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we bring you...


A Christmas Story Contest!

brought to you by your ET neighbor, [Mordigen]

This one is basic, and easy, and fun! This is a contest all about the classic holiday movie 'A Christmas Story'. We all know it, and we all love it - wether we want to admit to it or not ;P. And wether you love it, or you hate it - this is a fun holiday contest for everyone! Art, Poetry and Photography welcome!

The Rules
1 - First and foremost, no stolen work.
2 - You Must follow the Subject matter.
3 - If submitting a photomanipulation, you must properly credit *all* stock images, or other stock resources used in the image
4 - If you directly use any type of refference or copy a pose/idea you must credit all models, resources, references or other stock resources.
5 - Please, put you best foot Forward! Put some time and thought into this, don't just slap something together. Items that are rushed, unkempt or on lined paper, or just jumbled together with other random scribbles or doodles does not show time or thought, and will be removed. This does not mean you are disqualified - you are more than welcome to re-enter the *finished* product of that image, but an unfinished image will not qualify for the final vote.
6 - Absolutely no drama crap. If there is any fighting, those people will be asked to leave the wiki. If those involved are entries in the contest, you will be given the one warning - if it continues, you will be disqualified.
If at any point in time, I hear anyone start to complain or start gossip/rumours over the contest being rigged in any way shape or form - you are immediately disqualified - no warning. This is suppose to be FUN!!! And that crap does not make it fun, so it will *not* be tolerated -at all.

The Theme
The Theme of this wiki, contest and the subject matter of your pieces is, duuhh, 'A Christmas Story'! I don't care how you muse it - it can be serious, it can be funny, it can be perverted, it can be a flaming ode of passion and love to the movie, it can be a declaration of war and anger and shame against it -- i don't care, just so long as you are creative, original, keep it based on the subject, and have fun with it!
You can submit Artwork - Poetry - Photography or Photomanipulations. All are welcomed, just be sure to submit them in the proper section.

Deadline & Judging
The Deadline will be New Years Day, and for those of us that might be a bit off - that is January 1st 2009.

Once the Deadline hits, judging will start immediately. A public poll will be held for a favorite, or popular entry, but that does not mean that the one who wins the poll wins the whole contest. Popular Vote will be given a consolation badge. The Popular vote will also be counte towards the total, official vote. Otherwise, the judging will be done by a closed, private an annonymous group of judges that I will choose at my descretion based on their ability to be impartial to this contest. Each entry will be judged based on their originality, creativity, time/effort, skill and technique.

Unfortunately, I am a broke bitch, so I cannot offer any monetary or material prizes - BUT, you are more than welcome to get a request piece done by me, [Mordigen], if you so choose, annnd, there will be Prize medals/badges what have you to place in your House Presentation, or in your diary, or on wikis, or to brag about in messages etc etc etc. :P

There will be a First - Second - Third place medal awarded for each section, as well as an ET Favorite! consolation medal for the Popular vote for each section.


(these images will be updated shortly!)

NOW! On With the Contest!!

To Enter, please folloe the format below:

1. [et Member Name]
  title, if titled
  Entry Image or Poem

A Christmas Story - Art

A Christmas Story - Poetry

A Christmas Story - Photos

Username (or number or email):


2008-12-11 [Viking]: *watches*

2008-12-11 [Lord Dog]: My friend and I usually perform MSt3k-ness for most movies we see... Especially stuff like a Knight's Tale Princess Bride and any comic book movie...THough Sin City was a good one to go the RHPS route.

I like the George C Scott version of a Christmas Carol, or the musical version that came out around the same time. The Kelsey Grahmer version from a few years back was a good one as well. So was Scrooged with Bill Murray. White Christmas is a great one, Jeccabee. One of my Favorite all times

2008-12-11 [Calico Tiger]: I liked Knight's Tale and adore Princess Bride. I couldn't imagine giving them the MST3K treatment :O Well... except for the Princess's hair in Knight's Tale. Gawd, who the hell thought that looked good on her? They shoulda been fired x) I really don't find the old black and white christmas movies all that entertaining. They were good once. Maybe even twice. But they just don't have the replay value, imho :-/ This one is one of the few I have to watch at least once every year :) But.... everyone has their likes and dislikes :D

Of course, the point of this contest isn't to discuss which movies suck and which don't x) It's to illustrate a scene from this one! Get crackin, foo's! *looks around guiltily for adding to the random spam that isn't at least talking about the movie*

2008-12-12 [Lord Dog]: Calico, c'mere try sticking your tongue to this metal pole!(hides the dry ice)

2008-12-12 [Calico Tiger]: You first! I dare ya!

2008-12-12 [Viking]: *waits for the triple-dog-dare*

2008-12-12 [Jeccabee]: I TRIPLE-DOG-DARE ya! (that's to both of you)

2008-12-12 [Kyrinn]: I heckled the old "captain America" movie with friends in college. We were in stitches the entire time, the heckling was awesome!

he avoided the double dog dare and went right for the throat!

2008-12-12 [Mordigen]: I feel the same way as you Cali - they are nice classics, but they don't do the trick for my holiday spirit, and again, me too, I *have* to watch this one at least once a year or it's just not the holidays XD

Though some other of the b&w movies I adore, the holiday ones just seem a bit too mushy peace on earth for me, and imho, that shit just comes across as waaayy to forced and unnatural which = not a replayable movie for me :P

2008-12-12 [Viking]: I must admit that I hate most Christmas movies. I really only like A Christmas Story, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Gremlins. There are some decent shorts, too, I suppose...

2008-12-12 [Jeccabee]: That leg lamp badge is awesome! ROTFLOL!

2008-12-12 [Calico Tiger]: Awesome badge, Mordi!

2008-12-16 [Mordigen]: lol, thans :D I'm still workin on the 2nd, 3rd and ET Fave ones to post soon

2008-12-16 [Jeccabee]: you should use the bunny suit as one of the badges! LOL

2008-12-17 [Paul Doyle]: That father sure had a leg fetish. He was just a bit repressed :P

2008-12-17 [Daisy le Fleur]: omg I wish I had time for this. I freakin LOVE the leglamp graphic ><!!!

2008-12-17 [Mordigen]: LOL I was gonna do the bunny suit as one of them ! XD

I was thinking of the bunny suit as #2, A 'Soap Poisoning Causes Blindness" in a sergen-generals warning type graphic for #3  and something to do with either the "oh fudge" or "you'll shoot your eye out" for the ET Fave.

2008-12-17 [Mordigen]: Ya know, of course, I'd loooovveee to get some entries this year XD but don't worry about it too much if you can't make it -- I'll open this again next year, with a lot more time to do it. ;)
It was just sort of a last-minute idea that popped into my head this year, so that didn't leave a lot of time for deadline.

2008-12-18 [Jeccabee]: next year might be better since there are already 2+ x-mas contests in effect.
but this is a great idea!

2008-12-18 [Mordigen]: well I'm sure there'll be just as many contests next year too, but at least then I can get it re-opened early and give people plenty of time to enter in mine, and the others that they want to participate in too. :P

2009-01-18 [Viking]: There must have been a triple-dog-dare here:

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