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2009-09-05 10:34:13
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:: JOIN US ::

To join us, please fill out the Character Bio Template below, and pm it to either me, [Yume Youki], or to my good friend [x~Sakura~x], whose been helping me out. Please be responsible, with no unknowns, or anything. And even if your character doesn't know his past, or is secretive about it, please don't leave the history field empty, or as good as. After all, it's not the other characters that will be seeing this application, it's the other characters owners. ;)


Character name:
Siding: Rakugan or Nagukor
Rank/Occupation: You can send us requests, but ultimately this is determined by the moderators
Age: Please be responsible, with no unknowns and stuff.
Abilities: (if any) Decide the ability(s) of your character however how skilled your character is, will be up to the moderators (again, you may send requests). Please include favored weapons if applicable.
Weapons: (if any)
Appearance: Please include clothing, hair, etc., as much as possible
Personality: Please include as much as possible, this as well as any previous RP experience will be used to factor in your characters ability to advance in their abilities
History: Please include as much as possible

Thank you! =3

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2009-10-29 [Balthizar]: I'm curious about something on here. For Age, with the Dark Elves. How exactly do you handle age? Are they eternal, or do they actually have a life span? Is it that of a humans, or is it extended?

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