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Player - [Lepellier]

Name - Akira "the Raven" Varius

Race - Human/Planetarii

Sub-race - Ravillian/Eolan

Class - Wind Bearer

Allegiance - Eola

Appearance - Akira is a cultural oddity. He stands roughly 6 foot tall, and has a slender, yet solid build to him. His hair is black, much more like that of a Xiadomian, and is left fairly long, his bangs pulled back into a somewhat short ponytail in the back. His eyes are bright blue, a partial giveaway to his Eolan heritage. His skin is tanned, and fairly dark. His facial features are strong, with his wide and rigid jawline and square jaw, mixed with his straight nose, pronounced cheekbones, but slender face, gives way to a Ravillian bloodline showing in his past. He has a relativly long neck that meets his head to his fairly broad shoulders and built upper body. While often going shirtless for the purpose of travelling light, he reveals a toned upper body that shows years of physical training, what with a well toned, six-pack stomach and defined pectorals. His clothing is kept simple with a pair of black satin leggings that he keepts tied up with a matching sash, and slits cut near his ankles to allow for the small wings that grow there. He has about half of the small wings that Eolans grow, including the two larger ones on his back, and the two on his ankles, but the realy oddity behind these wings is that they are pitch black, covered in feathers that more closely resemble raven's feathers. These wings are somewhat functional, though they are not strong enough to lift Akira off the ground, as he does not have a hollow bone structure. His feet often go bare, as he likes having a natural feeling between himself and the earth, even though it may be odd for a windbearer. In terms of jewlery, Akira keeps himself fairly plain, wearing only a single silver chain necklace around his neck, with a pendant of a winged sword. 

Age - 26

Personality - Akira is a wild soul. His heart is in the clouds, and prefers to wander than to be set in a plave for long stints of time. He is generally extroverted, but doesn't delve on matters, keeping mainly to surface thoughts. He does not like being confined, though he can still stand a city infrastructure fairly well, as long as he's not caged up, he's fine. When it comes to social vices, Akira much dislikes both Dah'kin and Exhorians, two of the main racial hatred of his people. His magic selection consists largely of Lightning and sonic spells, often more offensive based magic. He relies on having a large array of spells at his disposal to widen the array of ways he can assault his opponents. His friends are always his closest allies, and has learned that they are his most useful asset, relying on them to keep him from getting slaughtered, though he will step into the face of danger to defend his friends, but generally only after he has run out of magical supplies. In combat, his magics come first and foremost, as he is a destructive force, he will quickly strike out at an opponent, or opponent with as much damage as quickly as he can, and if he runs out of resources, he may enter combat with his trusted Estoc, or, even more advantageous to him, cast flight on himself and strike down on enemies with his bow. He may also often utilize the use of his trusty Elemental companion that he has forged a bond with, and send him into battle. Another tactic, if he is so bold, is to cast his lightning sheild on himself and charge into combat, trusting his reflexes to save him from damage.

History - Akira was born to a Human Father and a Eolan Planetarii Mother. His father was half Xiadomian, from Akira's Grandmother, and half Ravillian from his Grandfather. It all sincerity, Akira is half Ravillian and half Eolan, though many of his grandmother's genes were passed down to him, showing off mostly in his appearance. When Akira was born, the couple were living in the city of Decima. After trying to raise their young child in such a large city, they decided to move out to Akira's grandmother's home town, though she had been dead for several years at this point. The small village of Kenata was on the outskirts of the Kaerul Hills, not far from the threat of the Fell Woods. The village is kept well fortified, and heavily guarded, so as to attempt to protect it's inhabitants. The family lived in peace for years, save the several attempts on the village by the creatures of the Fell Woods, until one day. About the time Akira was 10, a pack of Wargs charged from the Fell Woods so large, they couldn't all be stopped by the Village defenders. Several Wargs broke down the wooden gate that protected the city and began running amok in the city, causing damage to many buildings and striking out at civillians. Unfortunatly for the Varius family, Akira's mother was felled when she was trapped by one of the larger Wargs, pinned, and slaughtered. After the Wargs were finally pushed from the Village, a traditional burial was held for his mother. For weeks after that incident, Akira was beside himself, he didn't talk, he didn't do much of anything, then finally, in his sorrow, he found his special skill. A gift his mother had given him through her bloodline, Akira could cause small bolts of lightning to jump from his fingers at the simplest snap. He became amused with his talent, and fortunatly for him, an old sage of the village saw him tinkering with this ability one day. The old man smiled, as he too, was a Wind Bearer, and knew many of the skills of a Yellow Mage. The old man promised to teach Akira all he could in Yellow magic, and for the next 14 years, Akira would visit the man every day, but only about 2 days a week would the old man help teach Akira in the ways of Yellow magic, the other days, Akira was so appreciative of the old man, that he would do all sorts of house chores for the old sage, and this eventually built up his physical strength. Around the time that Akira turned 18, his father, now an old, graying man pulled an old family heirloom blade from the wall, where it was mounted over the mantle in their home. The blade was a beautifully crafted estoc, a long, slender silver blade, sharper than Akira had ever seen an estoc to be. The hilt was a simple crossbar with a slight flair on each end. The handle wrapped tightly in black leather, and set as the counterweight was a small yellowish-white stone. This blade was given to Akira and has been in his possesion even since, and he has taken immaculate care of the blade. Shortly after Akira's 25th birthday, the old man passed away of old age. With respect to the man and that he had no other relatives that lived anywhere near the village, Akira performed the Man's burial rights, to show his love and respect for his master and trainer. Akira spent a year in the village, helping out where he could, earning money and going into the City at Yasu to buy what he could of items magically linked to yellow magic. Recently, Akira was sent a letter from the Head of Kenata village, calling him forth on an important venture.

