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2005-11-26 12:52:29
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2004-09-04 [(eeob)]: lol, okay.

2004-09-04 [Elloquay]: lol I'm watching a bunch too. I just kinda prioritize them. ;)

2004-09-04 [Dil*]: meh i'll draw something morbid on halloween :P

2004-09-05 [cagedreptile]: kool

2004-09-06 [qwertyasdfgzxcvb]: How can I join? Just add my nick somewhere or ask someone about it?

2004-09-06 [cagedreptile]: just edit the page and type your username under Members

2004-09-13 [zei-tan]: Should I join... Well cloudy hear is more dead that I am...

2004-12-22 [cagedreptile]: cool pic!

2005-01-07 [(eeob)]: Nice try..

2005-01-30 [Elloquay]: Hey, has anyone seen Shawn of the Dead? Kick arse zombie film. Tis a real must see. ;)

2005-02-15 [qwertyasdfgzxcvb]: I see there's many photomanipulators here, go and join!

2005-05-19 [YORKIE.]: <img:>

2005-07-21 [Phoenix_phyre]: i don't know if i was supposed to ask before i joined but i put myself on the list so if i was y'all can take me off or somethink...

2005-07-21 [Phoenix_phyre]: and if u want to see morbid watch the movie May it was kickin'

2005-08-02 [cagedreptile]: vote for D in the Fellow Demon Art Contest Poll

2005-11-26 [(eeob)]: What does this mean? Oh nos!....bout time.

2005-11-27 [cagedreptile]: this means that 13th grave is has now ended. For now... i just need to find out what kind of wiki's do people want to see

2005-11-27 [(eeob)]: All this time and you still don't know? Sex, drugs, and rock&roll man..come on, get with it.

2005-11-28 [cagedreptile]: ha ha! if only, life was that simple. i'll get thrown out of ET for that

2005-11-28 [(eeob)]: Life? yeah, right. Well it doesn't have to be so blatent..the trick is to tease, taking a minimalistic approach.

2005-12-02 [cagedreptile]: you're right, but i'm playing it safe when

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