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The Witch's Foggy Mansion

welcome! this is my art, comment&suggest please!

from old to new works


1.Sho+Urara main characters of my one and only romantic comic. pencil
2. A young lady pirate, water colour, I made this when I was 16... ah I'm old
3.myself the 5th Witch!
4.just wanted to draw a dress...indian ink+watercolour
5.oh My mistress -indian ink+CorelDraw
6.2003 easter card. pencil and coloured with CorelDraw
8.oh! this is a fan art Aioria and Milo from Saint Seiya-indian ink+ photoshop
10.Usually I made some holidays card every xmas/easter/summer time to send them to my friends via email. this year i had a nun(!) in my mailfriends address book so the card was just cute and very innocent
9.So my friend Miky, was very upset when he saw it because he wanted my usual sexy girl for xmas. so i made this special release just for him.
11. My 2006 easter card.
Unfortunatly or Luckily I have this love for juicy sexy girls...
Oh, I forgot! I will probably put next card on my house here in elftown. So if you want it...
12.Andorine (madorin little sister) more info on my elfwood gallery pencil+photoshop
13-14.Elariell and Shyl for Kyrinn's RP Character Art Contest
15.Submission forColor Jaysen Contest
16.submission for the art of Vampire:the Masquerade
17.Submission for Chain Mail Bikini Contest for newbies
18.a present for [LadyMoon] a fanart i made of her charaters Cyrce and Angelo, in my style.
19.[LadyMoon]'s portrait for Council Portrait Gallery Donations
20.Submission for kura's color contest. blue
21.Submission for kura's color contest. red - I won!
22. halloween card for Halloween Art Competition
23.Submission for kura's color contest. green
24. Aenima
25.Submission for kura's color contest. black
26.Submission for scc ii: sorrow. "painful dawn"
27.Easter card 2007
28.Hanna for Kyrinn's RP Character Art Contest

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2006-02-13 [5thwitch]: please leave a comment or advices

2006-02-16 [Yoruno]: Wow... beautiful xmas cards O.O

2006-02-16 [5thwitch]: OO<- it's usually what ppl look at!!!

2006-02-16 [Yoruno]: The witch and the lady in the dress are really beautiful also *nods*

2006-02-16 [5thwitch]: tnx!!

2006-05-25 [~*earth child*~]: nice!

2006-05-25 [5thwitch]: Thank you! you're very kind!

2006-09-21 [KnightAngel]: Wow! Very nice artwork ^^'

2006-09-21 [5thwitch]: :D

2006-11-07 [pianista]: beh te l'ho giĆ  detto un sacco di volte... sono troppo belli i tuoi disegni!!

2006-11-07 [5thwitch]: eh,eh, grasie.

2010-05-03 [Hendercrazy]: Some really energetic and colorful art [5thwitch]! :D Feel free to add your art wiki over at the Art Wikis of Elftown wiki! :)

2010-05-31 [5thwitch]: oh! thank you! I'll add some new art,It's long time since I haven't managed this gallery!

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