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Why, hello there old chap! And welcome to the '...Now That's English!' Design Contest. This is all about designing some sample artwork and designs for the up-coming boardgame - ...Now That's English!. The game is set in the late 1800s Colonial Africa (I say, those were the good old days, weren't they Winston?!), and pits players against each other as English Lords, or Savage Chieftains.

The English must 'tame' (read: massacre) the Savages, and 'liberate' (read:plunder) the territory, whilst the Savages must repel the English onslaught. Whilst the game has a combat elelment, the actual goal of the game is to accrue a certain number of 'Culture Points'. The English gain these through such exertions as sending gifts back to Patrons in England and 'enduring' hunting trips, whereas Savages gain points through such dastardly acts as sacrificing English officers on croquet lawns, burning the tea supplies etc.

With a promise to be horribly politically incorrect, and damn good fun, ...Now That's English! will surely be the boardgame of next season!

The Contest requires each participant to submit a design for the box cover of the boardgame, which must feature two English Gentlemen in Pith Helmets or somesuch. Elephants, rifles, pipes, savage servants, stupidly-comical beasts etc. are also heartily encouraged. Also optional, are submissions for such things as dividers, side bars in the rulebook, and artwork for some of the cards. To give you an idea, some of the sample cards have titles such as: Naval Bombardment, Boil That White-Devil!, Not the Brandy! and Voodoo-Juju-Stuff.

The Winner of the contest will be announced after 15 entries have been received - so submit your entries my good man (or lady)! Depending on just how much I like the Designs submitted, the winner (or maybe a few of the top entrants) may be invited to submit proposals to actually design the artwork for the to-be-produced board game!

Anyhow, the best of British luck to you, old boy!


Lord Neville Snodbottom III
AKA [Galain]

Reservations List

The following people are planning on entering the contest, and have effectively 'reserved' an entry into the competition, for up to 4 weeks after the maximum number of entries (15) has been reached. This CAN take the number of entries over the 15 limit. If you wish to be added to this list, please PM me. You must be serious about entering.

1. [Purple Artichoke]
3. [*Midori*]
4. [Crimson]
5. ?

<img500*0:> Click! And it's still too small. Photobucket is evil. Click here -> and full view to see it big. I hardly consider this close to done, but I'm lazy. If anyone wants to collab with me to finish it be my guest!

Here is a coloured version of [NOOOPE]'s entry:
~ Coloured by [BinaryPhoenix]


- Sketch for a logo by [Dr.Mandarian]


- And my 'savages'... ( Click to enlarge! )

Cover design - [H3_six]

[Yncke] - WIP. I'll probably reink this.


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2006-08-31 [iippo]: What a cool idea for a contest, and for a game! :D

2006-08-31 [Yoruno]: Wow... I'd love to enter, but I'm not that good at drawing... ^^;; However, the idea is simply great!

2006-08-31 [Lady of Lore]: very cool!

2006-09-01 [Galain]: Haha, thanks guys! You've all just got to enter now, even you [Yoruno] - I'm sure your stuff's fine. Even if it's just layout ideas!

2006-09-01 [Elisha Kelly]: hmmmmm looks interesting... I'll have to see what my brain rattles up with...

2006-09-03 [5thwitch]: ahahah!...above all I LOVE the title!

2006-09-04 [Galain]: Hahaha, why thank you! I'm pretty fond of it myself ;-)

Can't wait to see what all these entries look like.

2006-09-04 [Galain]: As an addendum, the best interpretation of the 'Savages' I can think of to date, must be the Africans in Asterix. That's the sort of style :-D

2006-09-05 [Perplexity]: Wow this is so not PC...
and I love the name Lord Neville Snodbottom III.

2006-09-05 [Galain]: Haha, well I try :-) I trust you'll enter, then?

2006-09-05 [Perplexity]: Hmmmm - perhaps... as time permits =) Thank you kindly for the invite, sir. *curtsies*

2006-09-05 [Galain]: *bows graciously* M'lady.

2006-09-05 [iippo]: It sounds a little Harry Potter though... Neville Longbottom being a character in the books. Sorry, Irrelephant.

2006-09-05 [BinaryPhoenix]: My, my this seems to be quite an interesting contest!

2006-09-05 [jsun]: did someone just say "ear elephant"?

2006-09-05 [Linn Scarlett]: Hmmm I am more of the clothing than the people themselves >.>

2006-09-05 [NOOOPE]: Dude, you know what? If I get any spare time I'll certianly take a snap at it! This sounds sweet!

