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Player - [Silverbullet]
Name - Byron "Ballast" Boursair
Race - Human
Sub-race - Rysallean
Class- Shaman
Allegiance - Pirate
Appearance - Tall and lean, yet muscles spider around his body like thick vines. Due to an unfortunate spellcasting incident, he's now bald. He has a small scar where an arrow whizzed past his head during his youth, located over his right eye. His eyes are of a deep forest green. Has also grown a small goatie (about an inch long) that he ties in a braid, to uphold the old pirate tradition. A few vine-shaped tattoos climb around his right bicep. He also has a hawk with spread wings tattooed between his shoulderblades. Shaman glyphs can also be found around his body, if someone were to look. Like the rest of his old pirating crew, he never wears a shirt, preferring to feel the sea-winds blow across his chest. He wears a pair of green pants that he sometimes rolls up into shorts, and prefers to walk around barefoot on his ship. Needless to say, he has more than one scar on his body. He wears two Kukri knives at his belt, always near, cause you never know when they'll be needed.
Age - 26
Personality - Byron is a born leader, knowing when to take control and be tough, and also when to be a friend. Byron follows a sometimes-strange code of conduct, but will always put duty over pleasure. He has an ever-present sense of honor, which is also why he wouldn't stoop to stealing or sabotaging while in port (once out at sea was another story, though) during his pirating days. This doesn't mean he doesn't like a good laugh, though. Whenever the crew gathered around supper with Eve (their resident hooker) dancing her number in the center, Byron would be among them, sharing the cheer and often joining in on the dance too. Back in the day, the pirate could easily be cowed by threats, but he's overcome the handicap and now is prone to jump into conflict as readily as any other hardened fighter, sometimes even more so. Byron's sense of duty has always struggled against his huge urge to explore and his enormous curiosity... which can sometimes result with him naming 'pleasure' as 'duty'.
History - Byron grew up as any other Rysallean would, being taught about nature and even taking part in gardening at a young age. He made friends with Enu (a Tiger-brother from his old crew) at the age of 7, often running around the forest, trying to catch Enu's brother, Kato, offguard. Byron had a younger sister who never seemed to stay in one place for long. However much he and the Tiger-brothers tried to track her down, as it was considered a game for them, she always seemed to be one step ahead.
By this time, their freedom had grown to the point where he and the Brothers could leave home for weeks without their parents worrying too much. They used these weeks to go exploring. One of their explorations brought them to a secluded bay, where they found an old Byblos ship that had crashed against some rocks. The ship was in bad shape, but they took on the ambitious task of repairing it in the hopes of some day sailing away to explore even further. The project lasted a couple years, as they had to both make enough money for the materials and also bring the materials to the ship, which was no easy task. Am'ttai (an old Eolan) was at the lumber market one day when he overheard the overzealous teenagers talking about their project. Curious, and also more than a bit skeptic, Am'ttai decided to ask Byron to show him the boat, which Byron gladly did, after asking to touch one of Am'ttai's wings... Am'ttai, who had originally accepted to help the younglings because he had foreseen profit, eventually got close to Byron and the Brothers and became more involved, becoming the treasurer of the little band and making sure they paid the right price and got the right things. Needless to say, word slowly spread about our four friends' task, which attracted the curious. The first of these was Eve, a young rysallean beauty, who offered to keep the workplace cheery with her dancing if they promised to take her along once they sailed away. She was tired of living in the same place all the time, not to mention that she rather liked Byron. Work on the ship was going very well, yet they soon realised they'd need more help once they needed to put up the mast. It wasn't very long after they'd realised that that Soren and Oba poped their curious heads into an oarhole to have a closer look. Soren, a rather lean lochmorian, was immediately drawn in by his attraction to Eve, and Oba, a panther and slightly older than the others, eventually broke down under Soren's neverending nagging and joined the group.
Everyone had been sailing for some time, getting into bar fights, delivering cargo or passengers to make money and any other anecdotes you can think of. Kei'ria, a Hydran, was among one of those passengers when Byron's ship got boarded by enemy pirates. The crew fought the pirates off, but sustained numerous injuries while doing so. Kei'ria offered to help afterwards, by healing everyone. Byron then asked if he'd care to sail around with them for a while, as a healer always came in handy. Years followed Kei'ria's integration to the crew, and things were finally starting to warm up between him and the others when disaster befell them all. Byron doesn't talk about the event, nor what followed, but short time passed before he was thrust into the Arena.
Weapon of Choice - Two Kukri Knifes that his father had given to him when he first started exploring. Even though years of wear and tear have left their mark on the knives, they're still as sharp as the day he got them.
Others - Although he isn't with his crew anymore, his crew is always with Byron.
Ze Azure, Byron's old ship, was always kept clean. Some legends about Ze Azure involve Byron running along with his Kukri knife in one hand, and a kerchief in the other, wiping up the blood of the foes he (or anyone else) killed seconds earlier, while he battled.
Element - Green


