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Apeiron, the world's most advanced virtual reality game is now out on store shelves everywhere! Yes, now you and gamers everywhere can step into the city Apeiron, a vast society that is yours for the molding! It is up to you, the player, to determine the future of this city and choose a path of order or mayhem.

Simple Guide from the GM

Game Manual - Player + Character Profiles - Enter Apeiron


Open to all rpers. No audition required.
Incompetent rping will result in expulsion from the game.
You have been warned.

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2009-08-14 [anatomy]: is it any specific joining rules or/and some rules in character making or/and rping?

2009-08-14 [M!]: Read the wikis. They have all the answers.

2009-08-14 [anatomy]: k

2009-08-14 [anatomy]: ever though about letting a own minded npc into the game?

2009-08-15 [M!]: a own minded? Not sure what you're asking, but when it comes to NPC's, they are all mine. As players, you can only make player characters,

2009-08-15 [anatomy]: a ownminded npc is a npc that accedently gained a own will. wich usually is deleted from the game when a mod notices it...

2009-08-15 [anatomy]: im still trying to figure out what to be...

2009-08-15 [Chel.]: do you mean "one-minded" ?

2009-08-15 [anatomy]: in .hack they are called ai...but in here ai is a normal mindless npc...they simply gained own will and all that...thinking on their own...but whenever someone talks about the real world outside the game they becomes confused cuz they never seen and never gonna be able to see the real a player with no body in the real world...but now when i know its unable i have to become something else...unless the owner though only the normal npc that are controled by the game like a mindess thing and alows me to make a in game living bug...

2009-08-15 [Chel.]: Hmm.... good thing this isn't .Hack//Sign?

2009-08-15 [M!]: No... no ai stuff. That's not what this game is about. If that was a part of the plot, I would have said so.

2009-08-16 [anatomy]: the mods or game creaters never wanted them to come but they still did....anyway....chould i gain some info about the classes a player can choose? like attack types and such o.o

2009-08-16 [M!]: All the info is in the game manual. Everything else I let the players make up for themselves. If I was too strict, no one would have any fun. And again, with the ai, that's not gonna happen. I have never seen hack so this isn't even slightly based on it.

2009-08-17 [anatomy]: yay

2009-09-04 [M!]: Ok, I want to continue this, I have big plans for it, but honestly, my college classes are turning out to be doozies this semester and I'm really not going to have any time, so sorry for the lameness.

2009-09-04 [Chel.]: :/

2010-02-07 [Dezmond]: this one dead now too...?

2010-02-07 [Chel.]: and then some.

2010-02-07 [Dezmond]: Damn! I liked this one...I liked rooms too, but I liked this one even more...

2010-02-07 [M!]: I no longer do the GMing. I can never commit myself for more than a month. I stop caring.

2010-02-08 [Dezmond]: eh, i know the feeling, I get frustrated GMing and end up pretty much the same

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