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A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas review

Ah, yes. Harold and Kumar return for another hilarious misadventure. This time, the guys haven't seen each other for a couple of years. Harold works on Wall Street and is quite successful. He's married Maria and is expecting her entire family to show up for Christmas. Kumar got kicked out of medical school for failing a drug test and is now a pretty traditional stoner. He lives with Amir from the Jake and Amir vids on They don't call him Amir, though, and I can't remember the character's name.

One day, Kumar finds a package outside of his apartment door addressed to Harold, who hasn't lived there for two years. So, Kumar and Amir go off to deliver the package to Harold. Meanwhile, Harold's father-in-law (played by Danny Trejo! XD ) shows up with the whole family - and a Christmas tree that he grew himself (it's a family tradition, ever since his mother promised him that one day they'd have a real Christmas tree, but then she's tragically killed by a gang of Koreans).

So, Kumar delivers the package, which Harold opens. Turns out, it's a huge joint. Kumar quickly lights it, but Harold tosses it out the window. But the wind blows it back inside, landing on the tree and setting it on fire.

So, now the guys have to get another tree. Maria and her family have gone out for a day on the town, to be followed by midnight mass. Harold needs a new tree in the house and decorated by 2am.

What follows is pretty typical Harold and Kumar zaniness. The guys end up being drugged and having a claymation-themed trip through the city, meet up with Neil Patrick Harris, and chased by Ukrainian mafia. Also, there's a WaffleBot. It makes waffles and hates pancakes and I want one! I love pancakes, but I'd give them up for life if I could have a WaffleBot.

Ah, but this movie was in 3D. I normally hate 3D with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns. But I went for the 3D anyway, because I suspected, this being a Harold and Kumar movie, that the 3D would be completely gratuitous and ridiculously funny. It was!

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas is now my favorite Christmas movie of all time, knocking the classic Gremlins to second.

/ [Viking]

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2011-11-06 [Avaz]: Oh, buckle. I need to see this!

2011-11-06 [Viking]: You do. And I even left out the perpetually drugged toddler, NPH stealing Jesus' women, the nun's shower room, and the way the smoke drifts to you throughout the first half of the movie.

And I need a WaffleBot.

2011-11-06 [Avaz]: Holy crap. o_o To follow in the way of the interwebs meme, DO WANT!

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