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7th Child Of 7th Child


The 7th Son of a 7th Son.</i>
~  OR  ~
<i>The 7th Daughter of a 7th Daughter.

I set up this wiki page to gather and post all the information I can find out about this:
                                   The 7th Child of the 7th Child phenomenon.
    If anyone has information to contribute, write a comment or message me, please.
        I appreciate everyone's help in my search for information about this topic.


The Number 7...

<img:> ~ I was born the 7th child, a daughter of whom, also, was the 7th child, a daughter.
<img:> ~ In numerology, my life's path number is the number 7.
<img:> ~ I am the 7th sign in the Chinese Zodiac.
<img:> ~ I am also a Pisces. The number 7 is associated with the planet Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces.
The number 7 has certainly been bestowed on me.


<img:> ~ The 7th daughter, of a 7th daughter, is said to be able to do great magic. They are in tune with nature, animals, and all living things.

I have a unique connection with animals and nature, most definitely!

<img:> ~ A child of the 7th house, is kind and humble, but know when they are being fooled. They are the light, but have the power to work with the darkness. Their anger can be deadly, should they decide to work the magics.

I have 7's everywhere I turn, as listed above:
  <img7*0:> - 7 is my house. I am a child of the 7th house.
  <img7*0:> - I try to be kind and humble, but I most certainly know when I am being fooled.
  <img7*0:> - I am of the light, but I have the power to work the darkness. Therefore, my anger can be deadly, should I decide to work the magics. It's a good thing that I haven't...yet, and don't plan to, for I am a child of God, first and foremost.


<img:> ~ The seventh son of the seventh son or the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter is said to possess supernatural powers.

<img:> ~ The number 7: There were seven planets in ancient astronomy, the world was created in seven days, each of the four phases of the moon lasts for seven days, seven notes on the musical scale, seven colours in the rainbow, seven is the number of wisdom, truth and harmony.

<img:> ~ 7's have unique abilities; Animals understand these 7's and are attracted to them more than others around them.

<img:> ~ This is a child that is granted special powers and abilities. These powers can be used without the aid of witch craft.

<img:> ~ The 7th child of a 7th child is a returning spirit allowed to return to help someone of significance in this lifetime.

<img:> ~ The reason why the Seventh Child as opposed to the first or the fifth for example-should have 'Special Powers' has it's roots in ancient beliefs. The number Seven has many mystical and religious associations. Apart from the Bible telling of God creating the world in Seven Days, the number features throughout the old and new testaments.


<img:> ~ "The number 7 is the number of completion. Time and space. Duration, distance. Old age, dissipation, death, or endurance, stability, immortality. The seven seals, principles in man, notes and colors. The triad and quaternary; the cycle of evolution; wisdom, perfection, equipoise, balance, rest. Such people have a very high convincing power. It represents spirituality, sensitivity, sympathy and mystery.

<img:> ~ The number 7 is the number of illusions and delusion, sometimes deception - but also of healing and miracles, faith and dreams come true. It is the symbol of Neptune.

<img:> ~ The colors that harmonize with the number 7 vibration are: sea green, light yellow, aqua, pink and white. 7 people should avoid wearing black or dark colors."


<img:> ~ A highly symbolic number in the Hebrew Bible, being, for example, the day on which God rested in Genesis.

<img:> ~ The number of nations God told the Hebrews they would displace when they came to Israel. (Deut. 7:1) "When the LORD thy God shall bring thee into the land whither thou goest to possess it, and shall cast out many nations before thee, the Hittite, and the Girgash**e, and the Amorite, and the Canaanite, and the Perizzite, and the Hivite, and the Jebusite, seven nations greater and mightier than thou."

<img:> ~ The number of ayat in surat al-Fatiha.

<img:> ~ The number of heavens in Islamic tradition.

<img:> ~ The number of Earths in Islamic tradition.

