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Hey this is for those of you out there who Love to play, read, or just plain like .Hack anime’s.
To let you know I might need some help with some of the things because even though I have watched, read and even played some .Hack I am not at all completely informed about the game so message me if you want to be a helper other wise known as The Scarlet Knights to this RPG. [..Nightmare..]

By the way I am using both from the Anime (.Hack//Sign) and the Manga. Meaning Characters are coming from both versions.

Also if anyone wants to be one of the Characters such as:
Kite (Shugo) – one of the Legendary dot Hackers.
Black Rose (Rena) – The other Legendary dot Hacker.
Ouka – A career werewolf who can transform at any time. She’s so strong she’s known as “Ouka The Divine Fist”. And is always looking for a fight. She is also a friend of Kite and Black Rose.
Mireille - Is a wavemaster hunter whose soul purpose in “The World” is to collect Rare items. She is good friends with Ouka because of how rare her Expansion pack is and becomes good a friend of Shugo’s because of his rare bracelet.
Hotaru – Is a gentle player who can’t help but love every living creature in “The World”. She is an American visiting the Japanese server.
Captain Of The Scarlet Knights (Kinka) – very little known because I got him off the show. So if anyone knows any more about him than that, please message me.
Any of the Scarlet Knights – same as the one above message me if you know anything about them other than they value courage, passion and magnanimity. And that they were formed with the goal of helping people in “The World.” And that they keep an eye on evil doings.
Bear – a Swords man of class who uses a sword to do his fighting. Also any other information would be great.
Oruka-sama – all I know is he is a council member for “The World.” Any other information would be great.
Maho – a Player Character who altered his image to the face and body of a cat (neko). Any other information would be great.

Then message me and ill think about it. but other wise your a simple Wavemaster, swordsman, warrior, bows man, magician, towns folk, or store clirck.

If there are any other main players that I have missed (which I’m sure there are.) message me and ill put the information up right away.

I am Balmung. I work for a company called CC Corp. I am an administrator in “The World.” I program special events. And I walk among the other players as a player. One week ago a young girl named Rena Kunisaki won Limited Additions of the “.hackers” characters. As her and her brother Shugo enters “The World” they learn new things each and every visit. Shugo and Rena both start off at Level 1 as will all of you. You will start off in the Desert Field Level 1 Area , and slowly proceed up to level 10. Level 1 has the noobies ranging from level 1-10 and then on Level 2 it ranges from levels 11-20. And so on and so forth up to Level 10, which then has the levels 99-100. Each time you defeat a monster I put in your way you will slowly gain experience to get to the next level. Each monster of level 10 or down is worth 10 points each. Each monster level 11-20 is 20 points. Each monster level 21-30 is 30 points and so on going up to 100 points, and after each level you grow(1-100) it takes longer to get experience points. You start at 1 experience point and once you get to a hundred it grows you a level to level 2. Then you have to get another 200 on that and it doubles every level.

Hey if you want to be part of the .Hack legend then all you got to do is add yourself to the
.Hack RPG Members room and……create and fill out a form similar to this:
Name of Character: *
What you want to be in the .Hacker Legend: **
Strengths for that Character: ***
Weaknesses for that Character: ****
Outfit: *****
Items: ******
And any other information you would like to write about your Character:

* Try to relate it around a Japanese word or name.
** If you pick to highly of yourself I will take you down. Meaning if you say your Kite and I don’t assign you the privilege of being Kite then I will make you a warrior or a wizard.
*** Can’t be to out of control if it is too highly thought of ill take it out. And you can not be INVINCEBLE.
**** You must be able to become sick, rapid blood loss, stuff like that and you must be able to die.
***** ANYTHING GOES you want to be naked then you go right a head and be naked you want to where a winter tunic in the Desert Field Level 1 because you think you will be cold then damn well you go and be cold in the Desert Field Level 1.
****** For the items sake they have to go with your Character. They have to be able to be broken and repaired and if they are magical they should need potions in order to fix them or repair magical damage. Also you will be able to find special items at contests. Those will be held in the Main Complex Central level.

.Hack RPG Members room
Main Complex Central level
Desert Field Level 1 Area
Town Folks Central Area1

Username (or number or email):


2005-02-26 [~Angelo~]: Maybe I'll join.

2005-02-26 [..Nightmare..]: YAY :D

2005-04-29 [Death's Die-Ary]: lol

2005-10-06 [darkelf681]: hey can i join

2005-10-06 [darkelf681]: could i have a pet dragon

2005-10-06 [darkelf681]: how many characters can u have

2005-10-16 [..Nightmare..]: 2 if you want and yea you can join and shure bout the dragon

2007-07-18 [Ayaka]: How many people are in this Rp?

2007-08-19 [..Nightmare..]: Ha, None. It's been two years since I posted last >.>;;

2007-08-20 [Ayaka]: wow.... that's kinda sad.

2007-09-20 [..Nightmare..]: People(friends mainly) slowly stopped coming to this site, and as much advertisement I put on and as much time that I put into this Role play, people thought it was way too complex to be able to make anything of it so I just left.

2007-09-20 [Ayaka]: Aw, it's a really good idea too, and you planned it really well. It's a shame it went to waste.

2007-09-23 [..Nightmare..]: Agreed, but with a busy lifestyle and finding more interesting sites its been complicated to keep this running so I just kinda said screw it.

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