Weapon of Choice - Estoc

Element - Yellow

- +1 Dex, -1 Con.
- +1 SP at start.
- +1 extra SP every 5 levels.
- Human stat bonuses.


Level - 5

Experience/To next level - 2050/3010

Equipment -
Estoc +5 (6 Atk, 4 Dex, 4 Wgt)(+1 Yellow Magic Damage (Peridot))
Yellow Cloak +4 (4 Cha, 4 Mag, Bonus to lvl. 1 Yellow Magic, 3 Wgt)
Mage Sash (Bonus to Yellow Magic, 2 Wgt)
Amber Ring (Yellow Spells deal 25% more damage, 0 Wgt)
Magic Potion (x2) (Restores 50% MP, 2 Wgt)
Lesser Magic Potion (1 Wgt)
Healing Potion (1 Wgt)
20 GP

HP - 12/12
MP - 18/18
Str -    5
Con -  4
Dex -  7
Int -   5
Mag - 7
Cha - 5

CC – 16/27

Skills - Handle Estoc, Minor Enchantment, Lvl.1 Yellow Magic, Lvl. 2 Yellow Magic, Lvl. 3 Yellow Magic, Nullify Green Magic.

Spells -
Lvl. 1-
Screech, Howl, Sonic Blast, Wind Slash.

Lvl. 2-
Lightning Sheild, Lightning Bolt, Flight.

Lvl. 3-
Summon Air elemental, Thunder Bow.

Skill Points - 0

Special Skills -
Alter Spell - Every 5 levels, the Windbearer can select a Yellow magic spell and alter it, either increasing all of its effects by 1 or more grades (1 grade means from 4 turns duration to 5 turns, from d4 damage to d6, etc) or adding an extra GM-approved effect. The alteration of the spell has an XP cost of 500XP per spell level.

Party Nº8

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2008-07-19 [Lepellier]: did someone leave a comment on here?

2008-07-19 [Kai Crewger]: duredhel.

2008-07-19 [Lepellier]: Oh...I completely missed got erased by the crash...

2008-07-19 [Kai Crewger]: talk to him about it. apparently you need to redo some stuff.

2008-07-20 [Duredhel]: I was just commenting on the magical talking raven and the racial skills galore. On the racial skills part, I don't reckon giving Eolans Stat Bonuses, and the +1 Dex, -1 Str. is off, since none of the races that compose the half breeding in this case gain those stat adjustments. Odd that my comment got erased, I left it yesterday...

2008-07-20 [Lepellier]: Hey, don't look at me. I didn't erase it. I guess I really need to limit how much that raven can talk. He's not really supposed to talk, as much as, kinda like a parrot, only cryptic. the reason I did the +1 dex, -1 Str was the combination of the Eolan and ravillian bonuses, reducing the strength from the ravillian side, but getting the Eolans Dex bonus. I didn't want to give him the bonus to whatever stat, so as to limit it a bit, and only allow him the specific bonuses that Eolans can get. I'm more than willing to drop a lvl 1 spell from the Eolan bonus, if that'd be better.

2008-07-20 [Duredhel]: When you halfbreed its either/or for the bonuses mate :/ you can't mix and match them.

2008-07-20 [Lepellier]: Ok, so I guess that means I lose 1 con, but get an extra strength...and i guess that means I have to reedit my Hp...oh well.

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