2006-09-06 [Galain]: Haha, glad to see everyone's responding so positively :-D

When I was writing this I really had one thing in mind - fun!

2006-09-06 [Paz]: I would also like to take a crack at this :P But I'll have to see if I have the time (school starts really soon o.o) Thanks for the heads up though!

2006-09-06 [Cat0132]: I feel stupid...but is it like an RP or an art contest?

2006-09-06 [Galain]: Art contest :-)

(Based around a board game that I'm writing)

2006-09-06 [Cat0132]: ok...uh...I would like to try, I guess, depending on what type of art...I'm not totally multi talented! :)

2006-09-06 [NOOOPE]: Uhm, I have done a picture. Should I post it?

2006-09-06 [Perplexity]: YES! =D

2006-09-06 [NOOOPE]: Wowsa... heh heh

2006-09-06 [Perplexity]: *points at critch* His fly is down! :O lol Great way to kick off the contest, M. I love your art!

2006-09-06 [piro999]: This sounds really intesting. Thank you for the invite. I'm not sure if time will permit me to enter since my classes start tomorrow.

2006-09-06 [NOOOPE]: No way I can win though.... too many awesome artist were lured here...

2006-09-07 [Galain]: M, I'm loving it! Great style, humorous - exactly what we're looking for :-) I showed my co-writer, he love it too. That said - everyone'll have their own take on style :-D Looking forward to the rest! (P.S. Sorry about the luring, all - couldn't help myself!)

2006-09-07 [jsun]: LOL - Fantastic Piece of art "M"  so totally fits the contest

2006-09-07 [NOOOPE]: heh heh, thanks

2006-09-08 [Galain]: I still think you should jump in, [jsun]! :-D

2006-09-08 [jsun]: ... :) we shall see...       

2006-09-10 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: Cool entry!!

2006-09-12 [Self-Destruct]: can i ask? addressed to the Galain dude: has anybody who has visited this wiki-game found it a, offensive? i mean, who are the savages, here?

2006-09-12 [Galain]: You can ask, indeed. Addressed to the [Self-Destruct] dudette: If they found it offensive, I'd laugh further at their lack of a sense of humour. Who are the Savages, here? Why, they're a mythical group, created for the purposes of a spoof, comedy game. And perhaps those with an underdeveloped sense of humour also number amongst their ranks...

2006-09-12 [Self-Destruct]: huh, yes, but the world lacks humour when it comes to identity. some find it a serious matter. but i understand the game and its motive - fun, right? it makes sense. i was just wondering of the roles thats all.

2006-09-13 [Galain]: Haha, good. Just as long as you don't Karate-my-arse, ok?

2006-09-13 [Self-Destruct]: lol, promise, well unless it's neccessary...haha.

2006-09-18 [Galain]: Another reservation's always good :-D Cheers, [*Midori*]. Anyone here working on one at the moment?

2006-09-20 [Perplexity]: Not at present, sir. Too many things on the list ahead of it =S

2006-09-20 [Galain]: Well, fair enough then. Yet another reservation added, which puts me in good spirits. I'm liking the side effect of this competition - being able to chat to interesting people through these comments :-)

2006-09-20 [Perplexity]: Did you put this in the Art Contests page?

2006-09-20 [Galain]: Yeah, it's under 'New Contests', at the bottom of the page. Technically don't have two entries yet...

2006-10-01 [H3_six]: Great contest. I'm considering entering this if I can find the inspiration, and the time. Is there any sort of deadline on this thing guys?

2006-10-05 [FINALLY LEFT THIS PLACE]: still got a chance to make an entry?

2006-10-05 [Galain]: Of course! No deadline as such...15 entries, nominally. But it's fairly flexible.

Just whack your name on the list up top once you're serious. I'd like to see entries by...the end of October? Opinions anyone?

2006-10-07 [Yncke]: I've got a sketch I'm fairly satisfied with, but end of october's way too soon. (I've got to do some other drawings first.) Don't rush things please, it's a great topic of a contest, so imho, I'd like to see it given time so that I can enjoy great entries. :)

2006-10-09 [Galain]: No worries, jsut trying to feel out the situation....end of...November? Still too soon? I'm in no rush, for the record :-D

2006-10-12 [Galain]: I was thinking...could we do a ('real-life') exhibition of Elftown artwork? It would raise the site's profile, and be a hell of a lot of fun! I could sort one out, possibly....just a thought.

2006-10-12 [Perplexity]: I suppose as long as the artists give consent to be featured in the exhibit. 

