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Player - [NamelessMerc]

Name - Tyza “Razor” Kiruthianasis

Race - Human

Sub-race - Xiadomian

Class - Fencer

Allegiance - None

Appearance - Tyza is typical of the Xiadom people. His eyes are deep and dark, his hair black, stretched out in a thin, single braid at the centre of the back of his head but left free all around the rest of his head, kept out of his eyes by a pair of pins hooked behind his ears and a white bandana circling his crown. Not particularly attractive, a thin scar running along his right cheek offsetting his deep tan and the exposure to years of sun having added a fair few years to his face, he nevertheless retains a strong bone structure and a roguish smile on his always-clean-shaven face. Being of a rather stocky build and roughly 5’5”, Tyza prefers to wear no shirt as the cloth feels too restrictive. This exposes the leather armor he wears, light and easy to move around in whilst also revealing the dueling scar on his left shoulder blade. Affecting large, baggy, light blue trousers, he allows these to cover his leg armor and effectively hides his thick, bandy legs before tucking into the light beige leather boots he wears. Believing self-adornment to be a sign of vanity, he wears no jewelry, the only exception being a silver pin which holds his bandana in place. In his own opinion blessed with a strong body, he nevertheless isn’t overly toned, muscles giving a slight hint of definition to his frame. The stocky build and slightly muscular physique combine to make him seem a very broad individual, which in fact he is.

Age - 21

Personality - Tyza alternates between two very different mind-sets. When in the presence of those who he doesn’t know well, he is a model of impassivity, neither rising to bait nor reacting to flattery. Strangely enough, for a mercenary he is polite to everyone he doesn’t know, leaving the surly attitude and threatening behavior to his crew. However, he is prone to random outbursts of rage whenever his past is mentioned, either by his companions or by anyone else for that matter. Being from Xiadom, Tyza tries to exhibit self-control, and this manifests in his usual reluctance to kill, preferring to take prisoners. Also a part of his Xiadom heritage, mainly from his upbringing in house Akako, Tyza can seem to become possessed in battle, paying no attention to the general flow but focusing solely on his opponent – At this point prisoners are forgotten. The only really known way to pull Tyza out of such a rage is to knock him out, or to throw a bucketful of water over him. Of course this needs to happen after the enemy is dead, or it just plain annoys him.
Despite his many flaws, Tyza views himself as a reserved individual and follows the teachings of his family. He lives simply, eating plain food and training regularly and hard. Honor being everything, he holds all of his companions in highest esteem and tries to make them as spiritual as possible. It is his life’s ambition to achieve the class of monk to better understand the world around him and to learn to fight without blades.

