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Judith coming to visit. Inside after BBQ at Lena's corridor. Yammy Apple-pie! Thanks, Lena!

Judith [@fb1078653484], Eric [@fb547068609], Jacob [@fb673768474] and Fadri [@fb581740159]
[Hedda] and Judith [@fb1078653484]
Vytautas [@fb1431813677], Teddison [@fb585433984], Pablo García [@fb625327757],
Maria [@fb754627950]
And Doncho [@fb1348410981] showing how great his brother's stuff is!
Photo shotout with Lena [@fb695841202]
Lena [@fb695841202]
Doncho studying the map.
Fadri [@fb581740159] looking at some cute Swedish winedrinkers... Pia [@fb591817564] to the right.

/ [Hedda]

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