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2005-02-23 21:51:15
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Hello I'm Barbara Bardsley...This is a poem I did in school when i was bored...I know the end is kinda lame but I've never been as good with endings oh well *shrugs* ^_^ enjoy!

A Monster

A monster is
Outside my window
You close the drapes
Telling me it’s just the wind

A monster is
Inside my closet
You close the door
Telling me to shut my eyes

A monster is
Under my bed
You tuck me in
Telling me to go to sleep

A monster is
Growling at me
You tell me it is
Only my imagination

The monster’s eyes
Are glowing red
You say there
Are no monsters

And you leave me here
With the monster
The next morning
You come in my room

You search the house
When I am not in bed
You find no trace
Of me anywhere

The monster came and left
With his feast
Now he’s moving on
To his next victim

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