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Sauna and then a little middle party at my place.
SÄRSKRIVNING! That is the death sin in Swedish language. It should be "Studentbostäder" or at least "Student-bostäder".

No wonder the bucket is trying to kill itself.
Tore and Peter - Two completely normal persons.
Kenny and Stefan.
Tore has been in Morocco and now has to prove that he can build a pyramid. He did!
[MrE] Red Label - Because Yellow Label sucks!
Riiikka, Kenny, Anna, Stefan
Stefan, the German..., Wine-bags and Tore
Peter and Lilo.
That must be "Hallå Hissen" or something. Only fun if you're Swedish.
Disko dansen! Finish old people explaining how to dance disco. Incredibly funny:
And eventually people leave to continue the party elsewhere...

/ [Hedda]

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2010-01-09 [MrE]: you didn't come with us to Johannes'(?) place? My memory of the whole thing is kind of fuzzy.

2010-01-10 [Hedda]: No, I didn't. Smart me :)

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