<img:> ~ The numbers seven, seventy, seventy thousand, etc. are also used in Islamic traditions to denote an infinite or high number. In Arabic seventy, seventy thousand, etc. is used to mean infinite. This is because 1 is the smallest, 2 is just after 1, 5 and 10 are exact, 4 and 6 are just before and after 5, 9 is just before 10. This leaves 3, 7, and 8. 8 is closer to the end although it is larger. 8 is also an even number so divisible by 2. Between 3 and 7, 3 is smaller so 7 is chosen to represent infinite.

<img:> ~ The number of the Deadly Sins: lust, avarice, envy, pride, sloth, gluttony and wrath.

<img:> ~ The seven terraces of Mount Purgatory (one per deadly sin).

<img:> ~ The number of sacraments in the Roman Catholic faith.

<img:> ~ The number of palms in an Egyptian Sacred Cubit.

<img:> ~ The number of heads of the beast of the book of Revelation, and of some other monsters, like the hydra.

<img:> ~ The minor symbol number of yang from the Taoist yin-yang.

<img:> ~ The number of times Cain will be avenged upon for the murder of his brother Abel.

<img:> ~ The number of ranks in Mithraism.

<img:> ~ The number of gateways traversed by Inanna during her descent into the underworld.</b>



Early in the present century, there was a man in Hampshire, the seventh son of a seventh son, who was consulted by the villagers as a doctor, and who carried about with him a collection of crutches and sticks, purporting to have once belonged to persons whom he had cured of lame-ness. Cases are not wanting, also, in which the seventh daughter is placed upon a similar pinnacle of greatness. In Scotland, the spae wife, or fortune-teller, frequently announces herself as the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, to enhance her claims to prophetic power. Even so late as 1851, an inscription was seen on a window in Plymouth, denoting that a certain doctress was 'the third seventh daughter,'—which the world was probably intended to interpret as the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter.

Sometimes this belief is mixed up with curious family legends. The Winchester Observer, a few years ago, gave an account of the 'Tichborne Dole,' associated with one of the very oldest Hampshire families. The legend tells that, at some remote period, a Lady Mabella, on her death-bed, besought her lord, the Tichborne of those days, to supply her with the means for bequeathing a gift or dole of bread to any one who should apply for it annually on the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin. Sir Roger promised her the proceeds of as much land as she could go over while a brand or billet of a certain size was burning: she was nearly bedridden, and nearly dying; and her avaricious lord believed that he had imposed conditions which would place within very narrow limits the area of land to be alienated. But he was mistaken. A miraculous degree of strength was given to her. She was carried by her attendants into a field, where she crawled round many goodly acres. A field of twenty-three acres, at Tichborne, to this day, bears the name of the Crawl. The lady, just before her death, solemnly warned her family against any departure from the terms of the dole; she predicted that the family name would become extinct, and the fortunes impoverished, if the dole were ever withdrawn. The Tichborne dole, thus established, was regarded as the occasion of an annual festival during many generations.

It was usual to bake fourteen hundred loaves for the dole, of twenty-six ounces each, and to give two pence to any applicant in excess of the number that could be then served. This custom was continued till about the middle of the last century; when, under pretense of attending Tichborne Dole, vagabonds, gypsies, and idlers of every description, assembled from all quarters, pilfering throughout the neighbourhood; and at last, in 1796, on account of the complaints of the magistrates and gentry, it was discontinued. This gave great offense to many who had been accustomed to receive the dole. And now arose a revival of old traditions. The good Lady Mabella, as the legend told, had predicted that, if the dole should be withheld, the mansion would crumble to ruins; that the family name would become extinct through the failure of male heirs; and that this failure would be occasioned by a generation of seven sons being followed by a generation of seven daughters. Singularly enough, the old house partially fell down in 1803; the baronet of that day had seven sons; the eldest of these had seven daughters; and the owner of the family estates became a Doughty instead of a Tichborne If this story be correctly told, it is certainly a very tempting one for those who have a leaning towards the number seven.