History - Born into House Akako near the military encampment bearing the same name, Tyza had a typical Xiadomian upbringing. Both parents being Xiadomian, many people were unable to fathom why Tyza bore a Rysallean name. His mother’s best friend, a Rysallean herself, had once bore a son, who would have been named Tyza, but the child and mother died in labor. In memory of her friend, Tyza was named for the woman’s son, as he would have been named after the mother if he’d been born a girl.
As touching as the remembrance was, it gained Tyza no love from his childhood ‘friends’. Shunned for his obvious difference, even if it was only a name, he spent much of his time in solitude or with his mother in the warm shade of the blossom tree in his gardens. From the age of six, he took up his first shinai and practiced the fighting arts. Ever-indulged by his father, he trained with the soldiers on leave from the Akako encampment, learning from an early age the rigors of combat and the meaning behind the sword. However, he felt no love for the blade, seeing it only as a tool. This angered his father, but he never said anything to Tyza, allowing the boy to follow his own path. As far as his father was concerned, Tyza was too young to understand what truly being a Xiadomian warrior was.
Once he was old enough to train properly with martial tutors, Tyza’s father shipped him off to the Akako encampment to train with his grandfather, a man known as one of the hundred greatest swordsmen in Xiadom. Such an honor was well outside of any normal man’s aspirations, and created a lot of jealousy between Tyza and the other youngsters learning the arts. His grandfather recognized Tyza’s innate ability with the blade, but also realized that Tyza had no love for the warrior’s life. Catching him staring longingly at the merchants’ wagons and their mercenary guards one morning before training, ignoring the other young warriors practicing with bokken, his grandfather sent Tyza to the docks on some errands, but also to see if Tyza would be intrigued by the men who sold their swords as a living. Tyza spent the entire day watching the mercenaries, before returning in the evening to train as usual with his grandfather. By this time, Tyza had started to use both the long-sword and short-sword together, in a style his grandfather said many people needed to become more familiar with. The long hours of practice made Tyza proficient with this style of blade-work, yet his heart began to hunger for the sea air, and he spent most of his free time in the markets, alone but for a small urchin by the name of Ryshin who made his way through the world by thievery and pick-pocketing.
The apparent spurning of his peers did not go unnoticed. Tyza once again became the outcast, ridiculed by the other warriors’ sons because of Ryshin’s company. Rumors circulated that Tyza was actually of lower class, and was only kept around as his grandfather’s chore-boy – or worse, depending on the mood of the talker – until one day Tyza was beset by seven of the trainees as he left the compound on another errand for his grandfather. Ryshin, waiting outside the home for Tyza, was beaten black and blue by some of the boys whilst Tyza was in turn brutally attacked with bokkens stolen from the training room. Ever the Xiadomian, Tyza fought back, a new flame burgeoning in his breast at the intensity of his first real duel, with a boy whose name he could never recall. The others had backed off to form a circle of six, and Tyza had thought he might be able to get away, but the new fire inside him begged to be released. Taking the bokken that was thrust into his hand, the duel lasted barely ten seconds before Tyza’s opponent was face-down in the dirt, his bokken snapped in half. Ryshin hadn’t fared so well. Armed with only his knife, Ryshin had cut one of the trainees, inciting a more violent attack on his person. The young thief was unconscious by the time Tyza hit the first attacker on the back of the head and Tyza risked dishonor to take him inside his own house to have the healers called by his grandfather to heal him. To his astonishment, he learned that his grandfather had watched everything, but was more astonished at the man’s pride in Tyza’s swordsmanship and courage.
The attention called to Tyza after this fight wasn’t all negative. Indeed, there was one boy, a young archer named Sentu, who often joined Tyza and Ryshin at the docks, or on the streets, whenever they had free time to spend together. Between them, these three formed a blood bond of friendship, each vowing to their dying day to carry a small scrap of cloth dotted with three drops of blood, one from each member of their group. Six years passed, until each was seventeen summers old and the manhood ceremonies for the warriors were carried out on the eve of the summer solstice. Tyza returned home, taking Ryshin and Sentu with him, and they spent a year honing their skills with Tyza’s own men, the two young warriors besting each of the household guards one by one. Ryshin learned the most he could about everything new to him at the Akako house; locks, doorframes, wire-traps and screening himself from view were all refined until some of the maids swore there was a ghost living with the family.
All seemed to be going so well, until Tyza’s father found out that Ryshin was not, as Tyza had told him, the son of a poor country lord. His father had actually paid a visit to the lord on one of his many journeys out into the countryside, and called Tyza’s honor and the honor of house Akako into scrutiny. Tyza’s father claimed that Tyza had dishonored his family, and even he could not overlook such a grievance as bringing a person of such low station into their house as an equal. Tyza’s father stripped him of his name and cast him back to his grandfather, as a common slave. Ryshin was thrown onto the streets with nothing but his wits, and Sentu was sent to the barracks of the Akako compound, close to Tyza but forbidden to speak to him.
Spending a year as a common worker, unable to talk to his own grandfather for he no longer carried the man’s name and did not have the right to do so, it was at this point that Tyza almost gave up. His grandfather, however, passed him information secretly, often using the several hidden passages in the home to reach Tyza’s room and allow them to sit and talk deep into the night. If it wasn’t for his grandfather’s faith in him to be a truly great man, name or no name, Tyza would have been compelled to take his own life.
However, despite the old man’s faith and their secret friendship, he felt the mercenary life begin to call to him. It would allow him to hold a sword once again, to try and find the balance he was coming to need so much more. Tyza sneaked away from the house one night, calling Ryshin from the hovel Tyza knew he’d set himself up in and making Ryshin rouse Sentu silently from the barracks. Together, they made a plan to sneak off into the night, down to the mercenary camp, sign up to a crew and go wherever their feet took them. The plan would have worked, if only Tyza’s grandfather hadn’t second-guessed him. The night that had been set for the escape, Tyza’s grandfather came to his room, dropping a bag of gold onto Tyza’s lap, along with a bag containing his weapons and armor. Bidding a tearful goodbye to the man who’d been more of a father to him over the last year than he could ever remember his own being to him, Tyza had hoped to avoid such a parting. Thanking his grandfather for the gifts, for no one of Tyza’s low rank should be afforded such luxuries as armor or weapons, Tyza ran from the house, not knowing he was never to see his grandfather again. The old man was put to death for ‘treason’ against the house when they heard of Tyza’s escape, but Tyza only discovered this after several months had passed.
Using the gold that his grandfather had gifted to him, Tyza purchased a horse, called Demon, the next day, as well as buying himself a new name, “Kiruthianasis”, which supposedly means, “Shining light” in some long dead tongue. Compelled by the horses deep red coat, the same color as the blossoms of home, and the fact that Ryshin said it reminded him of their oath as blood brothers, Tyza, Sentu and Ryshin set out to the camp, their years of watching the mercenaries aiding them in getting a place with the BlackCrow mercenaries. From here, Tyza, Ryshin and Sentu all moved into the world, much larger than the one they knew already, and spent years traveling with the BlackCrows. Both Ryshin and Sentu were killed in an ambush by a mercenary rival while escorting a wagon train of silks, while Tyza was knocked unconscious and left for dead. Blaming himself for his friends’ deaths, Tyza now spends his days traciking the enigmatic figure known only to him as “Balta”, the captain of Balta’s Swords and the man who Tyza saw running Ryshin through in his final moments.

