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2005-04-11 19:54:12
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Hello and welcome to the...

-O- Perfect Circle -O- page

This site is dedicated to all those perfect circle fans out there and we all know perfect circle is the greatest and this page will show the numbers and the fans all across the globe. I welcome all opinions and all thoughts just please try not to mess up the page. The banner displayed in your home is preferably the following:
thanks to for picture. modifcations are simply white text

But, feel free to send me some of your banners and I'd be happy to post them up.


[Panic Attack]
[gone forever never loggin back on again]
[Vampire Kitty_311]

and of course me
[Let's Have A War]

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[Let's Have A War]



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2005-03-01 [Vampire Kitty_311]: I love A Perfect Circle!!!!

2005-03-01 [Let's Have A War]: yea me too care to join the wiki? all you have to do is put the pic on ur elftown site and ill add you to list :)

2005-03-03 [Vampire Kitty_311]: yay! ^_^

2005-03-23 [neomyst777]: Maynard...and...Billy....hee hee

2005-03-24 [Let's Have A War]: care to join the wiki :O

2005-04-03 [Madzeri]: helllew...may i join?

2005-04-04 [Kill_Bunni]: YAY!

2005-04-05 [Madzeri]: YAY! indeed.

2005-08-23 [The Alchemist]: i got all their cd's, they rock man

2005-08-24 [Madzeri]: that they do.

2006-11-04 [VeraAda]: They're amazing, but Tool are better :Þ hehe

2006-11-04 [VeraAda]: May i be added though? Please? :)

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