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*Artsie_ladie's* Family 4





This page is for info about my Sister... [Artsie_ladie]!

Another sister that I love so much! She is an artist, as well as, she can write! I remember, so fondly, when we were much younger, playing horses! We both love animals, especially horses!


You're about to see some artwork that she did when she was in high school. They are in a bit of a delicate state. The first one I scanned & I put in a frame for her. The other two I will do the same as soon as I get some time. I want to preserve them for her.


She entered this in a drawing contest & I believe, won a scholarship to an art school, but unfortunately was not able to follow through for reasons I will not disclose.


"Farm Scene"


"Horses In The Lane"


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2005-08-01 [Artsieladie]: This page, right now, is to honor my sister, [Artsie_ladie]!  :))

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