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This is both 12 and 13 people...

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2008-07-25 [All_Most PUNK]: I'm not ashamed to admit that I still... Wait, got it :P

2008-07-25 [Acronymous]: O_O

2008-07-25 [Mekashef]: Confusion!

2008-07-25 [stuffAEAmade]: That's pretty clever. x)

2008-07-25 [Jitter]: LOL! My brain hurts x)

2008-07-25 [Artsieladie]: Pretty clever! Pssst! If one opens this animation up in an animation program, you can see exactly what's done, if you can't see it here, but only do this as a last resort, of course! hehe

2008-07-25 [All_Most PUNK]: Manwe, there's nothing going on, just the animation. My guess is that Hedda wanted to try the new invite feature and thought this was a fun way to do so.

2008-07-25 [Teufelsweib]: awesome new featuuuure =D

2008-07-25 [Lothuriel]: Great, now my brain hurts.....XD

2008-07-25 [Hendercrazy]: O_O

2008-07-25 [zepher]: I bet it's a social experiment.
Whatever it is, I'm amused.

2008-07-26 [nehirwen]: *glares* now my brain's hurting tooo.. O.o
Just back from a night out,
I should have waited till I got some sleep to see this. x)

Nice feature though. :D <3

2008-07-26 [Paz]: Ohmigod! o___o
That's so cool! <3

2008-07-26 [Faery]: Nice :)

2008-07-26 [Cia_mar]: figured it out!!!!! cool and clever

2008-07-26 [Ocean Soul]: Squeal ...

2008-07-27 [xido]: The true test of philosophical wisdom is to know how 0 = 2....

(1) + (-1) = 0
[(1)] + [(-1)] = 2

Such is the theory of the origin which Aleister Crowley put forward as part of the metaphysical wisdom that comes with ascension in the Order of the Golden Dawn (Ordo Templi Orientalis).

I don't know if that is helpful, but since we're dealing with strange number equations, I figured I would put it forward.

2008-07-28 [Janouk]: Nice feature!

2008-07-28 [Teufelsweib]: whee ^^

2008-07-28 [someelf]: Brain damage just by staring at that picture for ten minutes x.x

2008-07-30 [Linn Scarlett]: Hm somehow this animation makes my headache worse... I wonder why... It's pretty neat though :p

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