2006-10-13 [Galain]: Of course. I'd want hard-copy submissions - I'm talking about the professional/almost professional/really serious artists.

2006-10-13 [Perplexity]: Do you mean to sell these submissions?

2006-10-13 [Galain]: That would be decided. I'd doubt it, but it's possible. ou could either charge entry, and give proceeds to ET, or ask for donated art, sell it and give proceeds to ET. The latter would attract the higher classes or art critics, and be more profitable. I've done it before, and with the correct advertising, it works well.

2006-10-23 [Galain]: And another for the list....anyone closer to anything? Some good sketches by [Dr.Mandarian] were sent to me. Want to post them, Oliver?

2006-10-23 [Dr.Mandarian]: * salutes * Aye, I want, Sir. But I will only post the logo, yet. I think I will spare the other one, at first - in order to colour it, maybe, over the next time.

2006-10-23 [Perplexity]: LMFAO nice logo!

2006-10-23 [Yncke]: Great entry, [Dr.Mandarian], I love that chin!

2006-10-24 [Galain]: Delightfully English, isn't it? How's everyone else going?

2006-10-24 [Dr.Mandarian]: - lol - I am happy that you like it! And yes, I put special efforts to the chin. * winks merrily *

2006-11-02 [Galain]: Another little contest, to pass the time: Can you draw *this* character? :-D 

2006-11-07 [Galain]: Seeing as we're really not getting many entries, I may have to consider winding this up soon. Are there people still working on entries? let me know. Thankd for all the support so far, guys :-D

2006-11-07 [Dr.Mandarian]: I still have to colour the drawing of my 'savages', you already saw. But - Then again I am also already on the reserving list. Mh, it will take me a further little while in order to colour my second entry. Otherwise, that second one will be all I still have to work on. * smiles *

2006-11-07 [Galain]: Not a problem kind sir. I only wonder if the other people on the reserve list are working away. I hope so :-)

2006-11-07 [Yncke]: *waves* Give it some time, please. If you put a deadline on a contest, people will take that into account for a schedule of what to draw first. (I do, at least. :) )

I just almost never put my name on a reserve list, because I never know if a drawing will turn out to be one of those undrawable drawings that refuse to be drawn.

2006-11-08 [Galain]: Fair enough, fair enough. Just wanted to get an idea of where people are at :-) Thanks for your input, [Yncke]. Hopefully we'll see some pieces up soon, then.

2006-11-08 [DeadHead_Ninja]: so we give u peaces we've drawn and give them to u? or do we... say wat we think of the pics above??? i dont get it? 6_6

2006-11-08 [Galain]: Haha, just a standard drawing comp (more or less) hun! Just design a piece to meat the above specifications, if you're interested. Then post it here, or email it to me and I'll post it :-)

2006-11-16 [Galain]: Fucking excellent! Wow, loving it Mandarian.

2006-11-16 [Dr.Mandarian]: Thanks, Nic! * smiles and winks * Great that you like that so.
Well, it is the HAIR-DO'S! ;)

2006-11-16 [Hummingbird]: I find this oddly offensive o.o and stupid

2006-11-16 [Galain]: Haha, you're hardly the first; and why, praytell, do you find a *joke* offensive? Please, enlighten me.

2006-11-16 [Hummingbird]: Lol ah good then X3 not just me. Is there anything that says this is a joke on here? Alot of things go on on the net and there are alot of, erm we'll say odd people on the internet n.n so if there is something on here which tells me its one big joke, point me at it XD (no putting it there to be mean! DX)

2006-11-16 [Galain]: Ummm, well, apart from the obviously faux-British accent, the ridiculous sign-off, the comical language use, and the rather blunt and explanatory statement: "With a promise to be horribly politically incorrect, and damn good fun..." ....there's nothing. Nope. :-P

2006-11-16 [Hummingbird]: LOL you -are- austrailian (damned if I can spell that after so little sleep) that might be your opinion of us Brits XD sarcasm has to be done properly on the net or it doesn't get across :3

2006-11-16 [H3_six]: Ok, it's not sarcasm, it's satire and requires a certain degree of subtlety to work. The fact that it is a satire means he is poking fun at the people who endorse these stereotypes not at the stereotypes themselves. : p

I'm entering now just for that Australian comment, or do I have to explain irony as well?

