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(: ♥ *HUG* ♥ *HUG* ♥ *HUG* ♥ :)


You have just been *HUGGED*!!!

Help spread the L♥ve and *HUG* another Elftowner!
Share about your *HUG* here:
Are you one that *HUGS*? Share here:

If you like *HUGS*; to give *HUGS* or receive *HUGS*, show this and become a fan!

About_*HUG*   ♥   Group_*HUGS*   ♥   *HUGGED*   ♥   *HUGGERS*   ♥   *HUGS*

An idea "inspired by" the awesome, [Nioniel]! *HUG*! :)


Note: There is NO limit to the amount of *HUGS that can be given to any Elftowner,
unless an Elftowner asks to not receive any more. How sad such would be though!

There is also another "hugging wiki": Huggers United. Can't have too many *HUGS*!

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2011-09-03 [Alexi Ice]: I feel better now <3

2011-09-04 [Stephen]: Yay. Love and hugs for everyone. ^_^

2011-09-06 [Paul Doyle]: If this page stays fairly active (as it probably ought to, since the original intent is simple and direct and innocent), should ownership be passed to someone who isn't banned? Just an idea. And yes, hugs and hugs, and more hugs.

2011-09-06 [Lothuriel]: I say yes [Paul Doyle]!

2011-09-06 [Kyrinn]: I agree to that..

2011-09-06 [nehirwen]: No, we won't change ownership. But you could make a new hug wiki and leave a link here.

2011-09-06 [Stephen]: Aw, too bad. Paul had a good idea.  This is actually one of those pages I'd like to see grow and flourish because it's a good idea.

2011-09-06 [Kyrinn]: then someone should think about making a new alternate page and post the link here, since I doubt the owner will be back here any time soon. :)

2011-09-06 [Stephen]: True. :3

2011-09-06 [Paul Doyle]: Hugs, hugs, hugs . . . since fantasy personas come in all shapes and sizes, imagine the possibilities. If my character Pauly the Anthro-Dragon was to give a warm innocent (G/PG-rated) hug you'd be embraced by his arms, his wings and his semi-prehensile tail (which could be considered a limb, I think?) So that would be a five-limb hug, with at least two limbs remaining.

Do you guys have characters who might also give interesting hugs due to additional limbs, and so forth?

(Realize I'm just trying to help keep this the conversation on this page flowing . . . I'd rather not start a new one, but that's what people want, I'd volunteer if nobody else wanted to.)

2011-09-07 [Stephen]: o_o'

I hadn't even thought of that, Paul. Admittedly, I don't have or know of any fantasy persona's. I'm not very big on the fantasy/sci-fi scene. =(

It'd be cool to be hugged by something with like 8 arms, though.

2011-09-07 [Kyrinn]: Heh, then there is my name sake. Kyrinn would be happy to give out many uncomfortable, inappropriate hugs. He's just that way. XD

2011-09-07 [Mortified Penguin]: This wiki is going to die. I will make sure of it. <img:44166_1164145262.gif>

2011-09-07 [Paul Doyle]: If nobody has a better idea, I'll post a simple, throwaway replacement for this wiki when I get home from work, that will adhere to the basic and original message of this wiki without being totally over-the-top and saccharine. And since this wiki is already a copycat of another hugging wiki, no guilt involved.

2011-09-07 [Mortified Penguin]: Huggers United is my enemy. Any clone or similarly themed wiki of Huggers United is their enemy. So, any enemy of Huggers United is doubly my enemy. I will see to it that both you and your hug related wikis are destroyed and that you cry for your transgressions against me and my unquestionable mentality.

2011-09-07 [Stephen]: *does a flying tackle super hugglomp on Mort*

2011-09-07 [Paul Doyle]: Did George W. Bush take over Mort's mind, on Mort's last comment? o__O

2011-09-08 [Paul Doyle]: "Yer either with us, or against us!"

2011-09-08 [Stephen]: xD Sounds about right!

2011-09-08 [Paul Doyle]: Here it is, folks. Have fun and don't take it too seriously. If anyone with more free time and more computer graphic skills wants to take over the wiki, feel free to do ask me if your intentions are good and you stay true to its spirit:

Huggers Unanimous, Inc.

2021-12-29 [Mortified Penguin]: This wiki has died. I made sure of it. <img:44166_1164145262.gif>

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