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Player - [Lepellier]

Name - Aiden Warwood

Race - Human

Sub-Race - Rysallean

Class - Plague Bearer

Allegiance - Caessan

Appearance - Aiden is a fairly thin, lithe man. He stands at 5'9" and weighs 138 pounds. His hair is light brown, and cut fairly short on the sides, but is left long on top, and is pulled back into a short ponytail. His eyes are a beautiful green, blending between shades of forest and jade green. He wears a green under shirt with a knee length, tabard-like jacket with a v-neck and splits in both front and back at the bottom, as well as the sides being split up to his waist. The jacket is green with gold trim. He ties across the jacket with a green rope belt. He also wears loose, green leggings that he ties around the ankles. He wears gauze bandages around both of his wrists. His skin is lightly tanned, and he bears very few blemishes. He does, however, have one distinct scar that runs parallel to the ground for about an inch across his left cheek.

Age - 23

Personality - Aiden is a cheerful and helping being. He enjoys being around other people, but does not enjoy the activity around them so much. He is finely in tune with nature, and enjoys walking through forests or anywhere he can see nature at its finest. In terms of his magics, he prefers to use a variety of enhancement spells, such as harden or sharpen, as well as the more volatile spells of the "true" plague bearers, such as decompose, poison, and the like. He values having a larger arsenal of spells over having a small amount of powerful spells, and will master his magics before learning a higher power of magic. In combat, He combines his aiding spells with his combat skills with both the sword and bow, often throwing in a few of his offensive spells for an extra given edge. Outside of combat and his magics, he is very personable, and is seen as quite the flirt around women, not afraid to show an outward personality. 

History - Aiden's family lived in a small forest community with a mixed population of Lynx Catfolk and Rysallean Humans. Together, the groups formed a strong, family like bond between the two separate races in the area. So, as any family group would, Aiden was raised by not only his parents, but groups of both other Rysallean humans and Lynx catfolk. The Lynxes natural affinity for magic always intrigued Aiden from a young age, and as such, some of the Lynx mages took Aiden under their arms and gave him a very basic training in magic, especially green magics. Though enjoying the training he was recieving with magics, Aiden's thist for a more outgoing adventure was never fulfilled. By the age of 19, Aiden became restless around the community, and wanted to strike out on his own. By this point, Aiden had become a fairly accomplished Green Mage, and was trained a little in swordsmanship by a former member of the Forest Guard, who had went off during the war of the Claw to meet up with the clan in which Aiden lived. When Aiden left on his own, the guard gave Aiden his old short sword as a gift to use to defend himself on his journey. During the four years in which Aiden has travelled, he went from town to town, normally spending a week or two in a town, and using what money he earned by helping the people of the town as his pay for a room at the inn.

Weapon of Choice - Short Sword

Element - Green


Level - 1

Experience/To next level - 300/350

Equipment -
Short Sword +3 (5 Atk/4 Def/4 Wgt)
Green Cloak (2 Mag/2 Cha/3 Wgt) Bonus to lvl 1 Green Magic
Catfolk Wicker Shield +5 (4 Def/3 Atk/1 Cha/3 Wgt) Bonus to lvl 1 Magics
Niya (2 Atk/8 Rng/4 Wgt)
9 Arrows (.9 Wgt)
10 Poisoned Arrows (1 Wgt)
Minor Magic Potion (.5 Wgt)
335 Gp

Stats -
HP - 10/10
MP - 10/10
Str - 4
Con - 5
Int - 5
Mag - 5
Dex - 6
Cha - 5

CC - 16.4/27

Skills - Handle Swords, Handle Bows (Rysallean), Minor enchantment, Lv 1 Green Magic, Earth Strike, Level 1 White Magic
sp - 0

Lv 1 - Harden, Entangle, Decompose, Heal 1

Special Skills - Alter Spell - Every 5 levels, the Plague Bearer can select a green magic spell and alter it, either increasing all of its effects by 1 or more grades (1 grade means from 4 turns duration to 5 turns, from d4 damage to d6, etc) or adding an extra GM-approved effect. The alteration of the spell has an XP cost of 500XP per spell level.

Status - Slave
Battle Fought - 0
Battles Won - 0
Battles Lost - 0

Kills - 0
Deaths - 1

Score - 1


Assassination quests: 0
Retrieval or monster killing quests: 0
Aid or rescue quests: 0
Persuade or investigate quests: 0

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2007-06-07 [Veltzeh]: Whoa, that's some serious spacing there. X)

2007-06-08 [Lepellier]: It makes it easier for me to read :)

2007-06-13 [Lepellier]: There, I fixed the spacig for ya, Vel

2007-06-13 [Veltzeh]: Cool :)

2007-06-14 [Lepellier]: I think we'd consider that a death, huh?

2007-06-14 [Veltzeh]: Maybe... but it could also mean a death by another PC only. Hmm...

2007-06-14 [Lepellier]: Dur question! I think Tylien got one for a creature kill before too, though...

2007-07-02 [Lepellier]: And I thought that GM's were supposed to keep track of much for

2007-07-14 [Lepellier]: Whoa? Did I level?

2007-07-15 [Veltzeh]: Nope.

2007-07-15 [Lepellier]: The exp went from 0/175 to 300/350...explain that.

2007-07-16 [Veltzeh]: You had the old exp amounts/limits in there. Nobody uses them anymore, if you see them, they must be changed.

2007-07-16 [Lepellier]: Rar!

2007-12-02 [Lepellier]: Whoa...I learned White magic from Miniel, I shouldn't be loosing it.

2007-12-02 [Veltzeh]: It's "lose", but yeah, Dur got greedy there. Should only have taken Green magic mastery I suppose.

2007-12-02 [Lepellier]: yus...and I realize I spelled that wrong there, Vel...maybe it got jarred from him, so it was loosed from him.

2007-12-02 [Veltzeh]: Fixed... I think Mudslide came with the mastery thing?

2007-12-02 [Lepellier]: I guess, it works.

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