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2008-09-02 05:01:44
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A thousand years 
Word count: 748

 My friend I am sad to say that I have a thousand years to apologize for. You are new to this world, and I am sure that you are scared but do not fret because my spirit is still strong, so I shall guide you. As I am sure you know the rule is that you must live as long as I myself have lived, and friend my life has been a long one.

 I was a pet in the home of the sun god, Ra. My life was cushy and I was healthy and happy and loved. Though this prosperity was not meant to last for me and sadly the good times ended abruptly. One day my master’s palace was raided, and as he fought valiantly and I attempted to fight by his side he forced me away in order to keep me alive. He was a good friend.

 I flew down the river as quickly as I could manage and nested high up in a human settlement. I know you think that being immortal must sound fabulously grand, but let me quell your misguided thoughts now. The life of an immortal is far from what it is cracked up to be, especially when you are the only one of your species.

After I made my nest in a human settlement I searched out a new friend and a new food source. I had become complacent while living with the sun god, so I had inevitably lost the ability to fend for myself. I could not be caught by the humans because they would use me for their own material gains, or for their own monetary gains. Remember friend, the humans are very corrupt and have lost their beauty and class due to many years of fighting amongst themselves like savage animals.

 I believe that once I did slip up in my very long life by revealing myself to a human girl. She was young and sweet looking and she had a basket of fish that looked absolutely inviting. I, in a moment of hunger induced weakness swooped down before her and spread my fiery wings hopping to scare her away from the basket, though being cruel was not in my nature. Desperate creatures will do desperate things, friend. Never forget that most important lesson.

 Instead of dropping the basket and running away as I anticipated her doing she just stood before me in awe. I did not have an alternate plan, so instead I spoke to hear in my clear bell like voice ‘please, May I have a fish?’ I did not take into consideration the fact that she could not hear me speak, since to her I was doing nothing but bell-like squawking. The girl smiled at me and held a fish out in front of her. I took the fish, but felt remorse for taking what belonged to her, so I followed her home to try and repay her for her kindness.

 This girl and I bonded within’ a few short weeks and I began to become complacent again. I lived with her until she was elderly and crippled. I attempted many times to heal her with my tears, but although they could heal her pain they could not allow her to live forever as I can. Eventually she faded from this plane and I was forced out of my home once more.

 After more years of living alone I found a use for my talents. There was a hospital near a church that was short of doctors and desperate. I was able to use my healing powers to aid the hospital in their most noble plight to help the wounded and sick. It was there that I lived the remainder of my life, until the hospital was condemned. It wasn't long; maybe a few years at most after the hospital had been forced to shut down that I myself began dying. Quickly, I made my cinnamon nest and readied myself for the end, and for your arrival. Before long I followed in the footsteps of every phoenix out there and burst into magnificent flames until me and my nest were engulfed in an inferno.

 Now it seems almost cruel that every phoenix must live the length of the life of its predecessor, though I didn't think much of it at the time. So I have a thousand years to apologize for, but do not worry son, you shall live a good life. 

Written by [Alexi Ice]

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2008-09-02 [Artsieladie]: *applauds* :) Nice story! :) <img:stuff/ThumbsUp_Wh_Mood.gif> <img:stuff/LongStemRedRose4HW_SD_mood.png>

Added links at the bottom and edited the word "guild" to become "guide" in the first paragraph. I'm assuming you meant "so I shall guide you" and not "so I shall guild you". ;)

2008-09-02 [Alexi Ice]: Oh yes! Thank you ^^ I always have gramatical problems and such, but I am getting better!!

2008-12-01 [Artsieladie]: Well, that's the only error I found, so I think you should feel very good about this piece. :D

2008-12-02 [Alexi Ice]: ^^ I did win, after all! Thank you for taking the time to read it!

2008-12-13 [Artsieladie]: Yes, indeedy, it did! Congrats again! :D I love to read whenever my time will allow. I'm a huge book person. Many say that I have my own library, because I easily have somewhere around 5000 books. hehe ;)

2008-12-13 [Alexi Ice]: I have about 200 manga and anime stuff here at home, its awesome..

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