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2005-01-01 20:10:38
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1) ??/??/04
If Adding New pages to Dracology Please use the DracologyTemplate

2) ??/??/04
We are running a debate. If your intrested visit Are dragons warm or cold blooded?

3) 23/10/04
You may have noticed that there have been some changes to the lay out of Dracology. These include the red buttons, the red dividers and the edit button dissapearing from most pages (except those that need to be edited by members). If you notice any pages that are not folowing the lay out please message me. Thanks ~[ArchangelGabriel]~ 

4) 27/10/04
New Page: Dracology Comments. Go there and add any commnets you have about Dracology in privacy. Usernames will not be shown.

4) 15/11/04
I am pleased to say that Dracology can now be used by a 800x600 screen. If you find that you still have a problem plese contact me. (PS. It may be that you have a larger screen. If this is the case then i can make the page sutable for your screen)

5) 22/11/04
I am now working on our Dracology bid for the wiki nominations.

6) 23/11/04
Has any one read Dragonology? Well, there's good news - a sequal is coming out. Its called 'Working with Dragons: A course in Dragonology' by Dougald A. Steer

7) 30/11/04
I, [ArchangelGabriel], will be away for some time. I will check in once a week so don't think i've forgotten you.

8) 01/12/04
We Won!!!! Well, sort of. Dracology was in the 'Top Fifteen Wiki-pages for the Months of September and October'. Basicaly we are a featured wiki. Well done to every one who's helped.
To see what the judges thought please visit the Dracology bid page.

9) 15/12/04
I am back, i'm ontop of my homework and other stuff so I should be around a lot more. If you have any dragon questions you can contact me. ~[ArchangelGabriel]~

10) 17/12/04
I've started some new sections to Dracology including an entry on the Hydra (may not be fully tested) thanks to the help of [Erestor] and the Dracology polls.
Also I would like to know if any one is intrested in helping with a few articles. If you are contact [ArchangelGabriel].

11) 01/01/05
I am proud to anounce that the Dracology Test is finaly open for the use of all members.


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