<b>  More Information Links:  </b></i>
<img7*0:> - (link here)
<img7*0:> - (link here)
<img7*0:> - (link here)

<i>If anyone knows of any links to be helpful for understanding this phenomenon further, </i>
<i>please post them in the comment section below. Thank you!


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2010-04-09 [Artsieladie]: @Not logged in user@: I don't know, because it's the 7th child of a 7th child both of the same gender that is this phenomenon. I relate to the "when someone does an injustice to you" part, however, because when an injustice is being levied on me, I usually warn the party, because I know, that if they don't stop, they will suffer consequences for doing the injustice to me later and when they least expect it and usually just when they think they are free and clear of any negative repercussions. If it's someone I deeply care about, I will try endlessly to warn them so as to spare them, because as long as I'm still warning, the ax won't fall, and the ax won't fall if whomever makes amends. It's when I give up altogether and have had no restitution that the wheel's put into motion. Then there is no brake pedal to stop whatever is heading their way.

2010-04-09 [Artsieladie]: purkle: I second that statement.. "Life is never dull." It was recently explained to me that we 7th's of 7th's have a rare energy within us that others try to tap in to and feed from.

brandi: 7th's of 7th's are also gifted with healing abilities.

2010-05-23 Matthew: My father was a seventh child, and I am his seventh child. My twin brother and I were the last to our parents, my twin first then myself making me the last of seven children. My parents did not know that my mother was carrying twins. As far as they knew they would only have six children, and no more. But fate wanted them to have seven. 
My hands have a slight healing touch. I am aging more slowly than others (I am 38 but I look like I am in my mid twenties). I sometimes have images of minor events before they occur. I have also learned how to "tune into" the life energy of other and absorb it into myself (The effort is both fatiguing, and exhilarating.) 

And finally I know I was only put on this Earth only to help and support my wife throughout her life. She is a brilliant artist who without me would succumb to her severe depression. I want nothing for myself and apart from her success I intend to leave nothing behind when I am gone.

2010-06-12 sean: Mathew, what you describe at the end of your post is a selfless act of love. I don't believe you were "put" here for this sole pupose. You have chosen to love. You have chosen well

2010-06-17 [Artsieladie]: Matthew: Very interesting and proof that what is in the cards IS IN THE CARDS and therefore will BE regardless.

I can understand. When you love someone, TRULY love someone, their happiness is paramount for your own. I, too, am an artist, more specifically, a person with a passion to be creative, whether through art, writing, music, crafts, ideas, etc.. Creativity and the passion that enables it, is the core of my being. It always has been; always will be.

True and naturally born artists, can and often suffer from depression, because we tend to take everything to heart, where we process this, create from it, but in this process we must actually FEEL that which we take in and often literally absorb it, which manifests into ourselves actually feeling the depths of another's pain and anguish, for instance. So we not only have our own unpleasantries to deal with, we also then place ourselves into dealing with and suffering in a sense the unpleasantries of others. Because of this, we are often viewed as eccentric people and we really are a different sort of breed of people, but usually not so much as we are often seen in a less than positive way, shall I say? Yes, we can be difficult to understand, because people that aren't true artists can't begin to know just where we are coming from, because regardless of what non-artists or even artists that have 'acquired' ability say or think, they are not privy to the depth of understanding without being able to experience the very same themselves.

We true artists are often viewed as introverts as well, because at some point we must retreat into ourselves to both gather and build up energy and strength to continue onward. Feeling the burdens and woes of others besides your own, drains one's energy and it therefore needs restoration from time to time.

On to the 7th child gifts...

I have an uncanny ability to feel the presence and energy of another even though they may be thousands of miles away and I've even so much have been able to pick up their scent during this process, especially if its someone I care a lot about.

I have a very strong feeling that I am here at present to stand by someone, even if they think they do not need me to.