2006-11-16 [Hummingbird]: Lol you might as well you seem to be on a roll, when I mentioned he was austrailian I wasn't saying 'Oh dumb austrailian, doesn't know what we engish are like!' I was saying that I dont know how an austrailian person would see an english person, just like I wouldn't know how an american person saw an english person :3 so I couldn't be entirely sure this was a joke wiki, does that make any sense outisde of my head? o.o

2006-11-16 [H3_six]: Yeah, it does, *blush* who let pissed off H3 out of the cage?

Still entering though. ^_^

2006-11-16 [Hummingbird]: Muuuh, I'm jealous, you have wonderful little hoppers and and pretty birds and we have sparrows and cats XD Autrailia is better X3 but too hot o.o

Lol :D

2006-11-16 [iippo]: It's not an Australian view of the English, it's more like a historical one, you can't claim cultural ignorance for not recognising it. :P Monty Python's Meaning of Life for example has the same satire, and that's by English comedians (well not the exact same one though, I don't suppose this game will have Eric Idle and Terry Gilliam dressed as half a tiger each...)

2006-11-16 [Hummingbird]: Lol hmm good point, ignorance is a bit far though thanks, if I go travel around the world and come back knowing nothing then you can call me ignorant. Well either way that was the reason behind me being a tad offended weither you like it or not XD *throws fish*

2006-11-17 [Galain]: Thanks guys, that was fairly well summarised. It's certainly an historical satire, as [iippo] notes, with perhaps a few notes of distinctly Australian views of 'poms' sneaking through in some of the material. There may be comical tigers, but I suspect they shan't involve famous British comedians :-)

2006-12-19 [Galain]: Well, unfortunately, it seems as though this competition is not pregressing any further. Are people still intending to enter?

2006-12-19 [Yncke]: *points to previous comment* :P

2006-12-19 [Galain]: I've read it.. but how much time...? I mean, I have no idea how long a 'reasonable' period is...

2006-12-20 [H3_six]: I have a thumb sketch but it absolutely refuses to be drawn.

2006-12-21 [Galain]: Haha, that's no good!

2007-01-26 [Galain]: Ok, I'm fairly confident that I've waited a long enough period of time. The competition will officially close on Friday the 2nd of February.

2007-01-26 [Yncke]: Ok, sorry, but count me out then. That's too close for me.

2007-01-27 [Galain]: It's been over three months... Do you think I should extend it? I'd be happy to, if there were more guaranteed entries. :-)

2007-01-27 [Yncke]: You know, three months is really not much for limited entry deadlines. I'm in a contest that's been running for 2 and a half years, and still 3 entries short. As long as it isn't abandoned, that's no problem for me. In my humble opinion, if you want to change the deadline, make sure it's at least two months from now, so that people have time to take it into account and such. (I'm quite busy with a project with a rather tight deadline, at the moment, but I wasn't worried about this contest because it's quite a long distance from 15 entries.)

2007-01-27 [H3_six]: If you're going to close the competition I'll upload my sketch anyway. Might aswell contribute the idea seeing as that's what this competitions about.

2007-01-27 [Yncke]: Good idea. Only a pity that my sketching style is far too messy to enter. :)

2007-01-27 [H3_six]: XD Is a matter of opinion.

In mine, he was meant to have his foot on the lions head but I didn't plan it out properly.<img:stuff/Br23-gif.gif>

2007-01-28 [Galain]: Oh. Sorry guys! To tell you the truth, I'm not too familiar with the contest mentality :-) I'm happy to keep this page active, it's just always nice to see some sign of activity - it appeared almost dead for a while there!

2007-01-28 [Dr.Mandarian]: No-no-no, it is not dead! * sticks out head and eyes above at any new thing that had went on *
But I share your state there! I also just ran my very first own moderated contest of kinds.
And... Let me say that I had also not sure masterplan how to exactly put contest scopes and deadlines.

The people that once showed real interest are still actually all on start, I think.
They only might need some more time? * looks into [Yncke]'s and all the reserving listed elftowners' directions *
This is the trick in it! It only SEEMS dead sometimes. But it secretly lives very much. Look at your watchers' score: 28!
That is a blast I would say!

2007-01-28 [Galain]: Yeah, you could be right, I think :-) Still loving your entries, by the way.

2007-01-28 [Dr.Mandarian]: * smiles *
Entries can very quickly add up and multiply over night. You never know.
I received THREE ENTIRELY NEW ENTRIES over one single night, in my map contest once - unexpected.
As long as you don't get the humble-bees in your behinds, I would trust in your ingenious idea for this, keep the thing going and just wait a bit longer - maybe by some temporary scope, but maybe not SO soon as february.

