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A Dragon's life now being turned into an rp!

This story begins a long time ago in a time when dragons ruled the sky and elves and humans dominated the land. Many of the humes and elves of the earth constantly attacked and enslaved the dragons, jealous of their wings and ability to soar above all. But the dragons themselves were divided amongst themselves. There were white dragons that upheld the law and were creatures of honor and compassion, and then their were the black dragons. The black dragons were bloodthirsty and vicious creatures that held power to be important above all else.

It was a rare thing for black and white dragons to get along, and even rarer and more precious when they fell in love. But such a thing was not unknown. One white dragon, a young female named Shaquia fell deeply in love with a lawless black dragon, named Shuruikan, and eventually made a nest and laid three eggs.

In her wisdom Shaquia was able to hide one of these eggs and so when her nest was raided by a group of elves and humes, one egg was left untouched. This egg eventually hatched into a Chaos dragon and her name was Angelus.

Before Angelus was even hatched, her father had to leave for fear of leading his family to their death by being with Shaquia. He went to find someone he remembered and to Get back his rightful place in life when things calmed down.

Angelus was rather small for a dragon, and leaned more toward her mother's temperament than her father's. However as a Chaos dragon she was a mix of both kinds, and this was a thing almost unknown before. Her mother loved her dearly and kept her safe and sheltered from any that would wish to harm her. This caused the little dragon to be innocent and timid, she knew of the world from her mother's words but she had never known any of the terror herself.

One day the mother and daughter went out together to soar freely among the clouds and play, despite the mother's slowly worsening health. When the mother wearied they landed in a feild to rest, and thought themselves safe. It was then that a band of elves attacked. Shaquia fought with all she had, despite her weakness. She gave everything to protect her beloved daughter, but she died in the battle. Angelus was captured and enslaved, and that was the beginning of her story...

Will you help Angelus get free and get revenge or be her Captures? Or even be her new found family?

Main theme:

I finally got the picture for what Angelus looks like. I got the pic from the game Drakengard. Oh and the name too.


*UPDATE* This will be going to get published when it's finished. I will give credit to you all. Plz tell me what you think about this. In microsoft word it is 37 pages long without chara entries. With chara entries it is 50 pages in Microsoft Word!

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2011-05-10 [Elwyne]: ouch! I'm sorry, I hope it gets better super quickly.

2011-05-11 [Lady Arrianya]: Its getting there slowly

2012-07-31 [Rising Death Dragon]: i'm sorry everyone...... i'm rarely on computer broke....

2013-07-25 [Rising Death Dragon]: So... I have been working on getting a chara profile sheet to list all the charas and the gods into a microsoft word document... its a bit hard getting all of it together seeing as I haven't been able to get on.... I've been deeling with getting my heart ripped out shoved down my throat then ripped out again... so... I don't think I'm going to date for awhile...

2013-08-11 [yamisango]: thats awful im sorry

2013-09-03 [Rising Death Dragon]: yeah... i tried with all my heart to love her... but it was useless

2013-09-06 [yamisango]: maybe someday u will find the right 1 for u

2013-09-06 [Rising Death Dragon]: yeah.. i hope so

2013-09-06 [yamisango]: im sure u will just wait time will tell

2014-02-11 [Rising Death Dragon]: Welp... I found another gf o.o

2014-02-24 [yamisango]: Thats cool

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