My mother had the gift of foresight and knew when or how things were going to happen. She could read a person in an instant and know what type of person they were, what they were about and if they were sincere in nature or fakes.

I lost my mother almost 3 and a half years ago and about two weeks after I had a dream. In this dream was my mother and I, but there was a third person, a man, a person my Mom felt ok about. Near the end of the dream just before I awoke, this man stepped up behind me and placed his arms around me. I can still remember and feel this embrace and it was one that gave me an incredible sense of warmth and security like I've never felt before ..or since. It was not until after I woke up however, did I realise whom the man was. ..And it was a person that I would never in a million years expect to be in a dream of mine at that time, much less in a dream with my mother.

I know now that the dream was about my mother leaving and another person about to enter my life in a much bigger way, which he did, but just not in the way that one might expect considering he was in a dream with my Mom and SHE was ok with him.

But instead of seeming good for me, he seems to be quite the opposite, more like lethal to me, but I have found myself unable to turn completely away from him nor can I dislike him in spite of everything I have had to endure because of him. It's almost as though I must hold on, hold out for the whole truth, or the whole story that hasn't been told yet, and I have this feeling also that when this latter happens, then I'll know everything I will need to know to understand, number one: Why this particular person in the first place? ..and number two: Why I must hold out for him. I know there is something to come in his future that he will need someone absolutely to rely on for some reason, but of course, I do not know what the something is. But I can see certain aspects taking shape and either have come to fruition and/or are coming to fruition. ..And I've attempted to tell him, warn him, but his eyes are blind and his ears are deaf and perhaps for no other reason than to prove me to be wrong, which in some aspects I hope I am.

But I also know that there are other extenuating factors woven in to this equation involving jealousy in particular. The more this is denied, the more evident it has become on a few fronts.

Jealousy is an all too familiar characteristic to me I'm afraid. I've had plenty of experience in my life with it and its repercussions. Therefore, it's quite impossible for me not to recognise it when I see evidence of it and the more its denied by those harbouring this? The more evident it becomes. ..And people whom are jealous seldom recognise it to be present in themselves and/or seldom will acknowledge the factor if this is the case. The denial.

If you are a good person with standards and/or principles, this is an automatic target for those of a jealous nature, because people such as this do not like it when your goodness outshines their inadequacies and so these feel that their only recourse is to bring you down, make you look bad, project onto you what they don't like within themselves, and so they can then feel better about themselves ...or so they believe.

People such as we, the gifted, have a mighty tough row to hoe. It is one of frustration, confusion, rejection, immeasurable emotional hurt, anguish, and turmoil. We are often ostracized just for being.

My whole life thus far has been one of a mission to help in some way a person or an animal or both; people, animals, or both. It's really a huge chunk of who I am along with my creative core. ..And so being gifted on two fronts such as they are, I am kinda' double whammied with the coping of their down sides as well.

My life's path has been a very difficult one with one obstacle after another to have to deal with; some even horrendous for I have been through a rape, two attempted rapes, sexually molested as a child, both physically and emotionally abused (with one physical abuse requiring the hospital), badly betrayed by family members (a sibling sleeping with a significant other for one e.g.), been stalked twice, ..just to name a few. I can't say that I haven't asked why, because I have, but I do know that because of the many traumatic experiences, it has given me a very precious gift and this is the gift of being able to place myself in the shoes of another and to therefore, fully understand the traumatic experience of another. Without experiencing horrific happenings in my own life, I wouldn't be able to have the level of understanding and compassion that I do.

Because I can totally understand the tragedies of another, I am blessed with the ability to help others get through theirs. If I had not gone through what I have, I would not be able to be as understanding. People that have been through certain traumas are in need of knowing they can share what they are feeling as a result of that they've been through and only with those that have experienced the same, can victims expect or hope for the level of understanding required to help them through the consequences of their trauma.

