005-12-18 [Sunrose]: You did not create it, so yes :)

2006-01-19 [Bladieboe]: wow, so I cannot put an southpark character of myself in my house, wich is from an site where it is allowed to do so....very strange....

2006-01-19 [Sunrose]: I don't see why that is related to ASCII art...

2006-02-06 [imbacon88]: i want to know what was deleted on my page? al my drawings ar MINE and created by me. the only thing that isnt is a wikki banner.i don't understand?

2006-02-06 [Sunrose]: Do you know what ascii art is? :)

2006-02-06 [Angels Of San-Angelus]: It doesn't matter, as long as it's original artwork by you, you can put anything ya want up, can't you? Be it ASCII Art or not?

2006-02-06 [Sunrose]: I think the problem is she doesn't know what was removed. I am pretty sure she didn't create the ascii art. She will figure this out once she knows what it actually is. :)

2006-02-07 [imbacon88]: aaaah i see i get it sorry for sounding mean

2006-02-21 [Ham]: Thanks for the report, I didn't realise that ASCII was against the rules. ^.^ Feeling much better informed now.

2006-02-22 [NiceGuy213]: But just out of curiosity: If the ASCII art is open content, can't we use it? Or any art for that matter.

2006-02-22 [Sunrose]: You mean freely useable? No, the rules are that you can only have art on your house created by or especially for you.

2006-02-23 [NiceGuy213]: well that sucks. what if it is altered some way? it would be different

2006-02-23 [stuffAEAmade]: That would be like taking the Mona Lisa, painting a moustache of her face, and claiming the entire thing as your own. It would still be against the rules.

2006-02-23 [NiceGuy213]: but what if you repainted the mona lias? THEN put the moustache on the one you painted?

2006-02-23 [Sunrose]: You can't repaint ASCII-art. Also, in case of drawings and the likes, fanart is allowed here but completely copying an image makes little difference with using the original image.

2006-02-23 [NiceGuy213]: ok. well, I just wanted to make sure there weren't any loopholes. I shall return with more possibilities. *wooshes away*

2006-03-08 [SadGirlnChucks]: *Cries* Where is my bunny on my page *Pouts* Where is it.. ... *Cries and looks up* But but I liked my bunny

2006-03-17 [DawnUnicorn]: what if we played around and actually designed one ourselves? Surely no one has copyrighted every possible picture you can ever create with characters on keyboards? I'd class it as text personally, it isn't an uploaded image

2006-03-17 [Sunrose]: As the rules state you can have ascii art that you created (see for an example [peura]'s house). However 99% of the ascii art on Elftown was taken from elsewhere.

2006-03-24 [Im So Cool Im Like The Artic]: um i still dont know what was on my page that was against tha" rules?" im sonfused...?

2006-03-24 [Aradon Templar]: Near the bottom of your page, you had an image created by characters and symbols. That was removed because it isn't allowed on you ET house, as it wasn't created by you.

2006-03-25 [weasel6]: who do you put art up on the sites

2006-03-26 [Sunrose]: What do you mean?

2006-03-26 [Aradon Templar]: If you want to upload art, I'd suggest checking out Elfwood, as this is only it's companion community site. If you're wondering which of us uploads art (as would be indicated by the 'who' subject), we all do, I believe.

2006-03-26 [Aradon Templar]: It's also possible to upload images onto Elftown by using your house image upload function (found near the top of your house).

2006-07-16 [Nocternity S.]: this might sound annoying but what if its not a picture? something like this °o O º(`'•.¸(`'•.¸ Welcome¸.•'´)¸.•'´)º O o° , and should we always have to ask if they made it, to know if it's stolen, or should we just report it?

2006-07-25 [across the universe]: thats dont know if we made it or not so you take it off any ways..some one gave me my i put it up..why is that so bad?

2006-07-25 [across the universe]: and thats a different story about mona..that just dissing it but what u guys take are stuff down is dumb they are just letters makeing an object.

2006-07-26 [Nocternity S.]: you are able to put some in your house if you created them. But if you didnt then you cant, besides they look pretty annoying.

2006-07-26 [Crazyarilove^^]: why cant we do that we arent steeling anything we just did a copy and put it on our page it like you're copying paper they are all the same.It was made for all of us not for one person.

2006-07-26 [Crazyarilove^^]: hey go look on my page i took them off *cries*and nvm wat i put on ther a lil while ago im sorry and ill never do that again.*sighs*

2006-07-26 [Nocternity S.]: well if you dont like the rules then, why are you here?

2006-08-05 [NiceGuy213]: because rules are made to be followed. but only when it is convinient.

2006-08-05 [All_Most PUNK]: Convinient for who?

2006-08-09 [RebellionMarch]: ok ive made a peice of acii art.. i did it myself its on my and my girlfreinds house.. on both houses i have put a message very vlearly stating its my own original acii art... why have the guards still deleted it? i did do it myself

2006-08-09 [Nocternity S.]: maybe because 99.9% of them are stolen. But you still have it so dont worry

2006-08-10 [Ocean Soul]: [RebellionMarch] - the ASCII image is allowed in your own house, because you made it yourself. But it's not allowed in anybody else's house.

2006-08-11 [NiceGuy213]: if you give someone else permission to use it, why can't they use it? It's not violating copywrite laws.

2006-08-12 [ally]: Copied ASCII art is prohibited on Elftown because it violates the basic rule that all art on your house must be made by or for you. Besides it's very annoying to see the same things on every house. Elftown is about creativity. If you don't like that aspect you can join or any other web-community.

2006-08-12 [Nocternity S.]: i could not have said it better myself.

2006-08-22 [Titanium Tiger]: did you mean the wiki hug at random thing??? on my page is that whtat was suposedly copied?

2006-08-22 [stuffAEAmade]: No, the 'Guys are like stars' thing.

2006-08-22 [Nocternity S.]: a lot of people has those... O.O!

2006-08-26 [Elysian]: "Besides it's very annoying to see the same things on every house. Elftown is about creativity"

If we use this argument, then we have to also delete all of those percentage things (98% of blah blah blah...repost this if you're the 2%...), and any re-posted "chain email" story (A girl and a guy were riding on a motorcycle...blahblahblah).

2006-08-26 [Nocternity S.]: yeah... they should do that too, i agree!

2006-08-29 [ally]: It's not a rule. It's a guideline. Right now we don't have a rule for copied text.

2007-07-06 [playgirl_10]: grrrr thats fuckin stupid i should be able to put what the fuck i want on my fucking page

2007-07-06 [Linderel]: It's a free community with no ads. It's only to be expected there are some rules.

2007-07-07 [Hedda]: Eh, no. We don't have rules because we have a free community. The rules are there because the Elftowners want them there. And we're not that interested in seeing "fucking pages".

2007-07-07 [Linderel]: I didn't say that the rules are there because it's a free community; I only said it's to be expected in one. ;3

2007-07-21 [Lightning Cowgirl]: this is stupid...i cant even use an image to show my support for someine who has cancer, this blows!

2007-07-21 [Savien]: So make an image. It's more original.

2015-02-03 [Stephen]: Just as a heads up to anyone who happens to read these comments, as of the time of this notice ASCII art is allowed to be displayed within the member presentation now.

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