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“Ugh, another day wasted away.”

Axel walked down the empty alley way after work. His head down he made his way back home. It had been hard for him to move on since Rexzen’s death, it had simply made him cold and unmotivated. Axel sighed whiled pondering about his dead lover. He looked up hearing a soft brushing noise and glanced around.

“Hello, whosever there don’t bother, I don’t have anything worth taking.”

A soft shaking noise occurred which peeked Axel’s curiosity; he searched for the noise and found a boy who looked like a younger Rexzen. Stumbling back he gasped.

“Rexzen…? Y-You’re dead…I saw you…”

The boy looked up and frowned slightly, “My names Roxas.”

Axel shook his head trying to knock the sense back into himself and kept walking. He looked just like Rexzen, its weird. He adjusted his coat and looked over his shoulder to the blonde haired kid who was watching him walk away.

“Hey wait, do you have some change to spare?”

Axel stopped; his voice was almost the same. God just leave me alone! Axel let out a deep breath and turned to look at Roxas.

“Come on kid, let’s go.”

Roxas scrambled to his feet and followed as Axel began to move again. Coming to Axel’s apartment he unlocked the door and moved aside letting Roxas go first. The apartment had simple décor in shades of silvers and even a splash of faint blue. An old pizza box with leftover pizza sitting on the coffee table along with an over flowing ash tray, overdue bills, and a cell phone that was either turned off of dead. Axel took off his coat and threw is onto the back of a chair.

“You have any family kid?” Axel asked picking up his cell phone and looking at it, dead. Tossing it onto the couch he retrieved the house phone and looked at Roxas.


“No one at all?”

Roxas looked down in shame and shifted slightly, “No.”

Axel rolled his eyes and stalked into the kitchen, opening the fridge.
“Well if you clean yourself up and get a job you can stay here, maybe we’ll be able to afford something besides pizza and ramen. But you’re only staying because you’re to cute to throw back out into the cold.”

Roxas adjusted his hair and a small smile, “I have a little money, would that help?” He pulled out a fifty dollar bill out of his jacket pocket and looked up at Axel. Axel looked at him then the money and shook his head.

“You keep it; go buy some good clothes or something.”

“I have clothes; I just have to go back to that alley you found me in.”

“Well go get your stuff and I’ll find something for you to eat.”

Roxas nodded and hurried out the door. Axel closed the fridge and leaned against it. He’s so much like him….Ugh I need to quit thinking about this. I will NOT fall in love again! Roxas returned with a couple bags which he set by the door.

“I was thinking, why don’t we go out tonight?”

“Um…ok, we should probably change though.”

Roxas nodded and picked up one of the bags, “Where should I change?”

“Go ahead and change in my room, I’ll change in the bathroom.”

Roxas nodded and headed to the room at the other end of the small apartment. Axel’s room was decorated in black and white and like the other part of the house it was simple. Setting down his bag he stripped and changed his underwear before digging in the bag for a suitable outfit.

“I forgot my clothes.”

Axel walked in seeing Roxas in nothing but his underwear and his pants half on. Roxas quickly pulled his pants on and fastened them. Axel walked over to him and smiled. He reminds me of you Rexzen…

Axel caressed Roxas’s cheek and slowly leaned down, kissing him. Roxas kissed him back as his knees shook with anticipation. Breaking the kiss Axel looked at Roxas, “I’m sorry…”

“Don’t be.”

Roxas kissed him again and pushed him onto the bed. They fell onto the bed with a soft bounce but nothing broke their passionate kiss. Axel quickly took off his shirt and pulled Roxas close, kissing him one more time. After several minutes of kissing the two boys ended up under the blanket and completely naked. Axel Looked down and smiled. Roxas and grinned and closed his eyes.

“What’s going to happen…with us?”

Axel thought for a moment and smiled, “For now, you are mine.” He then laid his head down and fell asleep to the sound of Roxas’s heartbeat.

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