It has given me the ability to realise that life and the choices we make throughout, aren't always so cut and dried, or should I say absolutely white or absolutely black. We all make mistakes, make errors in judgment including myself, but thank God for hindsight and especially thank God for second, third, or more chances we can utilise if we have a desire within our hearts to try and make things right. Mistakes are great teaching tools, for we usually are given the opportunity to learn from our mistakes.

Because of this level of awareness, it opens one's heart up for the ability to forgive with understanding. I know I do not have to agree with another to understand or forgive, because agreement is not required.

However, I have learned that TRUTH is needed for truth uncovers lies and lies are associated with wrongdoings or mistakes. Without the revelation of the truth, the aforementioned cannot be rectified or even hope to be corrected. But I have also found out first hand just how unpopular you can or will become when you are a seeker of it. Not only unpopular, though, but people will go to despicable lengths to protect their lies, their mistakes, including projecting their own wrongdoing onto you.

2010-07-14 Rich: I am a 7th son and my father was a 7th son. I am pulled between between two places, I see both sides  

2010-09-25 Lisa G.: I am the seventh child (a daughter) born to a seventh child (my mother) and my father was also a seventh sibling.

2010-10-29 SEVEN: I recently had a baby on 7/7/10 & is my 7th child & is a female child............I am just the 2nd daughter born on both my mom side & father side

2010-11-25 cc: daddy's face never seen

2010-12-23 Amber: Although I am not a 7th daughter of a 7th daughter,for sometime it went down our family.This is the first genoration that has NOT had 7 kids.But we still carry the "SuperNatural" Trait.I can connect with animals on a very high level along with young people.I have "Sight" or "7th" sense as people put it I see things before they happened or things that happened many years ago.Im 14 my mom says its me playing dumb but my dads side says its normal and Wait til your 16 and tell me your diffrent. Its hard but Im holding on.Every year is something new to me.

2010-12-23 Amber: :^
Anyone the same?

2010-12-26 Fliss: I know what you mean love... I feel things before they happen.. I have that kind of sense.... Don't feel alone or owt... Im 17, my gran was the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter, ive only just started to uncover myself as such, And Sooner or later you'll find people around you who have the similar experiences and talents... It's wonderful just wait and see :)

2011-01-01 lurdean gay: i am born seventh mounth 1977. im told the three sevens have relevence to luck and some kind of abilities.

2011-01-04 jo: hi my wife is the seventh daughter.what this means is that she was born the sevent with no boys born in between.she has nine sisters older than her two older brothers born at the top.she can cure chest infections. ezimia ringrorm burns trish she doesint charge anyone for what she was born with i here you say seventh daughter of the seventh my wifes father and mother is not the sevent son or sevent daughter and still she has the gift of the cure can anyone reply to that.she gets alot of people come to see her for her help they have to see her three times.some times if they cant make it they might live far away she gives them the cure on a white piece of cloth.she says a prayer with them when shes doing the cure. 

2011-02-27 beverly: heres a ringer my husband is the seventh son of the seventh son he was also born on Dec 7, 1959... he does have a natural connection with nature and "other worldly" things. He has the power to calm fears of others and instil a feeling of safty. He does not believe in ghost but in spirits and angels and demons. And these he helps or asks help from to cast out demons... I witnessed it lastnight after 20 yrs of marriage for the first time

2011-03-10 David: 2022-03-10 Hello, I am writing to you as a 7th son of a 7th son of a 7th son, it's nice to be different, I was born in 1959, in a wild country called Wales, my ancestors lived on the same mountain when the Romans invaded. My ancestors lived throughout their lives in the same area, and I have always felt a belonging to the place. When I was born, I knew I had been here before, I could understand birds speak and I was at one with nature. If I was to cut a piece of a tree or a bush or a plant, and I was to plant it in the ground it would grow.

