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2009-02-22 18:26:45
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A.1 Wreckage

Finishing the titles later
So Lost In Medication
Veins and the Names That Tear Them
Never Bow
Sunny Side Up!
I Wouldn't Say Insanity - Just Unfocused Sanity
Sticks and Stone May Break My Bones But You Tear My Skin Apart
The Glob That's Not Forseen
Makes Me Wish I Was You
Oh! The Way You Look At Me
Not Intense but Burning
How Far Will You Go Until It All Ends
Feeling For Your Bones
Ode To Escape
How Far Until You're Gone
The Land of Mirrors
Away ... Away
Childhood Ghosts and Skeletons
The Scars On My Name
Faint and Coming To
Tree Of Life; Branches Of Failed Wisdom
Oh Dear Skies Above
Tastes Like Smog
Dead End
Can You Catch Me On a Telescope
Come Through Skattered and Tilted - All WRONG
Visible Incognito
On Wings of a Dove
Ring Around the Rosie...
Unstable Foundations
Concealed By Falling Daylight
Starlight In Your Eyes
Owed But Never To Be Paid
Up In Flames - Never Look Down
We'll Set This Town On Fire!
Maybe Focused, Can You Tell
We're Coming Onto The World's End
Organized Crime and Other Oxymorons
Rearranging Pixels
Peaceful Backdrop For the Tombstones
Music Notes, Check Marks and Butterfly Kisses
I Can't Feel My Butterflies
Almost Feels Like Your Flesh...
Winding - Watch It Roll

/ [Tragedy In Trend]

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2009-01-27 [Tragedy In Trend]: Okay so some of them are random as hell and have no purpose at all, but I think they're pretty ^.^

2009-01-27 [FallaciousXFaith]: WOW, looking at these really invoke emotion. Of what I'm not sure... but they're great. =]

2009-01-27 [Tragedy In Trend]: Thank you so much, that's really inspiring for me! :)

2009-02-13 [Dezmond]: these pictures are beautiful girl

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