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:: Soundtrack 1 ::

The soundtrack to the RP.
Title: 潘朵拉之心音樂 (No English translation available)
Author: Kajiura Yuki
Audio: Japanese


Timenta sotia
Imenta sotia

Comare sotae
Imenta sotae

Amato Ivera
Samanto Ivera

Comare sotae
Imenta sotae

Adies martia
Tobeno claustia
Amata sotae
Ibera sotae

Martia infi

[Note: Lyrics and Song in Japanese]

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2009-11-15 [Silver Moon]: FictionJunction and it is on youtube

2009-11-20 [Yume Youki]: Aah, thank you. :)

2009-11-20 [Silver Moon]: you're welcome ^-^

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