Or what do you think yourself, all others? * peeks in the off *
Mh, if only Yncke ( Purple Artichok, Midori and Crimson ) have made their own entries and [H3_six] has made her pithy english man placed his foot upon the lion's head, I will be happy. 

2007-01-28 [Galain]: I really like the shields and spears poking over the hill in H3's entry...I think something could be done with them, but I'm fresh out of ideas...

2007-01-28 [Dr.Mandarian]: Right! My eye has actually never tracked that down! But that's a great idea of hers! You could even over-act that a bit more, and let the officers there pose in their smug, totally unsuspecting - inbetween a subtle wall of very unpleasantly looking shields and spears all around, already!

But also look at that lion! - lol - He looks... really very properly dead, indeed. * squints *
Well, how I know [H3_six] by other contests, in which she already participated, she can work magic, if her drawings does not 'refuse to be drawn' in a while.

2007-01-28 [kimberly ida.]: sweet?

2007-01-28 [H3_six]: Noooo, the lions not dead he's just pretending.*prods lion* <img:stuff/mood3-gif.gif>

2007-01-28 [Dr.Mandarian]: Ha ha ha!
Mh, maybe some electric shock re-animators could bring him back to life! ( There is still a chance! ) * squints *

Ah, but in order to make a serious comment towards you, I have to say... That I adore your 'dryad' for the Fantasy Portrait Contest
It is magical!

2007-01-28 [Ocean Soul]: Me too, me too =D

2007-01-30 [H3_six]: Oh gosh I'm getting complimented. ^_^
Thanks guys, being a tree wouldn't be too bad so long as I had an elftown connection. *hugs everyone*
*hugs [BinaryPhoenix]*
I like the colour job there.

2007-01-30 [Galain]: Yeah, cool colour job. Looking good still, this thing :-D Particular thanks to [Yncke], for putting me in my place. Haha.

2007-01-31 [BinaryPhoenix]: Thank you! ^_^

2007-02-07 [Galain]: Anyone with photoshop or something want to throw together a really quick banner for the top of the page? Just to liven it up a bit, as I don't have any programs at work.

2007-02-07 [Dr.Mandarian]: Did you also actually already apply at MC in order to advertise this contest on MAIN STREET, Nic? * blinks stupidly * Only a question.
It could draw new further interested one's and bring back a bit more life in here, if you have not yet.

2007-02-07 [Galain]: Yeah, I'm not sure if I did. I know I put it on a few wikis... I'll have a look. Yeah, I did.

2007-04-22 [Galain]: Looks good, [Yncke] :-)

N xx

2007-04-22 [Yncke]: Not really, but it's a start. :)

2007-06-12 [ally]: If this contest is still active, message me about it or it will be removed from mc.

2007-06-12 [Lady Evangeline]: I still want to try my hand at it...but i won't have time for a few weeks...

2007-06-12 [Yncke]: I don't think it's inactive, just very slow, like limited entry deadline ones can be. But it's [Galain] that'll have to give the end verdict on that one. :)

2007-06-13 [Galain]: Haha, yes, we're just dripping aong like treacle in the arctic. The project itself is far from finished, so there's no reason to close the contest. Feel free to try and con your friends into having a go ;-)


2007-06-13 [BinaryPhoenix]: Well, I revamped the page a bit, and made a banner... I hope no-one minds ^__^

2007-06-14 [Galain]: Not at all, it looks positively marvellous (old chap :-P )!


2007-06-14 [BinaryPhoenix]: My pleasure, old chap!

2007-09-22 [lothorion the duck]: *has a good point*
Excuse me.. i'm english
I'm not some ivory hunter.. lol
and yes i know this is a joke
*goes to get her scones and tea*

2007-09-22 [lothorion the duck]: *actually realises she is British... and is actually Welsh*
MWAHAHAHA shall confuse you all!

2007-09-22 [iippo]: XD Identity crisis :P

2007-09-22 [lothorion the duck]: Sorry for invading your wiki

2007-09-22 [iippo]: Nice invasion like yours is always, erm, nice (synonyms fail me today X_x )

2007-09-22 [lothorion the duck]: we always hang around for a couple of hundred years and then get overthrown...Those Damn americans! v.v (J/K)

2007-09-22 [Galain]: Where'd you appear from? hahaha.


2007-09-24 [lothorion the duck]: Appeared from ... uhmm..
sorry extremely hyper today

2008-08-08 [Galain]: Ok, so, started a new company - should make a new comp, but lazy. Winner gets to go on our business cards, anbd website and so on +100AUD. Pretty awesome. Spread the word.

N x

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