I have seen and heard wonderous things, I have seen and spoken with an Angel, I have seen people people suffering with illness, and smile when I apporach them. When I was a young man, the local preacher asked me round for tea, he sat me down and we talked, he asked me questions that no man could answer, but I could answer him. I have one gift, the gift of life, I am not as old as people of my own age, some of them have white hair and look old, my wife says I don't look old, she notices that I don't age as quickly. My gift has given me wisdom, and the need to help others, I can foresee some things, people who cross me or lie, ususally suffer dire consequences, cancer, usually. They shouldn't lie about me or say untruths. I have very strong morals, I smoke, but I don't drink, tobacco is natural, alcohol is poison to the likes of us. My sister, who has suffered greatly in her life needs help, she didn't ask me, she didn't know how to, so I offered to help her. The root of her problem is financial insecurity, children who lack judgement, a poor husband who is reluctant to appreciate her. I didn't tell her anything, I offered her help. Write these numbers down I asked her, and put them on a piece of paper then put them away. She did as I instructed. The next day I asked her to take the numbers and write them on a lottery ticket, play the numbers for 1 month I told, that's all. I wrote the same numbers and buried them. I cannot play the lottery, my gift is giving to others, she now waits, I will let you know how she got on if you like, see you in 28 days.

2011-03-11 [Artsieladie]: I appreciate everyone's sharing here on my wiki-page. I enjoy reading everyone's input. I would also like it very much, if commenters would return at least from time to time and continue to share.

There's still so much I want to learn about this phenomenon.

I can relate to the need to help others, whether people or animals. I'm not as active with pet rescue as I used to be, but I have helped hundreds, taking them in and finding new, GOOD homes for them. I've never had much money, but enough to survive on and to be able to help others. I'm not a materialistic person and I don't desire anything fancy for myself. I've learned how to make do with very little, but I do not feel I've really missed out on anything really, for I've been blessed in my life with the important things that money cannot buy.

I have a special way with animals that has amazed people. I've even been asked to explain why I can relate with them so well, but I can't explain really.

People that double cross me as well, eventually will meet up with the day when they wished they hadn't without any initiation on my part.

I seek truth even if it will make me unpopular and I too, am a person with strong convictions and principles, which I will adhere to, regardless should there be opposition. I have many friends and get along easily with others, because I pretty much accept others as they are, for agreement is not paramount to be accepting or understanding. The only people whom I run into difficulty with, are people, as it always turns out, have something to hide and/or people whom are insecure on some level about themselves and seem to resent me for it, in spite of the fact that I have no control over such.

I don't do anything half way. It's usually either I give something my all or not at all.

Currently, I'm trying to figure out which stand I should take in regards to someone. He has royally done me wrong, still is doing activity he shouldn't be, but I keep having this nagging feeling that there's more I have yet to find out, more truth that will enable me to understand something about the situation better, before I should draw a final conclusion. It's far too complicated to go into here and now however. I'll just say.. he's holding the key to his own redemption, but he doesn't even know it.

I would like to hear how the lottery results turn out. I like to know about when people that are struggling get relief. :)

2011-07-14 flashbelieves: I am 7th son of 7thson. I just found out about my daddy being 7th. From another 7th about 04. On the family picture of my dad he was the 5th son, but his mother must have had 2 boys either born dead or miscaridged.she had 13 children all together. My mother married him in 1917. She told me that he cured strepp throat in many children. But she didnt know how he did it. The man that toldme. also said if you tell people how you do it it will not work for you anymore.

2011-07-17 [Artsieladie]: Interesting. I don't think one gifted can really explain 'how' they are able to do what they are able to do. I can't, not really. It's just something that comes "built-in" kinda'. :P

2011-08-16 Precious: This article aciheved exactly what I wanted it to achieve.

2011-09-10 some one: i dont know if this means anything but i am from the besancon and the sovey family and my mother had a crazy aunt that told her she was the sevemth daughter of the seventh daughter and so on and so on and weird things are starting to happen to me no not like growing i mean like different things.i am really really young i am 11 and thats what scares me!

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