Weapon of Choice - Katana

Others - none

Element - Red (Fire)


Level - 5

Experience/To next level - 2050/3010

Equipment -
Katana +1 (5 Atk, 3 Def, 2 Mag, 8 Wgt)
Chainmail +1 (6 Def, -1 Mag, 10 Wgt)
Bamboo Hat (3 Dex, 1 Cha, 2 Wgt)
Winged Boots (3 Dex, 2 Wgt)
Healing Potion (2) (2 Wgt)
Lesser Healing Potion (1 Wgt)

HP - 18
MP - 10
Str -   5
Con - 5
Int -   5
Mag - 5
Dex - 8
Cha - 5

CC: 25/30

Skills – Handle Swords, Discipline, Lightning Speed, Katana mastery, Defensive stance, Flank, Marksmanship, Rage
Skill Points - 0

Special Skills
Flashstep - Once a day for every 5 levels, the fencer can consume all of his movement by running in a straight line at very high speed, when he flashsteps, he can move through enemies and do an attack against each enemy he moves through.

Party Nº8

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2008-07-15 [Lepellier]: Tyza is mostly levelled up in terms of statistics.

2008-07-30 [Lepellier]: You alive, Nameless?

2008-07-31 [NamelessMerc]: Yeah I am, not sure about the equipment now. I'm such a bother.

Thinking about an improved katana, maybe increase it's attack, then an improved bamboo hat or something XD

2008-07-31 [Lepellier]: Hah, just 2 items? lol

2008-08-02 [NamelessMerc]: Well no, but I'm a bit out of practice with the item stuff XD

2008-08-02 [Lepellier]: ahh

2008-08-03 [NamelessMerc]: Okay, would I be able to leave you to the skills if I peruse the equipment?

I'm just looking for the upgrade costs on equipment and then I can make my decisions.

2008-08-03 [Lepellier]: Sure, I guess so. And equipment upgrade costs are 15gp x stat to upgrade. So if you want to raise a 3 to a 4, it'll cost you 45 gp. 60 gp for 4-5, etc.

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