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2009-07-14 13:10:04
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A lady at a spring

Written by: [Elmiira]
For the contest Write me a story

A woman was standing next to a spring. She was holding a water can, obviously planning to collect some water and bring it back home. She was wearing a white toga and a white scarf on her long hair. But she stood there too long, doing nothing. She looked shy, she was pale, a little worried look hovered on her face. Obviously she was thinking something serious. Maybe her father was home sick, or her little brother. The thought had carried her far from the scene around her.

I went nearer, she didn't notice. She was looking down, looking at the still, peaceful water, but seeing only something that was not present. I dared not to make any sound, thinking that if she could see me now she would run away. I would scare her. Indeed, I got the feeling, she was one of those shy country girls, who would be very afraid to face a man alone. I watched her for a very long time, standing perfectly still. Not once did she look up. The same worried look was on her face, and she did not move an inch.

I could not leave the place until something would happen. I was too interested, too curious about this unknown, young lady. Her feet were bare. I thought her feet might be very cold; at least the stone she stood on was certainly very cold. I got a sudden, absurd thought of wanting to warm them with my hands. It was very cold here anyway, though sun was shining. But how could I do that to her. I imagined myself crouching there next to her and putting my hands on her little feet. How would she react. I almost laughed at the imposibility of the idea.

She stood so perfectly still. She did not move at all, did not even flutter her eyes. Her expression did not change. I hoped she would, I would have wanted to see her smile, her elegant moves. But of course she didn't. I knew already I would buy her, resque her. Give her the place she deserved, some dignity, some taking care of. She looked so innocent, so loveable, so unique in her worry. And so out of place in this shabby old museum.

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2009-07-14 [Chimes]: Nice twist. :D

2009-07-14 [Elmiira]: hehe. :D thanks for reading!

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