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2009-09-01 21:30:46
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A History Behind The Creative Insanity

Once upon a time ……

I had just started working on 10 Days of Photography when I first met Jane. I was browsing through online members trying to invite only the ones interested in photography.
I sent out the invite to Jane, and lo! She was very excited! To tell the truth, I thought she was Russian at first, her image and profile not giving me any real reason to believe otherwise.
I didn’t take too much notice at first other than as a contest runner would treat a contestant: with general politeness and helpfulness. 

But then I discovered how great this girl really was! I’m not sure how we started talking after her initial participation in 10 Days, I think I had invited her to attend another round as the first one she was unable to really participate in. But I am very glad to have found such a star of light in all this darkness! We instantly clicked, even from the initial invite, and as time went on we started talking ALL THE TIME!!! 

Eventually I asked Jane if she would like to work with me on 10 Days, then that turned into her working on Keyword Photography Competition. So far we had collaborated together, but not on something that was truly our own as of yet.


The birth of Where The Apple Fell was our first project together, and it couldn’t of been more successful! Since that short time ago, which has truly only been a few months that we have known each other (I think we officially met in April) we have become the closest friends, and we work wonderfully together!

Jane is amazing with graphics and placement/alignment. She can make a simple page look spectacular with minimal but perfectly placed accents/graphics. Myself, I’m better with wording, verbiage, spreading the word to all users about what’s new. Together we are a fantastic team. We have been able to accomplish so much in such a short period of time, I’m amazed our brains haven’t been fried yet! 

Now our friendship has rapidly spread to outside of ET. We talk on the phone and text all the time. We joke and make each other silly videos. I must say that I think I have found my un-biological twin. Truly! With the latest launch of our creative insanity, Of Saints & Sinners, we are attempting to challenge the individual ET member to channel their inner muses, bring them out and create with us! It’s all about creativity. What little can we do in this messed up world to make it better? Not much, that’s for sure. For we are only ourselves, not everyone is destined for greatness. But we can bring joy to others with our art.

One may not know the specific timeline of all the French Dynasties to rule France, but one could definitely name off a few, if not all, the great French painters and artists. 

So why not us? Why not you? Jane & I are here to let all of our fellow artists know that it’s time to stand up and create something new, something that in time could be revolutionary to bring a new found joy to this world. For what is a world that has no art? What is art without inspiration? What is inspiration without a little push? And where’s the push if you have no one to push you? That’s where we enter. We push you, bring you the possible inspiration, the inspiration to create art and give our generation a path to some sort of happiness.

~Written by [Cillamoon], on behalf of myself and [dancingsheep]

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