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*Artsie_ladie's* Pet Rescue 2 <img:stuff/Dog%20Bone%20Welcome%20gif.gif> <img:stuff/HoHoTonkaSMRev.gif><img:stuff/Star-14.png><img:stuff/HoHoTonkaSM.gif> [SPAY, DON'T LITTER!]


Everything on this page is copyrighted to me, [Artsieladie], AKA, Sharon Donnelly, unless otherwise specified.


[It's time that everyone sees the light!]
..."[SPAY & NEUTER]"...

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If you haven't read my poem that states just how important it is to [SPAY & NEUTER] because there are not enough "[Good Homes]" for the "[Homeless Pets]" that are here right now, please go here & read it: >>> *Artsie_ladie's* Pet Rescue. It's titled:

"Attention: Community Pet Owners"


[If there's enough interest shown "ABOUT PEOPLE & THE PETS THEY HAVE RESCUED"...then I will make this into a wiki for folks to join & share about this subject. Maybe, someone has rescued a pet(s), or adopted a homeless pet(s) that they would like to share & talk about!]


Go here if you would like to see & learn about some [homeless pets]. Here you will see pictures of some & also the reality of a [real & serious] situation. I don't know how or what the situation is in other countries, but here in the USA, this is a situation that [needs to be addressed by EVERYONE that has a pet!]


...[3-wk old puppies] that will be up for adoption in a few weeks when they are weaned...[<*>]...[The pups]//5*3*05....


Here they are at almost 4 months....How they've grown & are happy at their new home!
~~  Pups! ~~
Remember us?
We have a great, new home,
Where we romp & play
With boys with which we roam!
 © 7/2005 by Sharon Donnelly


...From left to right: [Mia, a ?hound mix & Ebony, American Pit Bull Terrier mix] Mia is 15 wks. old & was left outside w/o care & not much food. Ebony was beat, especially on her head. She was left with damage similar to one having a stroke. This is why her head is at an angle!


(On left) Mom, ['Piper'], has weaned her babies, so the puppies, [Pomona & Penelope], will be going to their new home on June 4, '05.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(On right) It's amazing what some ['good care'] can do for a neglected pet! Piper looks considerably better in just 20 days & this is even with her nursing puppies!!! [She has a much brighter future ahead of her, now!]
~~  Piper!  ~~
I'm the Mom of the pups!
I have a great home, too!
Yes, indeedy! Yups!
 © 7/2005 by Sharon Donnelly


Here's Mia at 5 months....left = original & right = her with a new background & framed! She has a good home now.

~ Meet Mia! ~

          - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
          Hello, my name is Mia.
          I'm just a little girl,
          Looking for a home
          In this whole wide world.
          Only in this world five months
          And looking for a place
          To rest 'n' play 'n' frolic
          And to know a friendly face!
          I am a mix. This is true.
          Of hound dog can't you tell?
          A gentle voice, a loving touch,
          Ah, this would be just swell!
          I'm playful as a pup can be.
          I love to romp 'n' play with glee.
          I'd play with you, you would see,
          If you'd only give a home me!
          - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

© 6/14/2005 by Sharon Donnelly




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2005-06-08 [Artsieladie]: This page is for the continuation of *Artsie_ladie's* Pet Rescue. :D

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