Level - 3

Experience/To next level - 1265/1300

Equipment -
Kukri Knife + 1 x2 (4 Atk, 2 Rng, 2 Wgt)
Tribal Necklace + 3 (4 Atk, 3 Dex, 1 Cha, 3 Wgt)
Catfolk Wicker Shield (1 Def, 1 Atk, 1 Cha, 3 Wgt. Bonus to Lv 1 Yellow magic.)
Yellow cloak (2 Mag, 2 Cha, 3 Wgt. Bonus to Lv1 Yellow magic)
Braced Gauntlets (1 Def, 3 Wgt. Prevents the wearer from letting go of their weapon)
Pain glyphs x3
Strength Glyphs x1
Ink Vial (0.5 Wgt)
Magic potion (1 wgt)
Minor Health Potion (.5 Wgt)
Map to Asfetltas Caves ore treasure
584 GP

Shovel (2 Atk, -1 Dex, 3 Wgt)(Stashed)
Pic axe (4 Atk, -2 Dex, 3 Wgt)(Stashed)
Claw (4 Atk, 4 Def, 4 Wgt. Allows the use of unarmed skills.)(Lightning touch, 1 use)(Stashed)

HP - 12/12
MP - 13/13
Str - 9
Con - 5
Int - 5
Mag - 7
Dex - 6
Cha - 5

CC - 15/42

Skills – Handle Kukri Knife, Glyph Writing, Handle Claw, Handle Bows, Lightning Speed, Glyph of Pain, Glyph of Strength, Lv 1 Yellow Magic.
Skill Points - 0

Lv 1 - Wind Slash, Lightning Touch (yellow cloak), Silence (Catfolk Wicker Shield).

Special Skills
Create Glyph - Every 5 levels, the Shaman can translate a spell he knows into glyph form and learn it as a glyph.


Status - Slave
Battle Fought - 2
Battles Won - 1
Battles Lost - 1

Kills - 0
Deaths - 0

Score - 6

Assassination quests: 0
Retrieval or monster killing quests: 1
Aid or rescue quests: 1
Persuade or investigate quests: 0

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2007-10-19 [Blood Raven]: With warriors, it only happens as they increase their stat, because they can't increase their MAG stat by levelling. From support and mage, it only goes up when levelling.

2007-10-19 [Veltzeh]: They can increase MAG when leveling. Usually that's a racial thing. It can't rise when not leveling as far as I understand.

2007-10-22 [Blood Raven]: I do remember reading warriors can raise their MP by upping their MAG. Otherwise, there's no way a Warrior class can increase their MP, which would be mean, because Knights want to be able to cast White spells occasionally, as well.

2007-10-22 [Veltzeh]: There is a way, and that is by increasing MAG as a racial stat, as I just said. :P In any case, we need to make that clearer in the rules, whichever way it is... Also, some melee classes do have MAG as an option for increasing.

2007-10-22 [Duredhel]: Any time a warrior increases his base MAG stat, his MP increases.

2007-10-22 [Veltzeh]: Only for men, apparently. :P

2007-10-22 [Silverbullet]: Remind me why we're talking about warrior classes here? Byron's a shaman, thus mage :P

2007-10-22 [Duredhel]: Yep, only for men, now go play Kil'rei and Y'meana.

2007-10-22 [Silverbullet]: Aye aye!

2007-11-11 [Silverbullet]: Oh, is byron going to get some XP? ^_____^

2007-11-11 [Sturmi]: that's what I was thinking to do now.

2007-11-11 [Silverbullet]: Haha, thanks ^_^

2007-11-18 [Leonox]: typo on strength glyph

2007-11-18 [Silverbullet]: Hmm, thanks ^^

2008-08-01 [Sturmi]: awesome drawing!

2008-08-01 [Silverbullet]: <img:stuff/yurispirateemotionarr.png>
Arr, he be a handsome lad, ain't he? XD

2008-08-04 [Sturmi]: aye. Baldness suits him, lol

2008-08-06 [Silverbullet]: <img:44166_1164144892.gif>
I say thanks, cause that's my head I used as reference XD

2008-08-06 [Sturmi]: you've a handsome head XD

2008-08-06 [Silverbullet]: X"D
And now to work on the body! Only a couple more crunches and I'll be where he's at, for sure!

2008-08-08 [Lepellier]: I like it, SB. I think the dumbfounded quizical look on his face fits him very well!

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