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2005-04-17 03:59:41
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This is a banner contest fo Anti-Bigotry(Equality for all). Since there is currently only one banner, I think we could use a few more. The winner's banner will be featured on the main as well as getting a badge thatIhave yet to draw up. Second and first place will aslo recieve badges. Others will get a participation badge.
Above you banner submission will you please put the # for the submission and you name. Thanks.
Please no horizontal rulers between banners. it'll get annoying.

1. 2 submissions allowed per person.
2. Nothing graphic, the point of the wiki is to promoteaccetance, remember?
3. Follow the general art uploading rules on elftown.
4. Voting will start as soon as 10 entries have been submited.
5. Have fun!

1. [The real life Bella Swan]

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