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*Artsie_ladie's* Poetry

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Artist for sure...
  Some words in rhyme...
This pen can make...
  It storytime!!!
© 2005 ...Sharon Donnelly

[ *** ] means a poem of mine chosen by the Daily Poem or won in a poetry competition!


Disclaimer: All of the poetry posted on these pages is copyrighted (©) to me [Artsie_ladie], aka Sharon Donnelly. All rights reserved to me, UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED!!!


*Artsie_ladie's* Birthday Greeting Poetry

"My Dear Friend...[ username ]!"
"Birthday Greetings!"
"A Splendid, Happy Birthday!"
"Happy Birthday, Mom!"
"Birthday Candle Lighter!"
"Special Words For A Special Friend!"
"Happy Seventeenth Birthday!"
"Happy 'New Mommy' Birthday!"

Poem Total: 09

*Artsie_ladie's* Christian Poems

"Have I Told You, Jesus, That I Love You?"
    - Song Lyrics.
    - Image with, for the Christian Art Contest!
"A Blessed Christmas To All"
"Virtue Versus Sin. Which Will Win?"
    - For The Seven Deadly Sins Competition!
    - TSDSC, Poetry Entries, 2007.
"A New Flower Added To The Master's Bouquet"
    - In memory of [Kileaiya].
"God, Are You Listening?"
"My Silver Wings!"

Poem Total: 06


*Artsie_ladie's* Christmas Poems

"Christmas Is A Time Of Magic!"
"Christmas Magic!"
    - For Christmas Poetry Competition!
    - Christmas Poetry 05, page 2, 2005.
    - For Christmas Poetry Competition!
    - Christmas Poetry 06, page 1, 2006.
"Precious Jesus!"
"My Christmas Wish For You!"
"An Elftown Christmas!"
    - For Christmas Poetry Competition!
    - Christmas Poetry Competition - 2007, Page 1!
    - Plus 4 versions for other sites!

Poem Total: 10

*Artsie_ladie's* Easter Poems

"A Blessed Easter!"
"Happy Easter!" [ *** ]
    - For the Easter Poetry Contest 2008!

Yay! It won!

Poem Total: 02


*Artsie_ladie's* Fantasy Poems

"A Place Called Shady Hollow!"
    - I wrote this for Shady Hollow, 2006!
"An Orc's Meal"
    - For the Official Orc Poetry Contest!
    - Orc Poetry 06, Page 2, 2006.
    - For the Official Orc Poetry Contest!
    - Orc Poetry 06, Page 2, 2006.
"The Dragon - A Silly Poem!"
"O, Hail The Mighty Dragon!"
    - For Dragon!
    - ECM Dragon Poetry, 2007-2008.
"The Great Winged One!"
    - For Pegasus!
    - Pegasus Poetry, 2006-2007.
"Cursed Are The Undead!"
    - For Vampire!
    - Vampire Poetry, 2007
    - --> Walking Dead (ECM Mods), 2007.

Poem Total: 07

*Artsie_ladie's* Halloween Poetry

"Time To Fright and Shine!"
    - For the Halloween Poetry Competition!
    - Halloween Poetry 05, page 3, 2005.
"A Spirit Summons!"
    - For the Halloween Poetry Competition!
    - Halloween Poetry 06, page 1, 2006.
"Nightly Demons!"
    - For the Halloween Poetry Competition!
    - Halloween Poetry 06, page 1, 2006.
"Three Halloween Guests" [ *** ]
    - For the Halloween Poetry Competition!
    - Halloween Poetry 07, page 1, 2007.

Yay! It won!

"Birth Of A Jack O' Lantern"
"It's Halloween!"

Poem Total: 06


*Artsie_ladie's* Patriotic Poetry

"Salute to America's Protectors!"

Poem Total: 01

*Artsie_ladie's* Pet Poetry

"Royal Sterling Silver!"
"Samantha's Wings!" [ *** ]

Poem Total: 15



*Artsie_ladie's* St. Patrick's Day Poems

"The Luck of the Irish!"
"Everyone Is Irish On St. Patrick's Day!" [ *** ]
    - For the St. Patrick's Day Festival!
    - SPD Poetry Contest 2008.

Yay! It won second!

