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11th Auras

The most common thing you'll hear mentioned about this world is the aura system, and since it's so far down on the 11th clan's page I thought I'd give it its own page, especially as I may put images relating to them up here too.

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So what are these 'auras' about?

Basically it says what sort of person you are and what kind of magic you have as a result of this. The five main auras are Dark, Light, Gold, Silver and Neutral. Each has an Amulet and a secondary item, which can only be handled by people of that aura and hybrids of them. The Amulets choose their owners, and although they can be taken they normally manage to return, it is unclear if the secondary items act in the same way.

Abilities are areas of magic extremely difficult for anyone of another aura to grasp, though some have a natural talent for a type of magic or learnt it with practice. It isn't certain when a person's aura is defined, but it is generally agreed to be confirmed once they get to the teenage years.

'Elements' is the common name given to the elemental areas of magic the mage has control over and not referring to THE four/five elements, though there is a link between them. These are earth, air, fire, water and lightning. Mages can use these elements to power up or regain lost energy, as an example a Dark mage passed out due to exhaustion, then regained consciousness when struck by lightning.




This aura is infamous for being impulsive and stupidly lucky, pulling things off just in time. Dark mages are usually fast and use a few high powered spells at the right time, and if it's not the right time, they aren't there to be hit.

Secondary Item: Dark Gauntlets.

Abilities: Can slightly manipulate the space-time continuum. Can store countless items in pockets and backpacks.

Elements: Fire, Water, Lightning


Light mages generally think things through and plan carefully so that everything ties together neatly with little intervention. These mages usually opt for a more defensive tactic, stalling for time until they have another plan to put into action.

Secondary Item: Light Ring.

Abilities: Can control machines of almost all kinds. Can rearrange particles to turn items into almost anything.

Elements: Lightning, Earth, Wind


Many people are disappointed when they find they have a neutral aura due to hearing it isn't especially effective against any type of mage, ignoring the fact that they're also hard to fight as they have no real weaknesses on a magical front. Neutrals are symbolised as being balanced, and having traits and styles of many auras.

Secondary Item: Neutral Sash.

Abilities: Can use almost every known spell (with less power than normal). Can heal the injured rapidly.

Elements: Earth, Wind, Water


Along with lights silver are the quiet auras, though when light are absorbed in their own work silvers are generally studying others. Their magic is likewise very difficult to get hold of, but isn't as powerful as you would think given the effects, which serve to confuse enemies enough for them to take advantage of mistakes.

Secondary Item: Silver Circlet.

Abilities: Can use mind/body control on other organisms. Can see the future.

Elements: Earth, Lightning, Fire


Like Light and Dark mages Silver and Gold are historic enemies, placing high value on honesty and friendship rather than their introverted counterparts. Magic wise these people track magic to the source and strike, usually slicing through confusion to the heart of the problem.

Secondary Item: Gold bands.

Abilities: Can use performance magic (song, dance, acting etc). Can shapeshift.

Elements: Wind, Water, Fire


Lightsiders and Darksiders

Gold and Light auras are classed as "Lightsiders" and Dark and Silver as "Darksiders", though this separation is often disputed as Silvers act like light types but don't have the same kind of magic. Neutrals are classed as Lightsiders by Darksiders, but neutral by Lightsiders. Historical rivalry between these created the clans (see the 11th clan).

Important note: ALL auras can be good and ALL auras can be evil, in fact evil masterminds are usually Light auras for their planning ability, technical skill and logical confidence whereas many heroes are Dark, willing to take risks and not even considering how difficult a challenge may be before attempting it.

Generally you find 'opposite' auras in contest with each other due to natural weaknesses, such as Light weakening Dark and vice versa. Gold and silver auras have similar oppositions in power, leading them to become the other 'pair' of auras. Gold attacks are still effective against Darks and Silver against light, but not to the same degree. Another way they are different is that Silver powers up less in darkness, but does not power down in light and vice versa for Golds.

Recently many hybrids of the auras have also been discovered, though are still seen as rare. This is thought by many people to be the result of traditional enemies breaking down with the Peace Keeper Clan (and especially 11th) attitude.

However light/dark and gold/silver dual auras are theoretically impossible as they would cancel out, though recently the theory that these are Neutral mages has been adopted. This is backed up by the fact that they can learn any spell, though with less power than other auras.

You can find out which one you are by a flash quiz found here that myself and DMP have made, though as always it can be improved.

Possible inaccuracies so far: Golden characteristics may be overweighted; Neutrals can get just about anything.

The elements set out by aura are not the entire picture though, the personality of the individual also contributes to a secondary element. It is not as strong as the main elements in most, but it can be trained and used to great effect.

No-one quite knows how the secondary element(s) are determined, but it depends on the individual as much as the colour of their magic does. The secondary elements can be the same as a main element or different, and some specialise in their secondary element rather than their main aura.



Currently only a few aural Graphics are available, however ideas are welcome and requests accepted. Please give me, [Estantia], credit though.

1280x1040, ask if you want a different resolution


Again, ask for a size you need, these are 100x100




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