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the japanese rebels are to go here.

characters here
Nightmare Name: The Von Kämpfer
geass: none

Username:[King of Thorns]
Description: (See image)
personality:smart and wants a world that will protect his sister
Other:very two-sided
history:if you are playing this you watch the show
Nightmare name: none at all
geass:one time and total control of the person use on person needs eye contact

Username: [shadow frost wolf]
Name: Kain
Personality: Very sadistic, doesnt cooperate well with people he knows well, strangely good with people is only aquainted with. is rather polite, yet bold and never lies.
Other: looks down on engauging direct combat, but is by no means afraid to do so.
History: Ever since he was little, he always looked down on people in general. When the Britanians invaded his home in kanto, his wife and both his kids were killed. Now at 31, he fights to take down britania, almost as if its a hobby.
nightmare name:

Username: [J.R. MacKenzie]
Name: DAX
Personality: Acts aloof even in the field, loves his job and loves a challenge. Even in a serious moment he acts lighthearted to lighten the moment and give his comrades hope, especially when everyone thinks that all hope of victory is gone.
Other: Loves his rifles and believes a happy weapon is a reliable weapon. Sniping is his style. Weapons of choice are a dragunov, beretta .50 cal anti-material rifle, and a .50 cal Desert Eagle. Rarely uses the ammo in his hand gun and claims he does not know what a safety switch is and claims that he did not know that his handgun carries ammunition. Old comrades claim he could see five miles away and through walls.
History: Special Forces trained by the US, DAX is a specialist sniper and a skilled demolitionist. He was discharged from the US military after hitting his platoon commander. Since his discarge DAX has searched for a worthy cause to fight for, he finally found one. (Happened one year before Britania took over the US)
nightmare name:

Username:[J.R. MacKenzie]
Name: Kateline Terra (aka Calamity Kate, Kate)
Description: (See image) Green eyes.
Personality: Laid back with a shoot first and not bother asking questions attitude. Enjoys proving how pathetically trained Britannian “grunts” are.
History: Kate is the only child of DAX, a daughter he never knew about. She shares a lot of his personality traits and knows his history. She wanted to follow in his footsteps, but Britannia ruined her chance when they invaded the US, so she followed with her mother’s style and became a cowgirl. She enjoys old western novels and movies; John Wayne and Clint Eastwood are among her favorite actors, but her favorite movie was Cat Ballou. Favorite song is Wanted Dead or Alive by Jon Bon Jovi. When Kate’s mother died as a result of her refusing to bow down to a local noble she left her home in search of her father, the search led her to Area 11 (aka “Good ol’ Japan”). Kate has been alone so long that she has found that she can only rely on her horse Wildfire, her two Colt .44 revolvers, and her Winchester model 1892.
Nightmare Name: None
Geass: Nightvision marked by a cat-like shimmer (Riddick effect, the one who gave her the ability has warned her that one more use and it will be permanent)

code geass

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