Poem Total: 02



<img:> *Artsie_ladie's* Valentine Poetry <img:>

<img20*0:>~"Speshul Inspirations"!~<img20*0:>
    - For the man I love! -
[] "Love Ship!"
[] "Haunted!"
[] "Loose Lips, Sink Ships!"
[] "Listening To Your Heart"
[] "My Last Letter..."
[] "Photographs..."
[] "I Would Shout My Love ...From The Mountains High!"
[] "♥ The Flower Of Love ♥!"
[] "♥ Secret L♥ve! ♥"
[] "One More Wish!"
[] "Friendship Efflorescence, a Chrysalis de L’amour"
[] "Love Till Death"
[] "A Beautiful Dream..."
[] "L♥ving..." [ *** ]
    - For my love!
    - Entered: Valentine Poetry Competition!
    - Valentine Poetry 08, Page 1, 2008.

Yay! It won!

[] "The Beauty Of Passion, The Art Of Love!"
    - For my love!
    - Entered: Valentine Poetry Competition!
    - Valentine Poetry 08, Page 1, 2008.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"My Valentine Forever!" [ *** ]
    - For my best friends when her husband was killed.
    - Entered: Valentine Poetry Competition!
    - Valentine Poetry 06, Page 3, 2006.

Yay! It won!

"My Beautiful Mother! My Beautiful Valentine!"
    - In the Blessed Memory of my dear, sweet Mother!
    - Entered: Valentine Poetry Competition
    - Valentine Poetry 07, Page 1, 2007.

Poem Total: 17

<img20*0:stuff/Animated_Kiss_By_%2aArtsie_ladie%2a.gif> *kisses* <img20*0:stuff/Animated_Kiss_By_%2aArtsie_ladie%2a.gif>
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Entered in the year, 2009:

Elftown's Valentine Poetry Competition!


"A Million Tears"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Although a million tears my heart has cried,
They cannot seem to wash away
From my heart within, a love that does reside.
Although I sometimes wish and pray,
In torrential downpours flood,
Free me from the hopeless abyss
Cleanse me, use my very blood.
It is pointless to love, painfully miss,
Long for another, when it can never be.
Use thy sword, my dearest, please set me free!

Although my heart has cried a million tears,
They cannot seem to wash away
The love within my heart.
If I lived beyond a million, trillion years.
The love I know and feel today,
The sting would be as smart.
So my love, please hesitate no more.
Unsheathe thy sword, my dearest dear,
Plunge it deeply true, I beg of thee, implore.
From my lips one final time you'll hear,
In a whisper of my last breath,
"I love you as no other" as I meet with death.

You shall be released from
The chains that hold you tight.
When I become your guardian angel,
I will free you from your plight.
It is then you'll know the magnitude
How deep my love is, surreal.
Just know this my love,
Even death cannot repeal.

Written by [Artsie_ladie]
Aka Sharon Donnelly © 2008

"Twisted Love: Untwist It, My Love"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
He watches from the shadows her each and every move.
He has not the courage, afraid that he will prove,
Cast a cloud so dark, ominous, and bleak,
If he talks to her, he darest not to speak.
The label that he carries, branded on his head,
No social skills, expressionless, cruelly it's been spread.

She knows he's watching her, although in silence he keeps,
So she hides from him, when alone in heartbreak, she weeps.
In her secret places, she gives him hugs and kisses,
The distance he maintains, it is he she always misses.
Her life is always busy, but she stops to notice him,
Declares her love and admiration, though her hope is growing dim.

Reassurance she has given him, time and time again,
But his insecurity, its chains, have truly captured him.
Her spirit, although free, cannot it so embrace,
Her happiness relies on his, but there's no smile upon his face.
Instead she sees the tears that flood his bleeding heart,
The chains that enwrap him, she cannot pull apart.

She wants to flee as her wild spirit commands,
But her heart's been taken. It has its own demands.
Even though he hides, she sees him plain as day,
She loves all that others have so gladly cast away.
The treasure that she found when she took a closer look,
She knows she can't describe between the covers of a book.

To make the matters worse, as if they could be,
He is also trapped in a sea of jealousy.
Not of her nor of him is this beast so borne,
But of the past that haunts him, an evil woman's scorn.
The love that he so longs for, he must jeopardise,
Because of the vengeful daggers all in sweet disguise.

Others know the truth, but silent they remain,
Yet they judge him as they justify refrain.
So, I ask here, just which is twisted most,
He for his fear instilled by those that falsely boast
Or the warped mind of a jealous, revengeful soul,
That like a spoiled child, keeps blackmail on the dole?

Written by [Artsie_ladie]
Aka Sharon Donnelly
© 10:42 AM 1/31/2009



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*Artsie's* Family & Friends

    - For my Mom, Daughter, Sisters & Brother!
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       - For my Mom [ *** ]
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*Artsie's* Pet Rescue

    - Includes the "Rescue Poems" I wrote for pets
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A Teddy Bear's Revelation

    - Imagine! A talking Teddybear!

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